A Teller

EPOV (At the house in Forks):

"Bella feels guilty for you. She feels as though she is dirty, used…spoiled. She feels that she does not deserve you. She thinks you deserve someone that is not spoiled… I felt the same." Rosalie explained.

"You felt the same?" Emmett questioned looking at Rosalie with a sense of love and pain.

"I felt I did not deserve you when I first met you," Rosalie muttered as Emmett swept her into a loving embrace.

"Why would she feel that? That is insane." A sense of rage filled me body. I needed an outlet. I flew over to the wall punching my fist clear through the drywall, which did not even respond in a remark for Esme. She felt my same sense of rage and confusion.

"Edward, I cannot see her." Alice stated.

"Not at all?" I replied.

"No… it seems as though she almost started blocking me on purpose. Perhaps, she does not want us to see her." Alice reported.

"Shit," I cursed.


"Who cares? She is gone, and we do not have any idea where she is. We have to go after her. Now."

"She must be so scared and alone. Poor girl." Esme muttered.

"Her blood lost must be insatiable." Carlise reported, "Perhaps, we could track her. She could not have gone that far, even with her new strength. We could have the Denali's help us find her. She probably would have run North. Maybe, we are able to block her off."

"Good idea. Let's go." I decided as we all left the room as a group. We needed Bella, we needed to rebuild our family.

BPOV (In Canada)

Off running again. Running tends to be the nature of the day. Run there, run here. It reminded me of the poem from English, a class that seemed so long ago, yet really it was just a breath ago. "Here's hell, there's Heaven…" from "One wants a teller in a time like this." Isn't it so true… He might have been right. Vampires might be damned to spend forever in purgatory after death, or they might just cease to be. But, one thing he did not state. Hell and heaven are all around us, every moment of every day. Heaven is not a place where you go when you die: it is moment in life when he finally feel alive. And Hell… well I truly understand what it meant to be in Hell.

One wants a teller in a time like this

I continued running. Edward was right about another thing, isn't it his lucky day today. Time is such a different entire element to vampires. As a human, I could simply not understand what he meant, and I think it is not possible to understand as a human. As a human, we hold the measure of time as a precious idea. It is our lives, it is our existence. Yet, as a vampire, you have endless amount of time. It is in surplus. It is okay to drain it. Hell, it is sometimes nice to waste time. Hours that felt like days are now the same measure in my mind as mere minutes or even seconds. So, as I am running throughout the countryside, time does not seem to pass. It just is. I am just. I am the rock. I am the rock outside the circle of life. I do not live, feel, or love after the crime I committed. I took human lives and smashed them to death with that same rock.

One cannot walk this winding street with pride,

Straight-shouldered, tranquil eyed…

In the distance, with the new improved eye-sight, I begin to see something in the distance. It is a town, not a large one or small. It is almost a village secluded by the forces of the world. It is almost like I am, secluded from humanity. I can see the mountains in the distance, capped with peril white snow that glistens like diamonds in the sun. I can see the endless rows upon rows of evergreens that stand as a barrier to the merciless forces of Mother Nature. I can even see the small center of the town and all the humans running there and here. The roof-top of a small church in the distance. I stop as fast as I started. I could not go any farther. If I went any farther, I would surely hurt them. If I went any further, I would continue to smash another life with my proverbial rock. Yet, for some reason, I was compelled to go farther. I started down from my perch on the hillside into the valley, still separated from the town. I continued into the realms of my true Hades.

One is not sure if or why or how,

One wants a teller now.


"Perhaps, we need to call Tanya and her coven first. We can warn her and see if she has seen anything yet," Esme announced to the family. The idea seemed to meet everyone's agreement.

"Thank you Esme." I responded. I just want our family to be whole again. Esme responded to me. Bella does not deserve any of this pain. I nodded again in agreement to my adopted mother's thoughts. Yet, at the same time, I could not help but think that it was I that deserved the pain. It was I that caused her to suffer like it.

Stop with the guilt, Edward. It will not help Bella, now. Jasper chastised.

"I will call her," Carlisle announced as he pulled out his own cell phone. He quickly dialed the number as the rest of the family waited to depart.

"Hello, Tanya," Carlisle greeted.

"Oh, Carlisle. How nice it is to hear from you? How are you doing? How is your family?" Tanya responded in earnest.

"We are doing well," I could hear Emmett cough in contradiction. "Well, actually we have a slight problem."

"Does it deal with the cancellation of the wedding?" Tanya questioned. The wedding… I did not even think about the wedding with everything that was going on. What happened? Where is everyone? Oh no, what are we going to do? Don't worry Edward, I contacted everyone and said that an emergency happened. It is okay. We can reschedule. RESCHEDULE? Good god, this is not a simple hair appointment. It is my wedding: it is our wedding.

"Yes. To make a long story short, Bella had to be transformed earlier than expected, and due to a variety of reasons, she ran away from the family. We have reason to believe that she may be up North. We wanted to come up to look for her, and see if you could help."

"We would be happy, and we will keep our eyes open. How long till we see you? Everyone else is currently hunting."

"Hopefully tomorrow. We will see you then."

"I will let everyone else know. Have a good drive. See you tomorrow."

"Bye Tanya, and thank you." And with that, the phone call was over, and the cars began running…


A scent blew in from the East. A scent that unlike the sweet smell of humans, a scent that actually calmed my nerves. It was normal, it was tradition… it was the smell of vampires. Perhaps they can help me. No… they would not want to help me. They would kill me. Surely… no, they wouldn't. Vampires are almost expected to kill humans. It is the nature of the monster. I killed four people, so I was living up to my nature, a nature that I wanted to end. The vampires might not be vegetarians, yet they could be. If they drank from humans, they would not chastise my actions, and they would be able to help me. They would be able to help me kill myself, if needed. And if they were vegetarians, if they were the true opposite of the act I just committed, maybe they would be inclined to help grant my last wish. Who knows… only one way to tell. Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Put on rubbers and you won't catch a cold,

Here's Hell, there's Heaven, go to Sunday School.

I came upon an old Victorian-style mansion in the middle of a snow covered field bordered with rows of pine trees. The house appeared similar, yet completely opposite of the Cullen's. While the Cullen's house was open and expressed themselves- almost to let people in, this one kept people out and allowed a secret to happen within the house… it was the true place of people who sought refuge from a world the ripped away life. It was the home of Vampires.

My feet as though they had a mine of their own continued the last part of the "green mile" to the front door. The front of the house had a beautiful wrap-around porch with four steps leading from the path to the front door. The house was doused with blue paint that made it glow in the light reflected from the snow. The front door had double-panned glass that allowed no one to see inside the house, and to the left sat a wide hanging swing that made the porch appear slightly more "homey."

I reached to the door bell and pressed it. I was almost waiting for the trick trap door to drop below my feet. It seemed almost a trap, yet nothing happened. Seconds mirrored into hours. When I was just about to walk away, the door opened to show a woman that possessed strawberry blonde hair that circled her shoulders. The hair framed her beautiful pale face that seemed to in trance the looker. She had the face of a goddess.

"Please, come in. I thought for a moment that you might be the pesky man from a couple miles down till I actually took a moment to revel in the smell of a fellow vampire. Welcome to our house. Please come in," I walked into her house, "My name is Tanya Denali."

Behold. Love's true and triumphs and God's actual.