My second Twilight song parody (which I've also performed on youtube.) This is done to the Little Mermaid song "Under the Sea," rewritten as Bella's lament about how Edward won't sleep with her...

- Lolly, an abomination.


(To Edward, from Bella.)

In every relationship, you
Have to learn to compromise
but sometimes I want to hit you
For not being like other guys

I love that you love me so much
But Edward, enough's enough
I want to be kinky and such
Do NOT make me huff and puff!

Under the sheets...
Under the sheets...

Eddy is hotter
Than Harry Potter
Under the sheets.
I'm not opposed to doing ya,
Even if it's necrophilia...
So don't poop the party
Let's get it started
Under the sheeeeeeeeeets...

You think my poor little pelvis
is far too fragile for thee
When you're in your vampy state of
Abandoned ecstasy
But mister, I see right through you
You're just being a big prude!
Think of all the things that we could
Do while we were in the nude

Oh hoh!

Under the sheets...
Under the sheets.
The entire jury
AND the Volturi
Thinks you should do meeee...
What did you buy that stupid bed for,
If we couldn't play doctor till breaking dawn
Don't be a lame ass,
Let's just be shameless,
Under the sheets
(Under the sheets)
Under the sheets
(Under the sheets)
So let's get dirty
In that C30
Let us jump right to third base
Or I'll punch a werewolf in the face
I want some Edward
So let's head bedward
Under the sheets!

So Emmett suggests
You look at my chest
Go bone dance in style
Says Mister Carlisle
You are the dismay
Of your mum Esme
What a mortifying boy!
And Alice forsees
A bed, you and me
While Jasper is scorning
That you are not horny
But Rosalie (who's dumb)
Still thinks I am scum
Oh well, she's a big fat ho!

Under the sheets
Under the sheets
Why must we wait
To go fornicate,
It's insanity!
You better appreciate this song!
It's very hard to sing for this long!
Stephenie Meyer
Wants this vampire
Under the sheets.

I am your love bucket
Grab my neck and suck it
Under the sheets

I want the wedding
After the bedding
That's why I'm cranky
Coz I got no spanky
Think of the fun that
We'd have if you smack that
Under the sheeeeeeeets...