A/N Hey, I'm reading Larklight, i'm about eight chapters in, and I honostly believe Jack and Myrtle will get together at some point. It seems so unlikley that's it's the most realistic thing they can do! XD So I just wrote a small drabble when I was supposed to be working on homework.

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Myrtle had always dreamed of a perfect fairy-tale love. Her love would be so kind and considerate. He'd sweep her off her feet and love her with his whole being. She would swoon over her fantasies as a girl. Every bit of her free time was spent dreaming up more details of her perfect future.

Now, a teenager, Myrtle finds herself completely and undoubtably in love with Jack Havock. The fifteen year old pirate, handsome and charming as he is, was reckless and loved his ship and everyone on it as much as he did her. She was, unless in danger, never the only thing on his mind.

The young girl would find herself stareing when he wasn't looking. She'd see she had written his name in the empty margins of her diary. Full pages would be taken by her doodles of him. Every one of her dreams were now inhabited by the young pirate.

The oh-so great captain Jack didn't do well with open showings of affection. To realize their feelings would require you to pay close attention. The pirate would more than willing to risk his life for her, though. And she for him.

But, every touch sent a shock through her body. Every kiss was perfection, gentle and sweet, but still full of a special want. Around his crew, they barley touched at all. But when alone, she never left the saftey of his arms.

So, he wasn't the boy from her fantasies. He was a rough and tumble pirate who terrified people. Though he usually wouldn't hurt them. The teenager didn't love her like she was the only girl left in the world. But he was faithful, and truley ment all he said and did. And when looking back in perfect hindsight, he's exactly what she's always wanted.

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