The Light that forms the shadow

By AngelOFghosts

Disclaimer: I do not own Tokyo Babylon nor do i own x/1999

Note: I've tried to keep established characters in the manga Tokyo Babylon and X/1999 the same however they won't have the powers they had in the mangas as that sort of thing does not really happen in our world (or at least not to me).

Warnings: AU, characters personalities may differ from the manga due to environmental changes but I've tried to deduce the fundamental nature of each character to retain a sense of them.

Part One

I relate the events that occur herein

Chapter One

Lady Sumeragi was a very wealthy woman. Although no one knew how such a woman amassed so much wealth and no-one dare asked, rumour suggested, it may have had something to do with the many husbands of her youth. Rumour, however, was a fickle creature prone to idle speculation and folly and so many a sane person dismissed it. After all, it would have been a statistical anomaly for so many 'brave' men to exist at the same time to marry her. I reconsider that statement; I mean has there ever in history been one man that brave? That being said, she was not a bad person. Ms Sumeragi valued herself upright, virtuous and the very epitome of a morality. It was more than she could say for her unruly granddaughter Hokuto.

On that thought her granddaughter entered her suite at their family manor. Hokuto was a small child, incredibly petite, standing at only five foot three. However, her vivid features more than compensated for this loss of height. Large enchanting green eyes, a feature of the Sumeragi family, dazzled an otherwise pale face adding a mystical beauty to the girl. Lady Sumeragi's eyes left Hokuto's face and with a slow tortuous expression looked upon her granddaughter's outfit with severe distress. She had not even known that shade of yellow to be classed as a colour in respectable society. Her eyes quickly returned to a bright smiling face and she noticed with irritation that Hokuto appeared to be amused by her disappointment in her attire.

After several more moments of stiffening silence, Lady Sumeragi finally spoke. It was a test mainly to Hokuto to see if she had learned the proper etiquette required by children when in the presence of elders; to only speak when spoken to. Ms Sumeragi humbly noted she had passed.

"Miss Hokuto what can I do for you?" she asked in her heavily accented English

"Oh Obaasan (grandmother) it is so boring here, oh honestly there is nothing to do at all. Can't you un-ground me! I thought you said England would be fun! I think I'll die if-"Hokuto started

"Hokuto lower your voice! I am in the same continent as you. My, we are but three metres apart at the very best" Hokuto resumed an expression of mock indifference. She awaited a solemn lecture with minimum enthusiasm. Calmly she tried to copy an expression of her brother's with less than favourable results; it was called the 'loyal attentive grandchild'.

Lady Sumeragi studied her granddaughter through squinted eyes trying to deduce just what expression she was attempting to pull. It was to no avail. With an air of long suffering that only a very righteous woman can express, she sighed. "Hokuto wipe that contortion of your face and refrain from mocking me again or I can assure you of a lifetime of boredom"

Hokuto mumbled under her breath that it would take a miracle to find anything more boring than being here and to her dismay the sharp eared grandmother heard it all. Giving Hokuto a pointed look she said softly, "You should not underestimate me Hokuto-chan" A smile reappeared on 

Hokuto's face after hearing the friendly tone and endearment on her name that her grandmother used. Lady Sumeragi smirked to herself after seeing the re-emergence of the smile –a prominent feature of Hokuto's face.

While dismissing the child she said, "I have some news that may alleviate your boredom". After a moments consideration she called "- after dinner". Lady Sumeragi knew Hokuto would be very eager for the news and it delighted her to know that she would be pondering about it for the rest of the day. Yes she had to admit it; teasing Hokuto gave her great satisfaction.