『#001. Chapter One
me, one day

Preparing the intricately designed tables, with glass ornaments and pastel candle sticks; Hinata contemplated on how she stumbled upon this situation. How she managed to be persuaded into doing this confused her to no end (she was supposed to be studying for her University Entrance Exams). This made her really wish that she could say no to people. But alas, that attribute was never going to become hers. Hence, Hinata tried to make the best of the situation and assigned mental goals for her to achieve.

As she did that, Hinata turned her head slightly to the other four… and a half tables that still needed to be organized, the young heiress sighed thankfully that there were many certified waitresses surrounding her and doing their jobs straightforwardly yet professionally. She gave a quick glance to some the most notable employees (in her opinion).

Obviously, there was Ino Yamanaka, who was currently placing utensils on the decadent tables. She had been a friend of Hinata's since receiving the job. Hinata knew that Ino had to balance three things: school, her family's flower shop and being a waitress at the Hyuuga Hotel. This made the Hyuuga heiress secretively envious on how Ino could do all these good things, have a supportive family whilst staying so beautiful and calm (except for times when she is in the same room as Haruno Sakura).

Then, Hinata spotted Tenten, both a waitress and a bartender for the hotel. Tenten never usually dressed in her waitress attire, but rumour had it that she had to take a more feminie approach—and that Hinata's cousin forced her too—Surprisingly. Tenten had been a friend of Hinata's since childhood and receiving a job at the hotel had always been expected. She was rivalling against Neji for a manager position for the restaurant (both were trying to work hard for it), and usually butted heads with him whenever she had the chance. However, everyone knew (or assumed) that they both were involved romantically despite Tenten having to deny the idea every single time. But even if she was dating him, Hinata wouldn't mind—she liked the idea of having the beautiful brunette as a possible cousin-in-law.

Soon, without realising it, Hinata was standing completely still whilst her eyes piercing straight through Tenten. Feeling the stare through her back, Tenten turned to face Hinata; surprised by the fact that she was watching her. The chocolate-haired girl decided to question Hinata in a long, teasing sort of way:

"Hinata, are you checking me out?" she questioned suggestively.

"N-No!" Hinata mustered in quick succession as a red blush went through her face.

"Don't deny it Hinata, I know you think I'm incredibly sexy," Tenten commented whilst giggling at the embarrassment she was causing.

"Oh, stop it Tenten…" Ino interrupted sternly with a long hand beside her hips. Hinata was thankful for her rescue, until Ino completed the sentence. "Hinata totally thinks I'm sexier than you."

After a short silence, both girls began to burst with laughter and adding more comments to their childish antics; leaving Hinata to feel victimised by their innocent pesters. This was then added to Hinata's imaginary list of why she didn't want to work in the restaurant tonight (right under the massive points of University Entrance Exam!). Trying her best to ignore the pair of waitress, Hinata silently returned to the four… and a half tables that she was assigned to prepare.

"But you know who's really sexy, Uchiha Sasuke…"

"Oi, oi, oi!" Naruto yelled in the box-like limousine. "Wake up, you lazy ass! It's five in the afternoon, what the hell are you doing sleeping?" Before Naruto could punch the 'sleeping' Shikamaru in the arm, the movie director lazily evaded it without even trying, resulting in Naruto bracing his fist to the dark leather interior of the vehicle. His face began to crease (but not from the pain).

"You slept throughout the entire three hour plane trip and, you went home at seven last night to sleep and you're still sleeping! It's time to listen to your personal alarm clock and wake up," he added. "Back me up here, Sasuke."

Of course, Sasuke didn't. Naruto should have known that Sasuke was aloof and would never incorporate himself in something he found so pathetic. Waking up a movie director who was infamous for sleeping any chance that he got would be one of them. But sometimes people weren't open-minded enough to embrace that, especially a newly introduced foreign actor that liked to use his mouth more than his words.

"Why do I feel like I'm talking to myself?" the blonde asked radically.

"Because you are," was Sasuke's only answer, as he stared contently through the tinted glass of the limousine.

"Whatever," the blonde responded. "Do you guys feel like going out tonight? The hotel knows we're coming, we're going to get attacked—"

"Then if that's the case, why don't we order room service?" Shikamaru mustered, seemingly in his sleep.

"We did that the last time, and I swore that we'd never do that again. It was like watching grass grow but instead of watching we were eating and instead of grass it was sushi," Naruto argued.

What Naruto had just described never actually happened, and both residents in the car knew that he was just arguing for the sake of it (and to hear the sound of his own voice—

which to both men sounded like a whining donkey). Sasuke however, favoured Shikamaru's idea but knew it would be good exposure for himself to make some sort of avid appearance. Despite being the most famous thing to hit the planet it was always good to have that kind of stability (even if his fans weren't).

"Just eat at the restaurant, then go straight back to the hotel room." Sasuke suggested, and he knew at least one of the two would decide to go with him.

"For prodigies slash celebrities, you two have got to be the most boringest people. Ever. I am so bringing reinforcements."

"Naruto. Just shut up," was Sasuke's intelligent (yet darkly sexy) response.

8'oclock rounded up a full house for the restaurant Ichinichi, and Hinata had helped three families and five couples simultaneously within two hours. For aristocratic people, some acted more immaturely than others. Hinata noted how difficult it was to carry a pitcher full of Coca-Cola and another one full of water whilst someone decided to slap your backside at the same time. She really had to applaud Ino, Tenten and Sakura for sticking to their jobs for so long if they had to go throw this routine every day.

Despite this, Hinata had to deal with a few extra things in her wake. She felt slightly uncomfortable in her uniform, a pencil skirt and a vest with a name tag of another person. It was an advantage in the fact that it avoided questions such as "What is a Hyuuga doing as a waitress?" yet it was also a disadvantage because Hinata was a slow responder whenever anyone either called out 'Hey, Waitress!' or 'Haruno-san!' Not only that but it was extremely difficult to hide herself from those who actually knew who she was. She had to figure out different routes between tables in order to be to evade their observation ranges.

But at 8'clock, it became a significant moment as it was time that Uzumaki Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke and Naruto's reinforcements (Inuzuka Kiba, Nara Shikamaru and Akimichi Chouji) had decided to enter the restaurant and grace everyone with their presence.

Hinata was one out of the entire female majority that almost fainted from the intensity. Though she may have not known who Uchiha Sasuke one, she was an incredibly big fan of Uzumaki Naruto—somewhere to the point of obsessive. She was thankful for being the only waitress that had her hands free and being assigned as their hostess for the night.

Hinata was unaware that she could possibly be murdered by many, many, jealous people (including her waitress friends).

"Wow, there are some cute waitresses here tonight," Naruto commented as his cerulean eyes observed the restaurant. "I'd like to have some of them for dessert," he joked casually, knowing that no one would be interested in him as he stood next to the godly Uchiha Sasuke (bastard).

"Like any of them would fall for you, when there's a wolf like me on the prowl," Kiba added—somewhat the duplicate of Naruto's animalistic personality but Kiba had dabbed into more action roles rather than serious acting ones.

"Why any women would go out with either of you two, is dumbfounding. Even for me," Shikamaru added whilst staring at something invisible in the room.

"While you guys think about the girls, I'm thinking about my stomach! Man, I'm so hungry I could eat two horses… and still have room for dessert!" was what Chouji randomly came up with in the spur of the moment. He was the Shikamaru's best friend and a celebrity restaurant owner. But of course, there were times when he wanted to go to someone else's restaurant.

Sasuke however, just wanted to eat something besides a waitress or two horses. So he strolled straight to the reservations desk and clearly stated his name and added his preference for 'somewhere private'. With his impressive good looks and superior star status; Sasuke knew all his wishes would be granted (no matter where he was). And this female employee was no exception, as she furiously scribbled out someone else's name in her reservation book and directed the group of men in a booth that was close to the restaurant's acclaimed view, away from all of the other guests.

"Lucky bastard," was something Naruto muttered under his breath as he followed the Uchiha's lead. Because, the best Naruto got was free ramen (and by God, he hoped this restaurant had good ramen or he was out of there).

As they were seated, Sasuke noted that every woman (and some men) turned to stare at him or at least attempt to. Blatantly, he ignored each and every one of them as he usually did. Sometimes Sasuke hated this lifestyle, but tonight he had brought it upon himself and wasn't going to audibly complain about anything tonight. Like any of the other bachelors (Naruto had brought along) usually would.

Before anyone could notice, the employee was soon replaced by a timid girl that had a strong red flush to her cheeks and a somewhat weak attempt to achieve a cheery exterior.

"G-Good evening, sirs and w-welcome to Ichinichi… I'll be your w-waitress today my name is—" the waitress started before Naruto oh-so kindly interrupted her with a laugh.

"Are all you waitresses this shy and cute?"

Sasuke wanted to roll his eyes (as did many others) and walk away in order to avoid Naruto's shameless attempt to flirt with someone that was probably only interested in one person: Sasuke. However, much to his surprise—the waitress blushed more than before and her eyes went straight to the tiled floor.

He realised that this waitress, was actually just attracted to Naruto. A strange phenomenon that Sasuke never thought he would ever witness. He wasn't sure if he was to be grateful for having her.

A gut feeling told him tonight was going to differ from every other night.

Author's Notes: Next chapter, there will be interaction between the two. Finally. Sorry for the slow update! D: Oh, and different sub-pairings along the way.