So... yeah. It's 9:55 right now, I just spent five minutes writing this becasue I felt the need and I had this idea. I got this idea from watching a L vid on youtube. And I saw him eating cake and earlier I had read a line from a fanfiction about Sasuke not liking sweets and I was all, 'Maybe Light doens't like sweets?' and Kiwi goes, 'Only cause it's yaoi' and well here we are now.

I know I still need to update on 'My Next Door Teacher' and trust me, it's coming. And trust me it will be funny. Roxas will be getting very... perverted thoughts. So be watching for it. Sorry now for bad spelling or grammer miskates. Like I said it only spent like 5min writting it. Enjoy!

"For the last time. Cake is not, nor has it ever been, a breakfast food." Light said with an angered sigh as he brought his un-cuffed hand up to massage his temples.

He had only been handcuffed the foreign detective for a week, and already he was disgusted with this man's eating habits. Day in and day out it was the same thing. They'd go into the small apartment kitchen. Light would eat either toast or a bagel or cereal, L would eat cake. Around noon the two would once again re-enter the kitchen. Light eating an sandwich or bento. L eating cake. And whenever the two were once again hungry they'd find themselves in the kitchen. Light eating a nice well balanced dinner. L eating cake. And light, well he just couldn't take it anymore. No man-- no person could survive on cake alone damn it!

With another angered sigh, Light reached out and pulled the small plate right out from under L. "Eat something other than cake. Eating ONLY sugar is bound to make you sick." he paused as L looked at him funny, a fork hanging out of his mouth. "Not that I care if you get sick or not, it's just if you do get sick I'm gonna have to deal with it seeing as how we're handcuffed together."

Taking the fork out of his mouth and setting it gently on the table, L tilted his head to the right and smiled. "I'm grateful for your concern Light, but as you see I've been eating mostly cake for the past two years. I have once yet to fall ill and I highly doubt I will soon. In fact there's a very little chance, under 5 that I will."

Growling Light stood up, "Forget it. I don't even see how you can stand sugar. It's disgusting. Just thinking about all the sugar you eat makes my teeth hurt."

L rose from his chair and followed Light into the bed room. "What do you mean? Are you saying that you don't like sugar?"

Falling back onto the bed Light looked over at the man standing next to him. As always L's posture was odd. His shoulders were hunched some and his head was down. Stupid. "Yeah, I don't like sweets. Besides they're bad for you."

And with that L, with all the grace and swiftness of a cat on the prowl, was straddling Light their lips pressed gently together.

Light could feel L's lips moving against his own, the detectives tongue running out asking for entrance. Slowly Light closed his eyes and opened his mouth, accepting L. A new taste filled his mouth. Something very... how to say this. Odd. Just like L. It was a familiar taste, but for a moment Light just didn't know what it was.

Then like a ton of bricks, it hit him. Sugar. This taste was sugar. This overly sweet, tingly, taste. Sugar.

All to soon it seemed that L pulled away. He leaned back and sat his butt on Light's crotch. With an innocent blink of his eyes, L sighed.

Maybe, just maybe, Light mused, sugar wasn't that bad. Maybe...

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