The Autobots Witwicky.

Summary: When the Witwicky family are caught up in the effects of an earthquake, there is an unexpected side-effect.

Rating: K+

Disclaimer: Transformers belongs to Hasbro and Dreamworks/Paramount. I own nothing except the bunny that inspired this.

Pairings: Sam/Mikaela, Judy/Ron

The Autobots Witwicky.


August, 2011.

The first idea the Autobots had was that the ground beneath them shook, hard enough that they were all off-balance for a time. It was Bumblebee, who had been around Sam and his family long enough to hear and see things, who realised what it was.

"That was an earthquake-a real one!" he said, recalling how Sam's parents had twice thought Autobot activity was earthquakes. Of course, all the Witwicky family knew the truth by now, they had needed to be told, in case the Decepticons ever paid the Witwicky house a visit, either as military vehicles or in bipedal form. Wheeljack came in as Bumblebee made his announcement.

"Bumblebee is correct. My inbuilt instruments would suggest that the earthquake was, in earth terms, seven point six on their Richter scale."

"They could be hurt." Bumblebee stated. "I must go and find them."

"Bumblebee, here, take my jet pack." Cliffjumper said, handing it over. Bumblebee took it gratefully. He was worried for the family. Although Sam and Mikaela were living at Sam's parent's place, which was a little cramped, the Autobots had been making a part of their base into a family apartment, which is where the recently-married Sam and Mikaela Witwicky would be housed once Mikaela had given birth to her twins.

Bumblebee strapped on the jet pack and hoped the humans in the city would be concentrating too hard on events on the ground to notice him flying through the air, particularly as it was not yet dawn. He took off, using cloud cover where he could, and soon came within sight of the Witwicky's house-and stared in horror.

Everywhere else in the town, other houses had big cracks in them, or were partially collapsed. The Witwicky house, and both houses either side, had entirely collapsed. An irreverent thought ran through Bumblebee's processors: Ron would be torqued because the yard wasn't just ruined, it no longer existed. However, something didn't seem right to Bumblebee, and he ran a scan.

He couldn't find a trace of any metal of any form within a fifty-metre radius of the collapsed buildings, not even in the wreckage of the houses, no remains of cars, foundations, even electrical wires. No sign of Judy's Aga, no sign of Ron's Porsche, no sign of the cast-iron garden bench that could seat either five humans (the Witwickys and Miles had all sat on it once) or one Bumblebee-sized Autobot.

Neither was he able to detect any human remains in the ruins, although there were plenty of humans standing around staring at something behind some of the houses still standing. Humans crying out, exclaiming, some running away in fear, other just staring, or taking pictures on their cell phones, even though the light was poor. As Bumblebee cleared the standing houses, he changed his optics to night-vision, and got a good look at wheat the humans around were all staring at.

Four protoforms-two about Ironhide size, and two about his own - were clinging to each other-two mechs, one bigger than the other, and two incredibly pretty femmes, also of two different sizes. That was odd, Bumblebee didn't recall hearing any suggestions that any new Autobots or Decepticons were expected, and what were they doing here? Why had they not scanned a vehicle? It was an instinct all protoforms felt compelled to obey.

One of the mechs –the smallest one - looked up, noticing he was there.

"Oh, God, Bumblebee, thank God you're here, you've gotta help us, Bee, something weird has happened to me and my family."

Bumblebee started. The voice was different, the appearance was totally different, but the syntax pattern was unmistakeable.

"Sam?" he asked.