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After each chapter, you'll find the profile for the digimon that had appeared within. Now, I got my information from the Digimon wikia; you can find the profile for every single digimon known since the series began.


This will contain alternate timelines/universes, blood and gore, character abuse/torture/death, child neglect, foul language, male and straight parings, possible insanity, and more.

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Hello there.

My name is Taichi 'Kasai' Kamiya. But then again, that really isn't my name, is it? Hm, perhaps I should explain myself? I suppose that it all started the day that I got that strange text message.

A message about my destiny.

And I wasn't the only one to receive such a thing, four others had as well. Our destiny, as it turned out, was to protect our world and a world of data from the darkness. What wasn't known at the time, that a fifth kid had followed us. If I knew then on what I know now, I would never have accepted that stupid message.


Anyhow, the other kids had been Kouji Minamoto, Junpei 'JP' Shibiyama, Zoe Orimoto and of course, Tommy Himi. The final kid, much to our surprise, had been Kouji's twin brother; Kouichi Kimura.

Where was I?

Oh, that's right.

After arriving, we were each given an elemental spirit. Kouji was given Lobomon, spirit of light; JP received Beetlemon, the spirit of thunder; Zoe was given Kazemon, the spirit of wind; and Tommy received Kumamon, the spirit of ice. And as for me and Kouichi?


I, myself was given Agunimon, the spirit of fire. Unfortunately, Kouichi had been possessed by the corrupted spirit of darkness; Duskmon. Thankfully, Kouji and I were able to free him and Kouichi was able to purify Duskmon; turning it into Loëwmon. After defeating the corrupted Cherubimon and with Kouji and I gaining our mega forms, we came face-to-face with the traitorous Royal Knights; Crusadermon and Dynasmon. It was about two months after that first encounter, that everything went to hell.

Lucemon was free once more.

Kouji and I were fighting against the Knights when Lucemon showed up. To our shock, Lucemon easily destroyed the Knights with a flick of his wrist. Then the fallen angel turned to use, a strange look in his blue eyes.

I shivered.

Before we could react, there was a flash of light, followed by a slight pressure that sounded like an explosion. When I came to, I realized that, despite everything, I was alright; if not a little sore. But, when I went to check on my friends, I was shocked to find a familiar ring of data circling them.


I slowly got to my feet and stumbled over to where Kouji laid, and carefully cradled his lifeless body. Moments later, he stirred and hazy eyes stared back. He reached a shaky hand up, and caressed a cheek. "Why…are you crying…?" He rasped as I realized that he was right.

I was crying.

"Please," he whispered, grasping my hand. "Use our spirits to fight him." I cringed as I heard the others stirring; coughing wetly, sounding as if they were in great pain. "I know that you can do it." I was surprised, to say the least. Did they really think I could take on Lucemon?


Not a chance in hell!

Before I could react, they were passing the elementals over to me. Not only did their spirits merged with mine; the spirits of water, earth, wood and metal joined in as well. Then, my friends were gone; deleted. That was when I felt a gentle pressure on my shoulder. Swallowing thickly, I slowly looked up and turned white as I found myself staring into the amused blue eyes of Lucemon. Something about the angel sent a deadly chill through me, so much so, that I shuddered.

Alright, now here's where things get a little weird. At this point, I don't remember much, but I do remember this. A sickening feeling, a surge of burning heat and a temporary loss of hearing, and my vision turned red. When I regained my senses, I realized that I was no longer in the Digital World, but standing on a street; in a neighborhood that was all too familiar.


More importantly, the street where I lived.

Thinking that everything would be fine now, I turned to go back home, only to freeze in utter horror. I was standing before my home, only now there was a pile of burning rubble that laid before me. There was an odd smell, and I nearly gagged as I realized what it was.

Burnt meat.

Oh no…

Covering my mouth, I staggered back, trying not to gag as I teared up. Everything that I knew was gone, and my family…I unexpectedly burst into painful tears. Why couldn't I control my emotions?



Swiping at my eyes, I shakily looked up, surprised to find a young woman kneeling before me. She was pretty, somewhere in her early twenties with long brown hair that was tied back, pale skin and shockingly enough; pink eyes. "What are you doing here? And where are your parents?"

I looked back toward the ruins of my home and she seemed to understand. Without warning, my vision swam and I felt strangely weak. The next thing I knew, I had passed out; slipping into the startled woman's arms.

Not good.


When I woke up, I found myself in the hospital. Turning my head, I found the woman from before, along with a man and a little girl; her husband and daughter, maybe? This left me rather confused; after all, I was a stranger to them. Sometime after I woke up, a doctor was talking with the couple; who I learned to be Akai and Shokoro Kamiya. It turned out that I was suffering from a massive heat stroke, as well as severe burns. A sickening feeling took over me as I laid there in shock. Were my injuries the result of Lucemon?

Guess I'll never know.

I started to fall back asleep, when I overheard the doctor saying something that shouldn't have been possible. What did he mean by calling me a child?

It couldn't be…

could it?


Well, it would seem that I was right about my suspicions. I was somehow younger, roughly about six or seven. Maybe during the transition between worlds I was de-aged?

Who knows?


It's been a year since my family's death, and since my adoption. Yes, you heard me. While recovering, the Kamiya's adopted me into the family, and I had a chance to learn more about them. Shokoro was a tall, thin man with tanned skin, short buzz cut brown hair, and warm brown eyes. Their daughter, Kari, resembled Akai a great deal, only her hair and eyes were a darker shade.

Akai was a stay-at home mother, and she favored in making her own healthy recipes. While Shokoro, on the other hand, worked as a clerk somewhere near their apartment in Heighten View Terrace. Kari was an adorable little girl, who used her whistle to communicate. While it was nice, I would eventually lose their trust after Kari's accident. There may not be anything physical, but there was some neglectfulness, if anything else. I feel awful about this.

What do I do now?


It was about a week after my eighth 'birthday' that things really spiraled out of control. I had gotten up during the night for a glass of water; and as I headed back to bed, I caught sight of a soft glow coming from Shokoro's study. Curious as to what it was, I took a peek.

And a good thing, too.

I was surprised to find Kari standing before Shokoro's computer. For some reason, it was on and I was a bit worried about that. "Kari," I hissed as I walked up to her. "You know this room is off limits!" Kari just gazed at the monitor, her eyes wide. "But, it's doing something weird!" She insisted as I snorted. Rolling my eyes, I went back to bed. Unfortunately, for me that is, Kari was right about the computer. Something weird was happening.

I awoke the next morning to Akai announcing that she was going to the store for tonight's dinner. Something about liver snaps, causing me to gag at such a thought. Sighing, I climbed down, and turned to wake Kari up, only to freeze at what she was cuddling with.

A Digi-Egg.

I gritted my teeth, but quickly forced it back as I gently shook her. Kari soon woke up and I headed to the kitchen to make breakfast for us. I got her settled, then I started the process of whipping up some fluffy omelets. Setting our plates down, I blinked as the egg hatched into a black blob with stubby ears and glowing yellow eyes.

A Botamon.

My eyes narrowed slightly, but I kept quiet. I watched as Kari fed it some of her eggs, and I felt like screaming. Couldn't I get away from Digimon? After breakfast, Kari toddled back to our room, and I went on in cleaning up.


I looked around the kitchen, surprised when every electronic started to haywire. A suspicious thought came to me, as I turned my head slightly toward our room; accidentally dropping a plate. What if—?

Oh shit.

Panicking, I bolted for our room, only to cringe. Gone was the little blob, instead he had been replaced with a pink creature the size of a soccer ball, long and thin rabbit-like ears, needle sharp teeth and large crimson eyes.


Note the sarcasm!

Kari tilted her head. "What is it?" Again, I gritted my teeth knowing that if I spoke, I would regret it. The Digimon, which I recognized to be Koromon, started hopping up and down with excitement.

Jumpy, wasn't he?

I looked on, raising an eyebrow as Kari brought in Miko's; the family cat, food bowl. Koromon stopped bouncing, his red eyes gleaming as he eyed the bowl hungrily. I blinked as he started to gobble it up. Huh, didn't think that he would like cat food. Hearing a soft rustle, and turning my head slightly, I winced.

It was Miko.

A very angry Miko.

The cat growled, seeing that Koromon was eating her food, and boy, was she pissed. Hissing, Miko raised a paw and clawed the poor guy in his right cheek. I cringed as he started crying, a faint echo of pain throbbed in my right cheek.


Sighing, I went to grab the first-aid kit, and when I returned, I was relieved to find that he had stopped crying. I set the kit down, and knelt next to the sniffling Digimon. Humming softly, I sprayed his cut with some medicine, before putting a bandage on it. To my surprise, Koromon jumped right into my arms. Kari giggled before introducing us to him. Koromon squirmed a bit, but he was smiling. "Hi Kari and Tai!" He chirped. "My name's Koromon and I'm from the Digi-World!"

Why me?


I thought that it was bad enough with Koromon being here, but I should've known better. It was a little after midnight, when I was awoken by Kari's sharp whistling. Confused, if not worried, I scrambled out of bed and climbed down to Kari's bunk. I raised an eyebrow when I saw that Koromon was literally blue in the face. "Did you give him some of your liver snaps?" I asked, sharply.

Kari shook her head.

Then that meant…uh-oh…

I looked over sharply, and saw that the clock was going crazy; which confirmed my suspicions. Koromon was getting ready to digivolve once more. But, why was I getting such a bad feeling about this? Without warning, Koromon turned into Agumon. Correction, make that a rather large Agumon. Geeze, he must've been at least six feet! As he digivolved, the bunk bed unexpectedly exploded, sending shrapnel everywhere. Yelping, I shielded myself, grunting as I was knocked back a bit.

As the dust began to settle, I was alarmed by what I found. The wall that had been next to the beds, had been utterly destroyed. And I nearly had a heart attack as Kari crawled onto Agumon's back. In fact, there was a brief burst of pain as Agumon leapt out of the hole, landing on the streets below. Unfortunately, Kari was still on his back.

Akai was going to kill me.

"Kari? Tai?"


Feeling ill and weak, I glanced back at the door where Akai was still pounding at; before turning to the ruined wall. Sighing, I knew that I didn't have much of a choice. Either the fall would kill me or Akai would.

Again, why me?

Taking a deep breath, I backed up until I was at the door. Without hesitation, I ran toward the hole, and took a flying leap. Unfortunately, I slammed into several sets of trees that had been right outside the apartment before landing on the unforgiving pavement with a sickening crack. The sudden impact left me dazed, almost paralyzed from the pain. Stirring, I managed to regain my senses, only to scream as a burning pain gripped my lower body. Gritting my teeth, I forced the pain back before slowly standing up.

Wheezing, I followed a trial of destruction that could only have come from Agumon's claws. As I crossed a bridge, the faint energy of a Digimon caught my attention. Swallowing thickly, I looked up and blanched as a huge Digi-Egg appeared within the skies before hatching.

into a huge Parrotmon!

Oh man, I needed to find Kari!

Wait, where was Parrotmon going…?

My eyes widen, before cursing and running after the bird. I realized that Parrotmon must've sensed Agumon, and was going after him. And if anything happened to Kari, I don't even want to think about what Akai would do to me! Reaching another bridge, I spotted Parrotmon hovering nearby. Getting an idea, I peered over the edge, and relaxed when I saw that Kari was snuggling up to Agumon. Thankfully, this bridge had a set of stairs that led to the streets below. Limping, I hurried down and over to her.


I blinked, a bit hurt when she flinched from me, burying into Agumon. That was when the pain came crashing back. Hissing, I gritted my teeth before looking down at myself.


So that's why.

I noticed that my left arm hung limp, something pure white jutting from the shoulder. Bruises so dark that I knew went straight to the bone marred my skin a good deal, including numerous cuts of various sizes. Swallowing thickly, my eyes traveled a bit further and I felt bile rise up. My legs were mangled to the point where it was a miracle that I could even stand, much less walk.

Blood everywhere.

Feeling faint, I gave Kari a weak smile. "Don't worry," I assured her. "I'll be fine." However, I regretted my words as my legs gave out and I collapsed. I could hear Kari whimper and was surprised when she curled up to me. Before I could comfort her, Parrotmon dove for us; only for Agumon to shield us as the bridge above us, gave away.


Dust billowed everywhere as I held onto Kari, who was crying from fear. I coughed, wheezing a bit as Agumon shifted. Blinking back tears, I was shocked by the sight of Agumon's newest form: Greymon.


Kari and I watched in amazement as Greymon and Parrotmon duked it out. Without warning, Parrotmon delivered a nasty below to Greymon's chest, knocking the dinosaur back and out cold. "Koromon!" Kari cried, squirming in my grasp. "Get up!" Blinking owlishly, I watched as Kari took her whistle and started blowing. Unfortunately, her crying had caused a violent coughing fit. I glanced at her whistle then back to the lifeless Digimon with a thoughtful frown. If it worked for me, why not Greymon?

Kari stopped, looking up at me with wide eyes as I grabbed her whistle. I took a deep breath, raised the whistle to my lips, and I blew.


Almost instantly, a high-pitched sharp whistle tore through the air. Moments later, I had to stop as my lungs burned. Breathing heavily, I turned to Greymon, and almost had a heart attack when the dinosaur's red eyes snapped open. Greymon was on his feet in seconds, burning red flames spewing from his open jaw.


I immediately shielded Kari as the flames exploded out, spiraling toward Parrotmon with alarming speed. Unfortunately, the force of the impact caused a massive explosion; sending up a wave of pure light.


When the light faded and the dust had settled, I realized that it was a little too quiet. Releasing Kari, I lifted my head and carefully looked around. Besides the ruined buildings and bridge, the two Digimon were nowhere to be found. Kari had gotten back to her feet, calling for Koromon to come back. Relieved that we were safe, I sank into blissful unconsciousness. What I hadn't known, was that seven other kids had witnessed the incident.


That was four years ago.

Thankfully, Kari had forgotten all about it. Unfortunately, for me that is, I had been right about Akai's reaction. Not only did she tear into me about endangering Kari, but she yelled at me for getting myself injured.


This time, however, the damage was a bit more extensive. My left arm had been broken in three places, two broken ribs and one fractured, a damaged pelvis and shattered hips, right leg broken in two, left leg had been nearly ripped from the socket, a partially crushed skull, a collapsed lung, and severe internal bleeding.


I was lucky to even be alive.

I would spend the next three years in and out of hospitals for various surgeries and of course, physical therapy. Once I was strong enough, we moved from Heighten View Terrace to a comfortable apartment in Odaiba. After that, I was ignored completely by the Kamiya's.


Sadly, this is where my story truly begins…

Here are the profiles (at least the two who were fighting; you'll learn more about the others later on)

Name: Greymon

Level: Champion

Type: Dinosaur


Nova Blast: Spews ultra high temperature flames or a flame shot from its mouth to reduce everything to ash

Fire Wall: Spews out an encroaching wall of flames

Name: Parrotmon

Level: Ultimate

Type: Bird


Sonic Destroyer: Uses shockwaves created at mach speeds to attack an opponent

Mjollnir Lightning: Unleashes a powerful lightning bolt from its forehead