『#001. Prologue
a good morning kiss

"Hinata-san? Hinata-san!" shouted a high-pitched voice from across the restaurant. "Hinata-san!"

It took the aforementioned girl a while to hear the echoes of her name, but as soon as she recognized the voice she hurried to the source. Rushing from one mighty decorative table to another and then to the far end of the room, the petite girl tried her best not to hit anything in her path. And if she did, she knew someone would have to pay for a replacement. Thankfully the restaurant didn't open up till later that afternoon.

Today was an especially important day for the staff (and not to mention the guests) of the prestige Hotel Hyuuga. According to their latest staff meeting, a group of well-to-do movie stars and singers were soon to be arriving, and regardless of the hustle and bustle; the Hyuuga's were low on working hands. It wasn't everyday—well, it wasn't every day of the week that someone of upper-class status would choose to stay at the Hotel Hyuuga and everyone had a job to do.

Except for those who owned the hotel, naturally.

However, unlike many young hotel heiresses, Hinata chose to provide some sort of help to the staff and was eager (well, as eager as she could be) to help with the evening's preparation. Which now lead to the current session of Hinata finding the woman in charge of the hotel's prided four-and-a-half star restaurant Ichinichi ("One Day"). In the mood to advertise, Ichinichi serves fantastic tenpanyaki; one of Hinata's favourite dishes.

"Yes?" she questioned meekly, as she stuck her head through the metal doors. "Matsudomo-san, what is it that you require of me?"

"I just got a call that Haruno-san will be sick today, I know I shouldn't ask you about this but I… and I'm sure your father would really appreciate this… I need you to be a waitress. Just for tonight!" the elder lady explained in quick syllables whilst bowing her head in respect, her wrinkles forming a deep impression of desperation.

Despite of Matsudomo's maturity and age, there were a few flaws in her plan. The first and main flaw was, Hinata knew nothing about being a waitress. She already found it difficult to weave herself through the restaurant when there were no clientèle around. The thought of carrying a platter of hot soups at peak hour was a disaster in itself. Another notable flaw was the fact that Hinata had to study for an upcoming exam (University was such a troublesome ordeal, but an admirable one in Hinata's opinion). It was a personal goal to do better than just pass.

"N-No, that's okay. I would be honored to help the hotel out some more for tonight."

Sadly, Hinata never really learnt to say 'no'.

Even if Matsudomo's offer had some flaws, the thought of helping her father was a reward in itself. Their relationship wasn't exactly the picture-perfect father-daughter magical kind; in fact her father has stated many times that he would be better off without her. But in spite of those thoughts, Hinata always attempted to prove herself in father's eye. Most of which left no sincere impression on the stoic man. Sighing at her personal reflection, Hinata moved her position and entered the large, modern kitchen that was decorated with state-of-the-arts pots and pans. It was quite homey.

"You're a godsend! And don't worry, I'll pay you tonight!" the woman rushed again.

Hinata never really liked being paid for things like this, especially with the expediential worth that she was entitled to. Twenty-two and living on a trust fund, it was superficial but it was how she had learned to live. At least she wasn't like Hanabi, who could max out a credit card in less than hour or like Neji… who pretty much despised his heritage in the first place.

"You don't have to pay me, Matsudomo-san; you know I don't like being paid for helping around the hotel," she replied earnestly.

"We'll you're going to have don Haruno-san's nametag for tonight, we always make a duplicate in case," Matsumodo informed. "And then charge them one-thousand-three-hundred yen for having lost it."

Politely, Hinata giggled along at the snarky comment; as an elite hotel it was a mandatory requirement to overcharge both their guests and their employees. Something Hinata found unfair and something her younger sister would call 'the way of life'. In an effort to part and get about ten-seconds of cramming, she bowed her head and muttered a quite farewell. Sliding back out the metal double-doors; Hinata was surprised when came face to face with one of her hotel friends: Ino Yamanaka. She was statuesque, thin, blonde and overall beautiful; but now Ino was just a small-time waitress (and best bickering buddies with the absent Haruno Sakura).

"Hinata? What are you doing here, shouldn't you be studying?" her tone interlaced with a teasing curiosity. "Or are you here to ogle at the boy candies that are going to walk in this hotel in about a few hours?"

"I-I'm just helping o-out," Hinata mustered up with a string full of stutters and a face as red as a tomato. "A-and I d-don't know any boy candies," her eyes looked to the ground as she said it. Because, well; there was one person she would consider as such.

"You can't fool me! And besides, I'm going to be starting at that drop-dead gorgeous Uchiha Sasuke. And forehead's sick tonight, so he's going to be all mine," she added in a sing-song voice whilst sticking her thumb to the center of her forehead. "I'll bet you'll be staring at him too! You know who he is, don't you?"

"U-Uchiha who?" Hinata asked, clueless.

In a matter of seconds Ino's faced changed from utter excitement to 'I did not just hear that'. However, no one could (or would) blame her; Uchiha Sasuke was the perfect hottie. In a brief list, he was a stunningly talented actor (winning influential Japanese awards like they were giving it out free samples of food at a grocery store), one of the sexiest men alive (as stated by magazines and screaming fangirls from around the globe), incredibly smart for his age (he was crowned prodigy once he could breathe) and successor to his family's oil tycoon (which practically was the lifeline to everything and everyone). And for someone not to know him was practically a crime against nature.

"I'm s-sorry, Ino-san; I don't really catch up with these things," she defended.

And Ino's curt "clearly" was the only suitable response for Hinata's act of illegality.

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