'When Life gives you Lemons, Make Lemonade.'

The town of Smallville had once again been struck by a heat wave. It seemed like the sun would never go away and at this point the town was praying for rain. Some people looked on the bright side: they now had a reason to just lie around all day doing nothing. Some of those people were Clark and Chloe. They had been hanging out all summer and they found it sad that in two weeks school would start up again.

«We should try and make the best out of the few weeks we have left,» Clark told Chloe one afternoon at the beach.
«I agree,» Chloe said trying to hold her focus on Clark's face and not his abs. She looked away and her gaze fell on the incredible view infront of her. Crater Lake was always so beautiful this time of year. She looked back at Clark. She felt so stupid, she had promised herself that this time around she wouldn't fall in love with him, but she had and there was no turning back. Her heart belonged to him.

«This heat wave is killing me,» Chloe said. She and Clark was sitting in the Kent's kitchen drinking lemonade.
«Lucky for me I'm immune to both the heat and the cold,» Clark teased. Chloe gave him jealous look, «by the way Clark, this lemonade is amazing.»

«It's my mom's recipe.» Clark said. Chloe knew he missed her, she haden't been around that much since she became senator.
«It's OK to miss your mom, Clark.» Chloe told him, he didn't reply at first, but then he said «Yeah, sometimes I do. But you know, that's the way of life. I'm a big boy now, I have to do without my mother.»
«Yes, just look at me; I practically grew up without a mother and I'm doing OK,» Chloe gave him another smile «but you know what? I have a great idea, why don't we set up a lemonade stand down at the beach tomorrow? That way we'll get to earn some money and hang out some more.»
Clark had to agree with Chloe, it was a great idea. He loved hanging out with Chloe and lately he had seen her in another light than before. He couldn't explain why it was happening now, but he was quite sure that he was falling in love with his bestfriend.