Title: To Break Into Yagyuu's House
Summary: Yagyuu comes home to only find Niou in his room. (1)
Fandom/Pairing: PoT/ Nioh & Yagyuu
Rated: T
Warning: This fan fiction contains Niou. smiles
Disclaimer: If I own them I wouldn't waste my time writing about them.

Yagyuu entered his house, took off his shoes and proceed to find out if anyone was home. After stating that no one's home. He headed upstairs to his room and proceeded to open his room door.

"Konnichi wa (2), Yagyuu."

"Niou…" He replied with an expressionless face. Yagyuu stared at the white hair boy that was currently lying down in his bed, in his room, in his house, smiling at him. 'Niou is not in my room.' Yagyuu thought. His grip on the door knob getting tighter. 'He's not on my room. He's not in my house. He's not one my bed, in my room, in my house.' Niou could have sworn the door knob got crushed, with the grip Yagyuu had on it.

They stared at each other for a couple of minutes. "So, what shall was do now, Yagy--" The door was slammed shut on him. Niou blinked a couple of times before processing the sound of footsteps going down the staircase and the front door being slammed shut.

"Hmm… That wasn't what I expected." He said as he got himself in a comfortable position on Yagyuu's bed. "I'll be staying here until he comes back." Niou smirked at that.

-Meanwhile at Yukimura's House-

"Now, now Yagyuu. You're the one who agreed to be his double partner." Yukimura pointed out cheerfully. "Thanks for the sympathy." Yagyuu said, sarcastically. "You can't blame us." Yanagi said. "He broke into my house." Yagyuu pointed out. "Not our fault!" Yukimura pointed out cheerfully.


Yagyuu stared at his phone. He saw the name Niou flashing on the screen.

"Moshi moshi (3)"

"When are you coming back? I'm hun--"

Niou stared at the phone in disbelief. 'He just hanged up on me?! Hmm… interesting.' Niou smirked at this and continued to search through Yagyuu's stuff. 'There's nothing interesting here…' He scanned the room. "Ah, ha! What about here?"

Yukimura and Yanagi watch as Yagyuu shut off his phone. "You know you could always--" "No I will not." Yagyuu cut Yukimura off midway it what he was about to say. Knowing fully what he was going to suggest. "But, it'll work!" "I refuse."

Yukimura sighed, "Fine, you can sleep on my couch here."

(1) The idea for this story does not belong to me. It belongs to my friend Luna who kindly helps me come up with the idea for it.

(2) Konnichi wa - Hello (Good afternoon)

(3) Moshi moshi - Hello (on the phone)

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