This is a very, very short chapter. The reason is that this is the prologue, and it is setting up the story. Be warned this story will turn sad in times. Additionally, it will be graphic, etc. It is rated M for a reason. Not this chapter, but quite soon. I hope not to offend anyone later by not understanding the upcoming contact. I hope that you enjoy. Please, hang in with me, and wait till the upcoming chapters to judge to harshly. It will have action, etc. Please, hang in there. Till then, please enjoy again, and review.

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"My Happy Ending"

"Love, are you sure you do not mind?" Edward asked as I looked through the clothes in the closet- most of them assembled by the devilish pixie, Alice. I wondered what horrors she placed in there throughout earlier today.

"Of course, hunt. Have fun with Emmett and Jasper and everyone. The quicker you leave, the earlier you get home." I smiled, even though the thought of leaving was painful. The entire family would be gone for three days to hunt. I knew additionally that it was necessary for Edward to be prepared for our wedding night, our very human wedding night.

"I know; I can't wait for the four days till you are Bella Cullen. What are you going to do till around here?" It seemed as though he could read my mind sometimes, knowing where my mind was upon. His smile was starting to break, waiting my response.

"I am going to go to Port Angelas tomorrow to the bookstore. Forever is a long time with only Wuthering Heights," I joked. As soon as I uttered the words, I realized that I should not be joking about that. I might hurt Edward. Even though he agreed and supported now my change, it was still a sore area.

"Please, be careful. I could never forgive myself if anything happened to you." Edward begged.

"I'll be careful, and Alice will know if anything is going to happen. I'll miss you."

"Miss you, too. I love you, Bella."

"I know. I love you, too." And with a chaste kiss on my lips, Edward dashed out of the house. Three days would be a long time to wait till he returned home. Of course, I knew that he needed to hunt, especially with our wedding night on the horizon. The last human experience I needed to have before I would begin forever with Edward.

After taking care of countless human moments in the bathroom and taking a long shower to relax my tense muscles, I climbed into bed, still anxious of the days ahead. Dreaming of Edward and the boundless days of forever ahead, I drifted off into sleep. Never in my mind would I believe the horror that would be stumbled upon…would I ever get my happy ending?