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Chapter 11

I am now a hypocrite.

We let our guards down.


Text Messaging:

X.Hyuuga.X: Did you ask her out Uchiha? I succeeded in getting Tenten to say yes...she is falling into my trap without even knowing it.

S.U: Yes, I have just finished asking her out. Have you no faith in me Hyuuga? Hm. I didn't think of them stupid enough to fall into our traps...but now I think differently...but I still have a nagging feeling in my stomach...they aren't stupid, your vet and Sakura.

x.Hyuuga.X: So what? You think something else is going on? Something they aren't telling us?

S.U: What do you think?

X.Hyuuga.X: ...I think we need to dig deeper and find out.

S.U: Same thoughts. Lets do it.

X.Hyuuga.X: Already started.


And even though their new feelings wouldn't go away, Neji and Sasuke dismissed them as if they were something of no importance...

Instead, they have just never experienced it before...so they'll never know the long sought-after answer to the question:

What is love?

..End Flashback..

So it starts...the dreaded countdown in which the assigned one month will end...

...Friday, Friday, Friday...


Tenten's POV

I fingered my pendant listlessly, staring at the door unblinkingly, and waiting for Sakura to barge through it so I could tell her about what happened. I know it happened yesterday, but I just fell asleep on the couch after I came home, and when I woke up there was a pink, torn-out-of-a-notebook piece of paper waiting for me on the kitchen counter.

It had read: Hey Tennie, I bet you were real tired yesterday! I took Popcorn out for a walk, be back around 8:45-9:00, kay? ...and you have to tell me about what happened yesterday. I saw that pendant around your neck, it's not hard to miss. Love U, Saks

Argh...I can't believe I fell asleep with the damn pendant still clasped around my neck. How stupid can I get? Huh. Very, it seems. And, to top it off, SAKS saw it! Jeez. You know, I just have this weird, undying feeling in my stomach...something is off and I know it. I am pretty clueless sometimes, and lookie! Even I'm admitting it!

But, seriously, yesterday...Kiba...he just forgot about our whole lunch-y idea. He didn't even mind that I went off and ditched him for Neji! The look in his deep, brown eyes...what was it? Such a difficult emotion to place. Damn. I really should have asked him about it...

Maybe it's because now people are asking me for my autograph? I mean, c'mon! For these last 3 weeks, I've been bombarded with fan letters and e-mails! God knows how they got my addresses to those things...just one fashion show, and BAM! You're famous! Not that I even want to be famous, but it's quite appeasing to see the eyes that read: 'I-wish-I-could-be-her' while signing random autographs. It's all very cool. Too bad I don't have a bodyguard though...

Oops. Went drastically off-subject! Anyways, why would that affect Kiba NOW? I did the stupid-okay, not stupid, aMaZIng fashion scene weeks ago...well, it seems like a pretty long time ago now. I've been working so much that time just flied without me even noticing it...and Neji. I've been spending so much time with him and he introduced me to a few of his 'model friends'. He didn't seem to pleased, though, when one of them asked for my number. I politely declined under Neji's harsh, 'Go-Die' gaze.

ACK! What the hell is the matter with me?! Subject at hand is KiBa with his weird emotion-y eyes and all. Was it confusion? No, I crossed that out. Shock? Pain? Loss? No. Maybe. Don't know. " This is getting nowhere..." I sighed to myself as I flomped back onto the soft, soft feather-down cushions that Sakura bought so many years ago. Okay, fine, in reality it was two.

"Bzzzzz, bzzzzz, bzzzz..." Huh? What? Bee?! BEE PHOBIA! Oh. Phone vibrating on table. Ahem. A mesage for me. Yes. With a sheepishgrin, I reached down and grabbed my customised leaf green i-phone off the table-ugh, present from Hinata and Naruto, waaay to expensive right?-and hit down on the 'See message' button. The text message popped up with a resounding 'ping!'

I frowned as I read it.

XCherryblossomX: You want to meet for lunch? I'm in McDonalds, the 5-min walk away one. I know you don't really like junk food, but deal with it for now, please?

Why...why is Sakura in McDonalds'?! She hates unhealthy, fattening foods as much as I do! Maybe more in fact. And her message...it has kind of a pleading tone to it. Okay, fine, there is a 'please' at the end, but reading it...it's not very Sakura. Normally, she would have been more straight-forward, head-on. She would have said something along the lines of: ' McDonalds' NOW! We need to TALK! NO excuses!' Now that's Sakura.

Ah, crap. Gotta reply right? Hasitly, I pressed with my finger on the 'Reply' button. Jeez, i-phones take some getting used to.

VetFreak o.0: Yeh, sure, I'll be rite dere, just gotta change into something, KK? I jabbed the 'Send' button, not bothering to use proper spelling and vocabulary. Who does for text-messaging anyways?

A few minutes later, my phone jingled in my hand. I smiled a small smile and read Sakura's reply.

XCherryblossomX: Yeah, okay, I can wait. Do you want me to get U anything?

VetFreak o.0: Whatever you're getting, or smth else. You noe me, just choose smth nice. XP I decided to type the short version of 'something' to save time. As I pulled on a skinny, long-sleeved white top and black jeans I wondered how Sakura smuggled Popcorn into McDonalds'. Maybe she flirted, or, this is the more likely one, said something about suing the workers cause she had ties to the UchihaEnterprises...ha. I can so imagine her doing that.

I shoved my feet into my trusty blue converses, and grabbed a random shoulder-bag to stick my phone, notebook&pen, strawberry lip-balm, and wallet in as I half-walked, half-ran out of the apartment. Ahhh...being late would be bad. Sakura hates people who are late. Sheesh. I'm running already!

Like I always say, Hell hath no fury like a Sakura scorned.

Sakura's POV

I got a few stares as I walked silently into McDonalds'. What is it? Is it the fact that a hyper little puppy is jumping at my ankles, or, my distinct pink hair and eyes that stand out in the crowd, or, my outfit which consists of a short-ish, white, pleated skirt with a pink, cherry-decorated tank-top and high-heeled white boots swiped from the last-year dump pile? I don't know.

OR, is it the fact that I'm wearing my HARRY WINSTON earrings into a plain, drabby old place like this McDonalds'? I had smiled gleefully when the worker who said that dogs weren't allowed in the restaurant-ha, restaurant- and you know why? Cause I pointed at my earrings and hissed, " Present from my boyfriend, you know?" Very intimidating, I can be at times...

"Your boyfriend gets you fake stuff? Cheap-skate." He had said this with a smirk, but there had been a definite note of hesitation in his voice.

"No." This is the part where I had smiled gleefully. I took out my blue denim wallet-gift from Tennie-and slung out a whole row of pictures with Sasuke and me posing. Well, more like ME posing, but at least I got the normally ice-cubic guy to smile for the camera.

"Uchiha Sasuke is my boyfriend. Think they're fake now?" I smirked, pulling up one of my eyebrows. One of my, dare I say it? Yes. One of my astoundingly beautiful eyebrows. Ha. Confident boost-up! Popcorn even had the right cue to bark at this time.

The expression of the worker looking scared out of his wits will never be erased from my mind. I mean, I even had evidence, what with the pictures and all...so, that is the fun story on how I got in and LIVED, guilt-free (!) into McDonalds' with a dog.

Teehee. Wait. Why am I giggling? This is not the time for giggling! Ahem. Watch the master.

Waaah. Where's Tennie anyways? I ordered the food, like, 5 minutes ago! It's going to get cold and I can't start eating without her. That's just rude and uncivilized!

"SAKI!! I'm here!" A loud yell could be heard all around McDonalds'. Then, out of nowhere, Tenten sat herself down on the seat opposite me, looking beautiful in the sense of a vampire. She looked pale, and tired-out and weary. But the good thing was that her paleness, the alabaster of her skin made her deep dark eyes and hair stand out more. Popcorn barked, trying to jump up, licking every part of Tenten he could reach with that little, pink tongue of his.

Everyonewas staring at us now. I guess we look kinda out of place...me wearing my cool HARRY WINSTONearrings and Tenten wearing that Cartier pendant...eek. The panther just makes it a hell of a lot more obvious that it's from Cartier. I could even hear some hushed-up whisperings, " Hey...isn't that the new model? She modelled for the big new designer right...wow, she's so pretty, even close-up, I thought it was just all the make-up and illuminating lights...her friend isn't bad either...just shorter..."

I ignored the staring and gossiping people-there weren't much, I mean, it's barely nine.

"So...what brings us here?" Tenten asked me curiously, oblivious of her admirers and pulling a breakfast salad towards her. I smiled as I pulled my own breakfast salad towards me, taking a big gulp of orange juice first.

"Tenten...did Neji ask you out yesterday?" I said it all in one sentence! And without a stutter at all! Now, for the next part... " And did he give you that pendant?" Tenten's head snapped up and she half-frowned, half-smiled. In the end, the smile dominated her glowing face. I giggled.

"Yeah.." She said, a dreamy toneleaking into her voice. " He did ask me out. In a very special way." She laughed quietly to herself her, as if she were reminiscing the moment. She came back to reality. " And, yeah. He gave me the pendant. I take it that Sasukegave you those?" Her milk chocolate eyes zeroed in on my dangling earrings meaningfully.

I laughed here. " Yeah. I guess it might be a double-date...or not. I have no idea. And can you believe how Sasuke asked me out yesterday?" Oh, wait. I haven't told her yet, right? Ahem.

"How?" Tenten asked, some colour returning back to her pale cheeks. " Tell me! All the juicy stuff too." She winked at me and I couldn't help but laugh again. We haven't been out, just us two for a long time now.

"Well, there was this huge, gruesome surgery yesterday.."

"All surgeries are gruesome, carry on."

"Ahem! Don't interrupt me then!"

"Okay, okay, I won't!"

"You just did! Oh, never mind. Just shuttup for a few seconds!"

"..." Sulks. I could almost hear Tennie think, " When has Sakura EVER asked ME, her BFF to shut up..?!"

"Okay, so." I could practically be floating right now, just remembering how Sasuke asked me out. It was romantic, yes, now that I look backatit but also somehow, wild and dangerous. I just...I like that. " You know, for surgeries and stuff, there's a watching gallery right?"

Tenten nodded here, her eyes alight with new curiousity. Of course she knows...she's watched me once in an OR. So forgetful. Tenten made a carry-on-already gesture with her hands. I obliged eagerly.

"Yeah, so, Sasuke found his way into the gallery which overlooked the OR I was in! And you know those talky-speaky things in the galleries?" Tenten shook her head mutely here, a tiny ghost of a small hinting at her lips. " Well, just picture 'Grey's Anatomy' kay? In the gallery, there's this device on the wall and you press the button and speak and the people in the OR can hear you?" Tenten's eyes grew wide and she and she started to nod vigourously, her lip finally caving in and curling upwards.

"I bet you can tell what happened now; Sasuke used the device-y thing and asked me out! Right there, in front of all my colleagues and everything! And he got this guy to bring in these earrings, sanitized." I sighed a soft sigh here, sub-consciously bringing up a hand to finger the pink-diamond earrings.

"Woah. That is soo...heh. I didn't know Sasuke could be so romantic." Tenten said to me, surprised, muching on a poor green celery stick. I giggled and bit into a carrot. "Well, I told you how Sasuke asked me out. Your turn. Spill."

"Yeah, yeah, okay. So first of all..."

Tenten's POV

"I bet you can tell what happened now," Sakura said, and I could! I can! It is so sweet! " Sasuke used the device-y thing and asked me out! Right there, in front of all my collegues and everything! And he got this guy to bring in these earrings, sanitized." She finished with a soft, happy sigh.

I couldn't help but let her happiness sweep through me. I stabbed a celery with my plastic fork and stuck it into my mouth, saying, " Woah. That is sooo..." Ugh. I can't even start describing it! " Heh. I didn't know Sasuke could be so romantic." Well, yeah I didn't! It's so surprising...the fact that ice-cubes...actually have hearts...huh. What am I thinking?

Sakura's giggle broke me out of my reverie. " Well, I told you how Sasukeasked me out. Your turn. Spill." I smiled mentally here. This is just like the good ol' days, ha. The good ol' days meaning the days before Sakura and I had jobs and hung out almost everyday together, doing multiple activities, each very different.

" Yeah, yeah, okay. So first of all...well, lemme start with the fact that Kiba and me finally made up." Sakura's emerald green eyes positively gleamed with happiness here. " I knew you guys couldn't stand being apart for more than a month!" I scowled at her and snapped, in mock anger, " Don't interrupt me!"

Sakura pouted and silenced herself, drawing a zipper over her mouth with one of her long fingers. I carried on. " Yeah, so we made up and then I had to go to see these chickens"- I saw Sakura's confused/laughing expression here and I quickly said- "Don't ask." She shook her head, saying, " I wasn't gonna." But then she grinned a white, pearly grin. I sighed and slapped my forehead. Sakura, Sakura, Sakura...

"And, after checking up on the chicken family-so cute!- I went downstairs to the lobby." Sakura's questioning eyes stared at me. " Oh, right. Neji was there before and he said he would wait for me in the lobby." Sakura mouthed a silent 'Oh.' I continued. " But he wasn't there. And, yeah, first of all I was kinda confused and pissed but then I saw Kiba..."

No...I should miss out the emotional, Kiba-forgetting-about-our-lunch thing...Sakura would just be concerned and tell me not to go after it. Don't look for the cause...but I have to.

"And Kiba told me that Neji said he would be in the cafeteria. So, I basically ran to the cafeteria and there was this note stuck to the door." Sakura's grin widened here. I added, " It was a good thing I saw it though, almost missed it...me and my great eye sight!" I laughed while my pink-haired friend sighed and rolled her eyes at me.

"So, yeah, the note said something about going in and blablabla..." The details aren't that important, right? It's just howhe did, the fact that he actually DIDdo it. Ask me out, that is... " So I went out to the outdoor part of the cafeteria, after grabbing a cookie of course,"- Sakura rolled her green eyes once more- " And guess who I saw! Cinnamon! And she had a note and this box tied around her collar..." I could already see Sakura working the whole thing out in her head, her cheeks filling with colour.

"Yeah, so, I read the letter and it said something like, we should go on an official date, blablabla...and I was going to open the box, well, debating about opening it, when Neji suddenly stepped out from the shadows of the trees! It was so dramatic!" Sakura smirked at my flinging hand gestures, I just scowled at her and flicked some lettuce at her.

"And, yeah. He asked me out. Tuesday right?" I raised an eyebrow and Sakura just nodded, throwing a baby carrot at me, glaring at the lettuce in her hair and snatching it out.


That did it. I burst out laughing, but that stopped when I grimaced as the baby carrot landed smack on my nose. A few snickers and shocked gasps came from all around the McDonalds'. Ah. They want a show? Well...can't be rude, can I? They will have show. I smirked a close-to-Neji's-signature smirk. Sakura's brow furrowed. Popcorn remained silent, too scared even to beg for food.

"If you want a food fight..." I grabbed a mini corn and lobbed it over to her side on the table. Hard. " Bring it on."

Half an hour later...

Normal POV

Two stunning girls were laughing, arms slung over each others shoulders as they walked down the almost-deserted street. "Tennie, you still have some of that orange pulp in your hair..." Sakura muttered, trying to avoid the what-weird-girls stares from the group of people they were passing.

Tenten just laughed her bell-like laugh again and waved her arm. " Argh, who cares? You still have some sauce on your cheek." The brunette burst out laughing again, this time even louder, when she saw the horrified/humiliated expression flash across her friend's face. " It's okay Saks, we're almost home."

"GAH! We better we!" Sakura exclaimed, her fierce green eyes flashing in the sun's bright rays. Popcorn barked suddenly, as we turned the corner, nearing our apartment block. Sakura sighed, raking a hand through her hair. " What is it Popcorn baby?" She had grown accustomed to adding a 'baby' behind Popcorn's name.

"Yeah...what's wrong with him? He's getting overly excited..." Tenten said matter-of-factly, glancing up at the apartment and back down at the tiny doggie again. "Maybe a visitor?" She suggested. Tenten's voice had a lace, a hint of something...

"Nooooh!" Sakura gasped, already running, her loud 'clack' noises echoing up the streets. Her boots...Tenten ran swiftly and comfortably in her converses. Popcorn just kept on barking, being the cute little hyper puppy that he was.

"Shit, shit, shit! Those idiots! Why! It must be Cinnamon's scent! That's why Popcorn is being so damned excited! DAMN!" Tenten chanted monotonously under her breath. " I was wondering when this day would begin to suck..." Sakura smirked slightly, knowing that Tenten was actually quite nervous, as she would be seeing Neji again.

"Oh shit..."Sakura thought, when the Tenten-nervous-about-Neji thought came to her." Sasuke is going to see me! Like this!" She gestured mentally down at her less-than-appropriate outfit. " Crap..bah, humbug! Who cares! ..."

Tenten sneaked a sideways glance at her pink-haired friend and it was her turn to smirk. " Haha...who's freaking out now? Yosh! ...fuck, what the hell did I just say? Ahem."

Tenten shook of her 'weird' and somehow familiar thoughts and kept on running.

Tenten's POV

I fiddled with the lock and the key and the key and the lock and the-AGH! What am I saying?!

"Damnit, Tenten! Shove over!" Sakura pushed me violently, busting her way into our apartment. Yup...looks like we were right. Sasuke and Neji were lounging the sofa inside our living-WAIT A SECOND!! How did-did I forget to lock the door? What?!

Before I could say anything, Sakura voiced my thoughts for me in a loud, freakishly high tone. " WHAT THE HELL?! HOW THE HELL DID YOU GET IN HERE?!" Popcorn whined, and, suddenly, from the side of the couch a lithe figure got up elegantly. Gods. How can a dog be more elegant than moi?!

Cinnamon padded her way over to me, nudging my foot in an affectionate manner. I was going to bend down and pet her back when- " Ah, well, you see..we had some personal keys made." Sasukedrawled out, looking more like a Greek God than a normal guy sprawled out across our sofa. Neji nodded in agreement, flashing me my favourite blindingly-white smile.

I could practically feel Sakura's angry flames, her dark red aura shooting out harsh, painful lightning bolts; Even Cinnamon and Popcorn retreated to the furthest corner of the room. I just stood there. Hehehe...Neji just sat there coolly. I avoided any sort of eye contact. Not that I was feeling intimidated by him or anything...ahem.

"How did you even get ahold of what our keys were?! Which model?!" Sakura shrieked defiantly. Sasuke smirked his trademark smirk in response. Ooooh...this is going to end badly. " I stole yours. Simple...hm?" Sasuke cocked one perfect eyebrow at Sakura, daring, tempting her to explode on him. I sighed.

"Children.." I muttered under my breath.

"Infants." Neji corrected.

I smiled, turning my head so he wouldn't be able to catch sight of it. I placed all my attention back onto Saks. She was fuming...mad...wow! She's getting blue in the face! I never thought I would live to see that! GO SASUKE!!

...Ahem, I mean, GO SAKURA!! Neji and I watched on silently, me cheering Sakura on with teeny, tiny whispers while Neji just remained quiet. I scowled at him, jabbing him in the ribs. " Do something!" I urged. Do what, I'm supposing he's going to say that...

"Do what?" Bull's eye...see? This just shows how predictable he is! ...or not.

"Well, you can cheer Sasuke on or something." I suggested, giving Sakura a little thumbs-up from afar. A ghost of grin passed through her glossy pink lips before she turned to scream another long line of...colourful words insulting Sasuke. Ah. I just love her vocabulary.

"Something as childish as this?" Neji stuck his thumb out, glaring at it contemptuously. This all contrasted very weirdly with his subtle, but-with-a-designer-edge clothes, and his stuck-up, snobby attitude and...well, everything. I couldn't help but burst out laughing. Neji now aimed his glare at me. I shutted up quick.

"If you had just ASKED for your own key, maybe would have CONSIDERED or, something!" Sakura is exclaiming now, with elaborate hand gestures. " Have you even ever HEARD of ASKING people?!" I snickered when I saw Sasuke's composure slipa little.

"Well, if I asked, you woul have said 'no'." Sasuke said, looking comically nonchalant and turning his head away. I don't think I've ever seen this side of Sasuke...Neji shook his head, murmuring 'infants..' again. Sakura shot one death glare at him, her sharp ear picking up what he had said. Ah. Shit. She's going to-

"What...did you call me Neji?!" Sakura shrieked for the tenth time in these...let me see..I brought up my wrist and checked my black jean watch. Ah. In these past fifteen minutes...only, huh...time does passes by slowly. Bah, humbug.

Neji shrugged, and, he answered in a light voice, " You and Sasuke are acting immaturely." I cringed at his choice of words. He was actually asking for it. Asking for torture then eventual death.

Now, you see, Sakura may look small and delicate and fragile and bla to the average human eye, but don't be deceived! She's really this scary little devil-monster-monkey-aahhh creature on the inside...ahem...

Sasuke shot a fierce scowl at Neji, and, suddenly, I felt the need to defend. " Yeah, guys, seriously. Cool it. Ad Sas-Gay, stop scowling at Neji and tell us what you're doing here."

Sasuke's scowl grew even deeper when he heard the emphasis on 'Gay'. I giggled inwardly, not wanting us to fight anymore. Sakura inhaled sharply, making a swift turn on her heel and stomping over to her pink-blanketed plush chair. She sat down, crossing her legs and pushing a random strand of hair back behind her ear. Her emerald green eyes flashed condescendingly. I sighed, sitting myself down on a green beanie bag.

I gestured at Neji to take my green-blanketed plush chair. He just frowned and pulled a white beanie bag towards me and my green one, a small smile tweaking at his perfectly sculpted lips.

When the two beanie bags were finally touching, side by side, Neji sat down next to me, pulling my hand onto his lap and curling his bigger, more calloused hand around it. I felt warm.

I shifted my position, ever-so-slightly and smiled at him demurely.


Neji's POV

"Thanks." Tentenwhispered to me, not wrenching her hand away from me like I thought she would. Her big, liquid chocolate eyes were glowing from under the, long, dark eyelashes. He cheeks were pale, but with a rosy undertone. Her lips were curved into a perfect, small, secret smile at me. She...was beautiful.


My heart...stop beating...too fast...

Tenten..stop smiling at me...I don't deserve it...

If you knew..

If you knew what Sasuke and I are planning...we are the infants, dear Tenten...


What should I do?

14 minutes ago

Sakura's POV

" I stole yours. Simple...hm?" Sasuke raised one of his eyebrows at me, a smirk tugging at his lips. I screamed at him mentally.

The nerve of this guy... stealing MY key? He was just asking for my wrath...I mean, ask Tennie all about the time i went full-out on her. She avoided me, for, like, 3 weeks...

"How the hell did you even get YOUR hands on MY keys in the first place?" I asked, jutting out a hip and placing a hand on it. I snuck a tiny peek at what Tenten and Neji were doing. Tennie..aw! Tennie is avoiding eye contact! A sure sign or like...or intimidation...lets just throw away the latter option, ne?

"Well, you see, I just needed to take your wallet out of your pocket while you were..." Sasuke paused, his brow creasing. "Preoccupied." He finally said, grinning. Well, I could see the grin in his eyes.

I frowned at him. Why was he grinning during a fight... " What do you mean preoccupied?!" I screeched. Yeah, right. " Like I would be so preoccupied that I wouldn't even notice a hand going into the back pocket of my pants!" Does he seriously think I would fall for that stupi-

"You would...if you were really, very busy..." Sasuke has this knowing expression on his face which is really pissing me off...what does he know that I don't? Preoccupied..really, very busy..GASPS.

Shit. No. He can't be talking about-

"YOU IDIOT! GIMME THAT KEY BACK." FUCKTARD! Shit, shit, Tenten is looking at me...I can see her lips moving and I tried my best to dicefer the words. 'Go Sakura!' I grinned widely, confidence coming back to me in great, bounding strides.

"Why the sudden change in tone?" Sasuke taunted me, his obsidian eyes flashing, daring. I will not... " I was just talking about you reading a book...you are very absorbed when doing so." I can feel my cheeks burning up. Shit. I'm going to go blue in the face...unless I already am...double fuck...

In the corner of my eye, I can see Neji doing a thumb-ups and Tenten, who was standing next to him, burst out laughing. The laugh made me feel happy.

I tried to say calmly: "If you had just ASKEDfor your own key, maybe would have CONSIDERED or, something!" Okay, so, maybe I'm lying. Of course I wouldn't have considered...but he doesn't know that! Oh, don't forgot hand gestures Sakura! "Have you even ever HEARD of ASKING people?!"

Visibly, Sasuke'scomposure, his sureness, a little piece of that got cut off. It was my turn to smirk this time. I heard Tenten snickering, covering her mouth so Sasuke wouldn't be able to hear...too bad Tennie. Your laugh i just too infectious.

"Well, if I asked, you woul have said 'no'." Sasuke said to me, his face looking strangely funny. He could feel my what-the-hell gaze on him, so he turned his head away quickly. Suddenly, from where Neji and Tenten were standing, I heard something. " Infants.." Neji. I have found new prey.

I swivelled on my heel, trying to make myself look all blurry and cool. "What...did you call me Neji?!" I basically screamed in his face. Next to him, I saw an exasperated look on Tenten's face as she consulted her wrist watch.

Neji shrugged and answered me casually. " You and Sasuke are acting immaturely." SAY WHAT?! HE STARTED IT!

I was about to yell again at him, when Tenten interrupted in a slightly panicked tone. " Yeah, guys, seriously. Cool it. Ad Sas-Gay, stop scowling at Neji and tell us what you're doing here." I choked myself in order to stop the explosion that would have come if I hadn't. God. Sas-GAY.

But what Tenten suggested IS a pretty good idea I guess..fine. I turned again on my heel and marched over to my plush chair , sitting myself down elegantly onto it. I crossed my legs and tucked a stray strand of hair behind my left ear. Ha. I look so professional!

Tenten, sighing, grabs a beanie bag and sits down on it. She gestures at Neji to take her plush chair...sigh...Tenten, always so selfless. But, Neji wasn't goni to listen to her. He grabbed a plain beanie bag from he corner and shoved it next to Tenten's green one. He sat down, clasping her pale hand on his lap. I stared at them, mesmerized.

Tenten moved ever-so-slightly, that if I hadn't already been looking closely I wouldn't have realised. She smiled at him in a serene sort of way, and she said something...I can't hear her. Damn. It's so sweet, though. Romantic. Damn Sasuke. WE'RE supposed to be like that!

"Ugh. This got out of hand; look, we just came to tell you to dress up appropriately tomorrow." Sasuke said to be, his tone exasperated. I scowled at him. " What do you mean by 'appropiate'?" I retorted in a my best I-am-pissed voice.

Neji spoke from his place of the floor, his voice having an odd calming effect on me. " No. We just mean"-here he shot a glare at Sasuke- "that you should dress up appropiately for your unique dates tomorrow. Tenten, we'll be...doing something outside. Shorts, short-sleeved shirts...footwear..."

Tenten cocked her head to one side, her brown eyes alight with new curiousity. " What will we be doing? Neji?" Neji just shook his head and smirked. " Secret." He said, pushing a finger up against her lips. I sighed. Then I turned my attention back to the chicken-assed-haired-bastard in front of me.

"So, what will WE be doing, oh great one?" I said in a patronizing voice. Sasuke frowned. "Confidential as well. Just wear outdoor clothes too...oh, don't forget your swimsuit." I gaped. Swimsuit? What? Swimming!? Sasuke smirked in amusement at the horrified/freaked expression that was probably resting on my face.

Tenten laughed a bubbly peal of laughter. I scowled fiercely, clenching both my fists. Nejichuckled, a cork popping out of a wine bottle. Sasuke kept smirking, an irritating thing which I just wanted to swipe clean off his face.

"Outdoors, hmmm?" Tenten looked thoughtful. " So shorts and a casual tank top will be good?" She asked Neji, turning one small inch. Neji nodded and I asked the same question Tenten asked to Sasuke, but with my eyes. Project...project...PROJECT!! Ack! My eyes are burning! My cornea! Uh, wait, is it retina? GODS! I'm a damn doctor and I forgot simple eye anatomy!

...Okay, crap.

Sasuke thinks I'm some weirdo now. This is so not going well.

Sasuke's POV

Why is Sakura glaring at me in such an un-womanly fashion?

What have I done to deserve a glare...? I don't understand Sakura sometimes.

She can be predictable, so predictable...transparent, even.

But at other times she is just like a stained glass goblet...something so light, so fragile, so delicate...

It makes me wonder...When the time comes...

Will I have the heart to break her?

30 minutes later...

Tenten's POV

"God, Saks. I don't think I'll be able to live through one of their 'surprise' visits ever again!" I exclaimed, slouching greatfully onto my plush chair, engulfing myself in layers and layers of soft green cotton. " I mean, I don't mind Cinnamon, and normal Neji and Sasuke are okay...but when you and Sasuke go into fighting mode! Sheesh! I mean, seriously!" I flapped my hands in the air for emphasis. " You guys are adults!"

A glint of hard, harsh emerald green eye. A strict, cold line in her usual curved rose lips. Aw crap. Should I prepare myself for the blow to come?

Yeah, I think that's a pretty good idea.


No blow has come. No aray of colourful, unecessary words...I peeked up from behind my crossed arms. " Sakura?" I half-whispered, half-asked. She was still in her chair, her mad expression replaced with a kind of confused and hurt one. This picked up on my concern radar. " Saks, what's wrong? Why so gloomy?" Now I'm wishing Popcorn was here. Instead, he's sleeping after all that commotion...if he were here, he could at least donehalf the job that I now would have to do alone; the job of cheering Saks backto her usual cheery spirits.

"Nothing...nothing is wrong..." Sakurareplied to me in a monotone. Uh-huh. I so believe her.

"Sa-Ku-Ra." I stated each syllable of her name clearly and slowly. Sakura looked up, her eyes wide and her expression now startled. Hah. I barely use this tone of voice on her. "Tell me what is wrong and I will fix it." Now, see? This is the tone of voice she usually uses on me. Maybe even Sasuke sometimes...I wouldn't know though. It's not like I stalk them! ...

"Wedon'thaveanythingthatwouldlookgoodfortomorrow!" Sakura blurted out, distressed. Then she slowed down. " And did you see the look on their faces when they left? Sasuke and Neji, I mean." Duh. Who else? What look?

"What look?" I repeated my mental question. I just noticed Neji's eyes looking duller than usual...I thought it was because he was exhausted. I mean, he has been to a lot of photo shoots, right...?

"Didn't you see it? ...it looked like...remorse."

I tackled what Sakura had said first, making quick calls to Hinata and Ino. Hinata had advised me to wear long pants in case there would be bugs, cargo maybe. Cargo pants were light and they don't make you feel as hot. Ino said just about the same thing, but told me what specific colours to wear...fashion diva..pft!

So now I'm just testing out the combination on my black Puma tennis shoes, a leaf-green tank top with a tiny 'T' in the corner with crystals (Hinata got it for me...God. I have such nice friends.) and some white cargo pants that go right up to about my ankles. If you look real closely though, there's a sun-yellow-ish tinge to them. I'm going to put my hair up in a normal, casual ponytail, BUTwith one of my designer hair ties...bag is just this small. black and white leather bag-pack which I can carry on my back without even noticing it! Ino came over and lended me one of her cool hats too. A white one with falling leave on it! Customised!

She had handed it to me winking, saying, " I knew this would come in handy some day!" Hinata had come over too at some point, with a special set of lunch-boxes and water-bottles with built in ice and blah! I felt touched with all their efforts.

Now, Sakura...she was harder. I mean, Sasuke talked about swimsuits. That meant they were going somewhere where there would be sparkling blue water...somewhere you would have to swim. So we had to level out ALL the pros&cons about wearing a bikini. God.

My list looked something like this:


1) He'll probably pay more attention to you.

2) Be more possessive of you cos guys will probably chat you up...

3) Uhh...


1) Might think you're trying to hard.

2) Might think you're a slut.

3) Uhhh...

It looks vague and brief and bad, I know. But it was the best! Jeez. Ino's list looked like this (exactly. Word for word.):


Hinata's looked neatest ( I just love her cute handwriting!), but her points were about the same as mine:


One, he probably will pay more attention to you...

Two, you can get him to put suncream on your back, or something like so...


Might think you're trying to get in bed with him. I think it's a somewhat subtle way...oh, I don't know what you should do...

Hehe, I didn't know Hinata had such an evil mind though. Even Ino forgot about the suncream plot.

In the end, we gave Sakuraa denim blue skirt that went up to about just over her knees, a blossom pink sleeveless top and the casual flip-flops with small little cherries on them! She's going to leave her hair down like it's usual pink waterfall effect, but use tiny, small, glittering clips. Plus, Hinata's letting her borrow these really cool pure-white Versace sunglasses. It's totally obvious they're from Versace because 'VERSACE' is printed across the side in crystals (or diamonds! You can never know with millionaires)...

And the swimsuit. We gave her a bikini-ish type of thing. It's a bright red though, and THATmight attract some unwanted attention...nah. Sakura seemed pretty high and enthusiastic on the idea of Sasuke being jealous, so Ino just threw that red thing into Sakura's big handbag. I chose the handbag. It's just this oversied thing that I bought for her years ago. Blue with white stitches spelling out 'Sakura' really wonkily...I sewed in a couple of denim patches though! It's a great bag! ...Mah, truth: I was doing this stupid fashion course thingy-a-bobby cause Ino couldn't make it...still. It ISa nice bag! And, Sakura liked it so that's all that mattered.

Now, all four of us are just a mess of arms and legs on the sofa, all sprawled out and tangled in each others' limbs. But we can't be bothered to move. The lights are out and we're just watching random CDs of friends...it's a calm, soothing atmosphere that makes me feel contented and strangely feel like I belong...I'm happy that we all get along so well. I mean, Ino and Sakura were in fangirl, we-adore-you mode when Hinata came, but they quickly grew out of it once they got to know her better. Hinata is a pretty amazing person to know, you know. She knows so much, and when you look at her you just take a hit on your self-esteem.

Mmmm...but right now I feel nice, great, fantastic, fabulous even (I'm pretty sure the others feel like this too)!

But ya know what? Tomorrow's going to be even better...oh. No. Crap.

Sakura's solemn words came back to me in a rush, as if I'd been pulling at it for a long time.

"Didn't you see it? ...it looked like...remorse."

No...suddenly...I have a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. And that's never good...


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