A note from the author: Has anyone ever had the It's Happy Bunny energy drink, Spaz Juice? I got the idea for this from my sister, who pulls a Frenzy everytime she drinks it. Barricade shall forever hate me for this.

Barricade: I shall forever hate Banana for this!

The other two chapters are much shorter than this one.

Transformers, Turkey Hill, and Spaz Juice do not belong to me. Spaz Juice tastes funny, anyways.

Part 1 of 3

Barricade finally found Frenzy sitting in a back alley, surrounded by pink cans. He noticed something was off about him. He kept twitching and convusling involuntarily, and the Mustang wondered if it had something to do with the stuff he was drinking. He was clutching a can in his claws, and the spasms caused the clearish liquid to splash out all over him.

He reached down and picked up a can to read the label: "Spaz Juice- For an energetic freak out that will bother everyone."

Oh dear Primus...

"Frenzy, how many of these did you drink?!" he asked in a panic.

"TWENTY-SEVEN!!" Frenzy screamed.

Barricade quickly glanced around the area to make sure there were no humans around to hear that, then looked back at him. "27? Frenzy, how the slag did you get that many?"

"STOLE THEM!" was his response.

Well that explained the incident at the Turkey Hill earlier today. "Frenzy... Why?"


Of course... Leave it to Frenzy to steal something just because it has a bunny on it. Barricade jumped when Frenzy randomly screamed for no reason. "Alright Frenzy, you've had enough! Now put down the can!" he demanded.

"NO!" he shouted in defiance.

"Frenzy, stop yelling before a human hears you and finds us!" Barricade scolded.


"Alright, give me the can!" Barricade tried to take the energy drink from him, but was met with resistance.

For such a small bot, he had quite a death grip on the can. Frenzy was lifted off the ground as he refused to let go, and spat Cybertronian curse words at him as he struggled to yank the can free.

"Frenzy! Leggo!" Barricade snarled as he grabbed onto the Tiny Terror's legs and attempted to tear him off. "Ow!" he screamed in pain as he dropped the Decepticon hacker and his energy drink on the ground. "Did you just frigging bite me?"

Frenzy took off running at top speed, a silver blur from all the energy. Barricade saw him flip him off as he ran.

"Hey! Get back here, you little gremlin!" the Mustang growled as he took off in his direction. Thank Primus it was night. All the sane humans were inside, where they'd hopefully not notice either of the two.

It didn't take long for Frenzy to outrun Barricade. Pumped up with 27 energy drinks, the sugar demon didn't even begin to slow as Barricade collapsed, overheating and exhausted.

"Why, Primus, why?! Why couldn't I have been partnered with Ratbat instead?!" Barricade screamed at no one in particular. "This is punishment for that time I lubricated in Bonecrusher's energon, isn't it?!"