Part 5; Let It Become Clear….

I had left the kid in his room. Arrmeggadonn was waiting for us. He had assumed this shadowy, humanoid form, saying he would 'help' Lightning control the energy. I knew he had another form, with creepy grey armor, but didn't question to why he wasn't using it. I had picked up another slightly broken scanner, the kid had a bad habit of throwing them, and I realized that this one was the same as the one I had originally scanned him with, before this whole ordeal.

I was Moordryd once more, no armor. I flopped down on my bed and flipped the scanner in my hands. I decided to look at the original readings in the log.

I then dropped it.

I looked over the original readings once more. Same influences, 10 years old, same height, similar dragon….plus he had always reminded me of…..

"Mini-brat," I breathed. Suddenly Arrmeggadonn's words returned to me, 'Either he will control it…..or it will break him.' What had that ever seemed worth it to me? Oh, oh, oh, scales, mini-brat! I can't let this happen to him, not mini-brat!

I shot down the hall, armor forgotten, and forced the door in front of the kid's room open. Or at least I tried. Something was stopping me.

'ARRMEGGADONN!' my mind yelled in fury. This was wrong, I wouldn't let him; no I wouldn't! This kid was my friend! Well, kind of anyway.

As I was trying to open the door, it was about a third of the way open by now, and I could here the kid's crying through that stupid energy grid Arrmeggadonn had set up. I could see the kid, out of armor, with the radiation stimulated Black energy around him; it seemed to be trying to get out, not that it could. He wasn't a rider built to hand that much Black as a secondary!

"No…no…no...Please…stop it… I-I-I please don't, it hurts…."

I finally just shot through the open bit of door, to scales with getting it open all the way, and grabbed the kid away from my 'mentor'.

Arrmeggadonn was yelling something, but I didn't catch it. The kid realized who had him, and was now begging me to make the pain stop.

"Moor- please, Moordryd, make it stop, please, I can't, make it Moordryd please stop it. It hurts so bad, I don't, Moordryd make it, stop it please, I can't…..please." The last word was a whisper. I willed any sort mental connection I had with 'Cepshun to get her here with the mini-brat's dragon. My shirt was soaked with his tears; I should have known from Arrmeggadonn's words that the radiation induced energy would be painful.

The kid's sobs were dying down, but he was still shaking so I think the Black Draconium was still paining him. His eyes focused for a moment, and he was looking just past me.

Then he yelped; right as something grabbed me around the neck. I looked for Arrmeggadonn, but all I saw was my amulet on the floor, the string I kept it on had snapped. I let go of Lance and tried to tug the arms away from my throat, I turned slightly and saw two blazing red eyes set in a helmet, Arrmeggadonn was back in his true form, that of an ancient warrior.

Arrmeggadonn continued to choke me as I tried to throw him off, but he was too strong. The kid was curled up in the fetal postion on the floor, still whimpering, when there was a double set of growls. If I could have gotten air I would have yelled, "Decepshun!" in glee, but I couldn't. She stood over the kid as his dragon pounced Arrmeggadonn and me. Arrmeggadonn vanished as the young dragon crashed down on top of me, cracking at least one of my ribs. Thank the Magna Draconis he was a blue dragon and therefore acrobatic, or I'd be in the emergency room right now. Decepshun was absorbing some of the Black Draconium that the radiation had put into the mini-brat. Soon he was just quiet, asleep in peace.

I cleared my mind and did the one thing I had learned perfectly from my father: I analyzed. First, the kid would soon be in pain again, as Decepshun couldn't get all of the energy out at once. Second, Arrmeggadonn would soon reappear, and he would be mad. Third, at least one of my ribs was cracked.

First solution: get the kid out of here but keep him with me. Second solution: grab some gear and food, and then run. Third solution: unavailable.

I swung the kid up on his dragon, and then I grabbed his backpack. The good news was it had food in it, the bad was that it wouldn't last long, and I'm not overly fond of candy. I ran back to my room, grabbed two sets of rappel gear, one ramming gear, thruster gear, a few disrupter mines, two aero gears, a tool kit I had swiped from Vizz, and some Dragon Star gear. Decepshun magged most of it, with Fracshun, that was his name I think anyway, taking a few pieces.

We then left, and I had no idea where we were going.