A/N: This is what happens when i get bored with a current story. I promise I'll get back up on the other 3 (ugh...) soon, but i'm in the middle of exams so it may not be SO soon...I hope you like this, i wanted to some Zuko/Toph bonding. (official name for them yet? Zoph? Tuko? giggles) Feedback would be much love!!


"…and then she was gone! She had leaped up and started jumping on the heads of the prisoners, while they were rioting! She was amazing!"

"What are you talking about Sokka? You came up with the plan, we wouldn't have escaped if it were for your ingenious quick thinking."

That's it, I've heard enough, Toph thought. For the last two nights, the gaang and their two newest members had been sharing stories about their adventures while separated from the group of teens, Katara and Sokka's father telling of his separation from the rest of the invasion members, and Suki accounting her time away from the other Kyoshi warriors, how she had arrived at the Boiling Rock and awaiting of "her knight in shining blue armor to save her." Toph almost gagged. Now the newly found couple was depicting the events their escape of Boiling Rock. Toph was sick of the flirting between Sokka and Suki. It was great that her friend was finally smiling; he had his dad with him after all, not to mention his girlfriend, but the constant talk about how great the other was had gotten old fast.

"No more storied for me," Toph mumbled. "Hey Sparky, get your butt over here and carry me to my room." She heard Zuko sigh, which only resulted in a smile from the young earthbender.

"Toph, your feet are healed, I—"

"I don't want to hear it. You burn my feet, I'm not done with my payback," she said strickly and playfully, in a way that only Toph could.

Zuko knealed to where Toph was sitting as she crawled onto his back. She kicked her heeled into his sides, almost causing him to double over.

"Ugh, I'm going, I'm going!!"

"Night Toph," Suki's "sweet" light voice said. Toph had heard enough stories to know that wasn't her total nature.

"Ya, whatever," she mumbled in reply as Zuko walked away.


"Off," Zuko said when he reached the earthbender's quarters.

"Hmph, be nice Sparky, or I'll have you dangling off the side of the abyss by your feet."

Zuko said nothing, it was sometimes hard to tell when the young girl was only kidding, and when she made threats she promised to keep them. Besides, he had learned that around the girl, it was better to keep his mouth shut, she could as quickly think of a come back as he could chase after the Avatar.

The firebender stood up, ready to leave, but Toph, now stretching out on the floor, bended the earth beneath his feet, causing him to slide closer to her and away from the door.

"Don't even think about it Sparks-a-lot, I cant sleep without a story."

Zuko slightly rolled his eyes, knowing the girl couldn't see. "You're kidding me right? Sokka and Suki are out there--" he pointed to the main room, "—telling stories about our adventure at Boiling Rock. Why'd you leave if—"

"I'm tired of hearing stores from them, about them. I want to hear something from you. Sit," she commanded.

The ex-prince sighed, knowing he wouldn't get out this easily, if at all. "Fine," he said, taking a seat beside the earthbender's sheets. "What do you want to know?" he asked, knowing her answer even before she spoke.

"Whose Mai?"