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Chapter One

"Thank you very much for coming to this interview. We'll call you in a few weeks." The lady with thick-rimmed glasses and a scary looking pencil skirt told me. Her voice was crisp, dismissive.

Hmpf. Bad liar. I only screwed up one freakin part of the interview when I accidentally splashed the guy's stupid suit with hot, burning coffee! Mark the 'accidentally' here.

"Of course." I said. I bowed once before walking off in the opposite direction.

Stupid, stupid Uchiha Corp. Who wants to work there anyways! I would never want to sit in a freakin desk all day…How B-O-R-I-N-G!

Hmpf…Anyways, about me. I'm Tenten, Tenten Tanaka and I'm currently broke. That's all you need to know. Oh, and if you haven't figured out yet, the 'currently broke' part is the reason why I'm trying all these CRAP jobs.

Ha! Take that you stupid Uchiha Corp people. Even if your boss is one of the hottest guys alive. Stupid sexy Sasuke chicken ass hair boss…

But still…this is like the 9th job interview I've been rejected from! Am I seriously that bad with interviews?

My first and second interviews were to be trainee vet…I graduated out from the University of Cambridge Veterinary School for God's sake! It's one of the freakin best vet schools around!


So, knowing that piece of handy information, you may ask: How could I not get those trainee vet jobs? Well, the reason is because my supposed-to-be-bosses were bastards. Nothing like I expected vets to be at all…perverts.

That first guy was staring at my breasts the whole way through the interview, and the second guy groped my ass as I was going out his office. Like I said, perverts.

So, after that I went to try out new things! A new ambition in life you may say.

…So, lets look over my previous interviews shall we?

3rd interview, waitress- REJECTED. Dropped plate of curry on rich lady's Versace dress.

4th interview, shop helper- REJECTED. Broke the cash register and computer all in one go…don't ask me how.

5th interview, police department- REJECTED. Just because I didn't get how to use a gun…and I fired a shot accidentally at a fellow policeman…in my defense, I missed by several inches!

6th interview, trainee nurse- REJECTED. Got animals and human mixed up. In my defense, I am supposed to be a vet.

7th interview, helper at library- REJECTED. Knocked down 7 bookshelves in a row. You should have seen them falling like dominos…Hehe.

8th interview, chef at hotel- REJECTED BIG TIME. Tip of handy advice for the future: if you don't know what a frying pan is, no, any cooking utensil is, don't go and try be a chef. You will die…

9th interview, Uchiha Corps- REJECTED. Uchiha Sasuke may be on of the sexiest guys alive, but he is the most stupid, ice cubish, silent bastard I have ever met. Hmpf.

"You'll be in my heart…yes you'll be in my heart…" What the hell is that?

Oh wait. That's my ring tone.

I hunt inside my handbag for about 5 seconds before I can finally see my silver Nokia phone.

" From this day on, now and forever more…" Oh just shuttup. I'm coming.

I grabbed the phone, flipped it open and put it to my ear. " Tenten Tanaka speaking." I sound so professional!

A familiar voice answered back. " Tenten? Guess what!?" The voice was annoyingly chipper.

"What Kiba?" I snapped. I'm in a bad mood.

Kiba Inuzuka, one of my best friends from veterinary school. He was lucky. His family owns a whole CHAIN of animal hospitals. They even have bonds with the SPCA.

"What did I do?" Kiba's tone was hurt now. Damn him…

I sighed into the phone. " Nothing. I just got rejected from the Uchiha Corp." I told him reluctantly.

" Did you now?" His voice had a smirk in it.

"Kiba! It's not funny!" I wailed into the phone. "That was my 9th interview!"

I heard Kiba laugh from the other end of the line. Fuck him for having a job…

" Tenten, one of the trainees here just quit. My sis Hana said you could come for an interview if you wanted to!" Kiba's voice was excited. " We can work together if you do this!"

Oh my God. I love Hana.

I started to ramble into the phone. " Seriously?! Where? When!?" Oh please tell me today…

"Today five o' clock." Kiba said. I can just imagine him smiling right now.

"YATTA!" I punched the air triumphantly, earning a few what-a-weird-girl looks from some passing citizens. Well fuck them.

"I can hear that you're happy." Kiba chuckled.

"Yup. Definitely. I'll see you at five kay?"


I snapped my phone shut, grinning wildly.

Finally. I have a good job interview to get ready for!

"Sheesh." I muttered, staring at myself in my long mirror. "Don't I have any good clothes?"

I turned, staring at my reflection critically.

I guessed I looked okay…I swiveled on my heel.

"Hey what's up?" My roommate, Sakura Haruno suddenly waltzed into my room, carrying a tray holding two steaming mugs of hot chocolate. She's great Sakura, pretty and has a job as a trainee doctor.

I met her when I was 15. She was in Cambridge medical school so we saw each other quite a lot…her parents died when she was 5 though. Car crash. She never got over it completely…until she met me. Not that I'm boasting or anything…

But, Sakura was always there for me too. When I failed most of my exams and gave up on everything, she was there. She pulled all nighters just to help me study and, in the end, I was a straight A student.

You just gotta love friends.

Anyways, I need Sakura right now. I groaned at my pink haired friend. " I don't have a good outfit for my new interview!"

"What interview? As a vet?" Sakura looked at me with her big, innocent jade eyes before bursting out with laughter.

"Kiba called me. It's great that you got a job interview!" She squealed, jumping onto me.

I giggled, shoving her off.

She stepped back. I could practically feel her laser eyes evaluating everything on my outfit. I gulped inwardly.

"Tenten…" Sakura's voice was deep and unusually serious. " You better come to my room."

I stared at my reflection once more, my jaw dropping.

"Is that girl me? Like seriously me?" I asked Sakura, jabbing the mirror.

"Yes! I told you 100 times already!" She went back inside her wardrobe, throwing out numerous pairs of shoes. How the fuck can she keep so many shoes in one tiny wardrobe…

Dah. I go back to staring at myself in the mirror.

Sakura dressed me up in a black skirt, 2 inches above the knee, a white, ironed shirt and a black 5 buttoned jacket. My skin looked like it was glowing. Sakura rules!

Now, all that I was missing was the shoes.

Hmmm…I bent down and grabbed a random pair that Sakura had thrown out.

I shoved them on. Ah. Nice black shoes with almost no heel. I hate heels…they make me trip.

"Hey! Sakura!" I poked her. " I got shoes." I lift up my left foot, admiring how small it looked in the black satin shoes.

"Oh." Sakura looked surprised before her face relaxed back into a smile. "They look good. You're good to go Tennie!"

I scowled. I hated it when she called me that.

Sakura laughed before she ushered me out the front door. " Good luck Tenten!" She called out loudly.

I waved, not turning. " I need all the luck I can get for this interview…"

I consulted my wristwatch, cursing. Damn. 4:30.

30 more minutes to get there…I better hurry up.

"Hey, you." I said, poking the taxi driver. No response.

"Hey…" I look over to the headboard and see a little label plate thing.

"Hey Takeshi!" Still no response…ooooh this guy is testing my nerves.

"Oi you!" I jabbed him hard in the shoulder, almost breaking my nail in the process.

"Ow fuck!" I frowned as I sucked my finger. Okay that's it. This guy is making Tenten pissed off…


I sat back, trying to catch my breath. The driver looked slightly shell shocked. Ha.

Finally, a few minutes after my outburst, the taxi arrived at the Inuzuka Hospital.

"Thank you very much then!" I said while I smiled creepily at him. Then I handed him the money. (Sakura gave it to me for the taxi fare)

The taxi driver still looked slightly scared when he drove off. Sissy. That taught him to mess with Tenten!


After I saw the taxi turn the corner, I turned to see the building. I sucked in some air.

The Inuzuka line of hospitals is one of the best in the world. They save loads of animals…and they even opened something like the SPCA. They take in strays or an abandoned animal for someone to adopt…this is what a vet's life is about.

"Tenten!" a delighted voice called out loudly.


BAM. Ow…fuck that hurt.

"Kiba!" I glared at him. He gave me a full side-on hug. He knows I hate it when he does that…

"What? I was just hugging you." He grinned sheepishly at me.

"Ugh." I frown and step away from him, into the building.

"You're going to get lost. Let me at least bring you to the elevators." Kiba told me. A chuckle escaped from him.

Damn him. I can so find my way around here by myself…

Wait a second…all the corridors look freakin similar. They don't even have signs!


"Ugh fine." I said, stamping my foot in frustration. Good thing these shoes have no heels…the would-be unfortunate heel would be broken by now.

Kiba grinned again. " Lets go then!"

I scowled before following him.

"This is the waiting room." Kiba told me, pointing to inside a huge room full of sofas and magazine stands…why are there so many girls here? They aren't even carrying pet carriers. Actually, they looked dressed up to go to a nightclub. Mini skirts, tight tops…?

"Hey Kiba." I tugged at his shirtsleeve. "What's up with all the girls in the waiting room?"

"Oh, they all have the hotts for me." He replied, smiling and waving at them.

Yeah. Right.

"Uh huh." I say, nodding dubiously. " No way Kiba. No offense, I'm not saying your not handsome or anything, but those girls…" I thought for a moment before I carried on in a would-be disgusted tone. "Those girls looked like desperate fan girls."

We arrived at the elevators.

Kiba scratched his head. " Well…dah fine. But Hana didn't want me to tell you this…"

"Tell me what?" I said, getting annoyed. Tell me Damnit! Spit it out man!

…Hm. I think I'm going crazy.

Kiba sighed. " Once a month Neji Hyuuga comes here to have his Labrador checked up."


"What…?" My voice sounded high and unusually girly. No. I have to resist the temptation! I will not become some kind of weak fan girl!

"Yeah." Kiba nodded, pressing the button. "He's upstairs in the examination room floor. You'll be going there now. Floor 23, room 3. That's your interview room."

"Okay, sure." I walked into the lift that just arrived. " I'll see you later Kiba!" I waved at him until the lift doors closed.

I stepped to the buttons and pressed 23. I have to get my mind on somrthing else other than Neji Hyuuga...Interview, interview! Yatta!

I looked at the red digital numbers impatiently. 21, 22, 23!


The lift doors opened to reveal the hottest guy ever. Even hotter that stupid Uchiha.

Neji Hyuuga. He's got perfect everything. Mouth, nose, teeth, eyebrows…and his eyes. His opal eyes are just so deep. His hair looks too shiny in the white lights though…

He raised a perfect eyebrow at me. " Fan girls are stalking me now?"

I scowled. Bastard. I stepped out of the lift and he stepped back. Jeez, don't need to worry. I have pride. I won't hug you right here, in front of everyone…even if I wan-


"Hn." He walks past me into the lift. Then I notice the beautiful black lab walking beside him.

Beautiful owner, beautiful dog. Hmpf.

I pat the dog once and he, or she licked my hand. So friendly!

How can this nice dog live with that jerk?

"C'mon, Cinnamon, come here girl." Neji called out from the lift.

The dog's ears lifted and she trotted in. She right?

Cinnamon is a girl's name right?

I waved as the doors closed.

"Bye Cinnamon!" The dog barked in response.

I felt a big smile stretching onto my face before I went off to hunt for room 3.

I fidgeted with my skirt. I was never really the nervous type, more of the opposite actually, but this interview has me nervous! I really want this job!

Suddenly, I heard the door creak open.

Hana walked in. I've known Hana since I was 17…met her through Kiba in university. She's great with animals. An excellent vet.

"Hey Tenten." She greeted me warmly.

"Hey Hana." I said, smiling at her. Okay now, I feel excited. I have to do good on this!

I watched as Hana consulted something on her clipboard. Fuck…do I have to do some sort of paper test? I've never been that good with paper tests, Sakura's the smart one, she's-

"Okay lets start then!" Hana sat down opposite to me on a chair. She looked at me straight in the eye before asking me a question.

"Why do you want to be a vet?"


"Because I want to help animals." I said to her, making hand gestures. " So many people think humans are so much more important than animals, but we're animals too right? There has to be more people who want to help animals. Some people abandon their pets on the sidewalk! But animals aren't necessarily like humans in that area! They don't have money, they can't buy food. They would die." Take a breather Tenten. "That's why I want to be a vet! I want to help people understand animals are great! The world needs animals. So I want to help them all I can." I stopped there, holding up my hands to signify I was done.

Was that all just a bunch of crap? Now replaying it in my mind, it sounded like it was…

Crap…I looked up to meet Hana's reproving eyes.

Out of her mouth came two words I was not expecting. " You're hired."

YATTA! This HAS to be the greatest day of my life!

I'm driving home right now. Oh yeah, Kiba let me borrow his car cause I was hired! Joy! Can't wait to tell Sakura! …I'm using exclamation marks a lot aren't I?

Ah well, I'm happy!

I grinned, staring out the windows of the car. Hmm…I need to get a car once I get rich enough. Having a car is much better than going on a taxi or the MTR…

Suddenly, my eye caught the time on the clock of Kiba's car. He has a good car. S class Mercedes.

Fuck! 7:10 already?! Sakura wanted me back by 7:30 for dinner! She's very touchy about her dinners…crap.

I slam my foot harder on the brakes. C'mon, c'mon, c'mon…faster you stupid car!!

Damn. It's so dark…I can't see a thing. Turn on headlights…


What the fuck? Oh no…please don't tell me I…

I opened the door of the car hurriedly and rushed to the front.

Oh my God. I hit a dog. A freakin beautiful one too…why does she look so familiar?

Oh. My. God. Cinnamon.

OH MY GOD. Me, a trainee vet, just ran over a famous model's dog. Out of all the dogs I could've run over, it just had to be Neji Hyuuga's dog.

I groaned, kneeling down next to Cinnamon. Please by okay…


Now that I was closer to Cinnamon, I realized that her leg was bent at an odd angle. Broken. I checked her vitals and breathing. They seemed fine so far. Thank God.

"Cinnamon! You stupid fucktard, can't you see where the fuck you're going?!" Oh crap. I forgot all about the owner…Hesitantly, I turned around to meet Neji's angered gaze. If looks could kill, I would be dead by now.

His jaw dropped open as he recognized me. "You…?!"

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