Soft Kisses

Warnings: girl!Clark SV universe. Adult Content.

A/N: Written for Medie's "Because We're Awesome" Drabble-a-Thon – prompt girl!Clark/Oliver - awake. Never did a genderbender before, but I don't know why but I felt compelled to do this. Hope you all enjoy it! I'm like really intrigued with this idea, so you can probably count on having more from me.

Disclaimer: Do not own anything.


Clara Kent smiled softly as she traced Oliver's face in the pale moonlight that lit the room. Last night was amazing…

For the first time she and Oliver finally consummated their relationship, and it had been her first time. Oliver was so gentle but passionate that she barely felt anything but pleasure. It was very difficult to stay in control of herself during it so she wouldn't hurt him. Fortunately she was able keep in control, and managed not to hurt Ollie.

Lost in her thoughts of last night, Clara didn't realize Oliver had woken up. He grinned as he studied her face. He never wanted to forget this moment - when they were wrapped into each other's naked arms and all alone where there was no fighting and no threats.

He leaned closer to lips and brushed his lips against them softly; Clara grinned and kissed him back, deepening the kiss. Oliver moaned as Clara pushed him on his back and wrapped her body over his like a blanket, still kissing him.

Clara began kissing Oliver down from his lips to his neck, and he moved enough so he could enter her again. Clara moaned at the feeling of having him inside her again. She rocked gently up and down as Oliver held her cheek and kissed her.

Oliver flipped their positions and Clara moaned loudly as he started moving a little faster. Within a few minutes Clara came, and softly kissed Oliver as he continued.

"God I love you…" Ollie moaned as he came, kissing her passionately. Clara grinned at his confession. Neither of them had said those words before, and it warmed her heart to know that Oliver loved her.

Oliver moved next to her and spooned her as she wrapped her arms around his body and wrapped her legs around his. Clara smiled softly, kissing his lips. Oliver smiled down at her.

"I love you too." Clara said, snuggling as close as she could to Oliver. Oliver grinned and tightened his grip around her.