I'm beginning to feel so sorry for Frenzy right now one Cade catches him...

Part 3 of 3

After recovering from his mishap, Barricade was furious to the point where Megatron himself wouldn't be able to stop him from locking the little maggot in a small utility closet with a sealed glass jar full of vinegar and baking soda. Frenzy was very lucky that Barricade didn't have access to any highly corrosive acids. Every minute the crackbot spent avoiding him caused the Saleen to grow angrier, yet he didn't seem scared that he was tap dancing on a landmine...a really big, nasty landmine named "Barricade", with lots of claws and sharp teeth.

There were so many horribly painful and inhumane things that he was planning to do to Frenzy once he caught him, starting with ripping out his interface system and forcing him to eat it.

He picked up on Frenzy's signature and headed for it, finally locating the bugger at the edge of a wooded area. Upon approaching him, he realized that the monster was in recharge, having suffered the Grandaddy of all energy crashes.

"Frenzy?" Barricade said as he reached out and poked the snoozing form. He jabbed him hard in the side with one of his claws, and even though energon leaked out of the puncture wound, Frenzy did not budge. "Wow, Frenzy... You must be pretty fucking hammered to not feel that," he stated. Frenzy just drooled a mixture of energon, lubricants, and energy drink in response.

Five human seconds later, Barricade himself passed out, making sure to land on top of Frenzy in his first act of revenge.