Disclaimer- I own nothing-nothing belongs to me

Disclaimer- I own nothing-nothing belongs to me

Chapter 13

"So were exactly are we moving to?" I asked Alice as she quickly put me into Carlisle Mercedes.

"It's a surprise?" she said with a wink as she sat next me, slamming the door behind her.

I crossed my arms over my chest and let out a huff "Fine be like that", she giggled

None of the family gave me any idea, were we were moving to. It bugged the hell outta me. I hated being kept in the dark, but hey they were giving me a place to stay; and welcoming into there family.

I had no right to complain.

"Carlisle I have a quick question? I asked as she and Esme got into the car.

He turned his head to look at me "Yes Mia?" he asked me with a smile.

I leaned forward in my seat "How am I suppose to ride a plane" I began "With out going you know 'Roar"" I said bringing my hands out like a lion, trying to kill there prey.

Alice let out a giggle "Silly Mia" she said wrapping her arm around me "We have a private Jet" she said petting my head

"You guys sure know how to live" I said leaning of Alice's shoulder.

They all let out a chuckle, and we were off.

We all went in separate cars, Rosalie refused to ride in the car with Edward; but Carlisle insisted maybe they could work things out. But no Avail

I ignored Edward as much as I could, and he stayed away from me as much as possibly, plus every time Rosalie saw me by him she would hiss at him; I wanted to know why she had held as much hatred or even more towards Edward. For what happened to me.

A part of me hated Edward, not for who he is; I didn't even know who he was. But I hated for he had done to me, what he turned me into; I wanted to understand why he choose to turn me into the undead. But there was no way at this moment that I was going to go and do that. It was two fresh I wasn't ready for it, I wanted to talk somewhat civil to him, but I still had some anger built up.

I needed to focus on me know, not Edward; it will work out somehow.

The rest of the Cullen's have been really good to me. Carlisle was somewhat of a father figure, he wasn't my real dad; and there was no way that I would call him dad. That name belonged to someone else. But he would be there always when I needed him. For guidance advice; he would do anything for me if I needed it.

Esme-she was like a breath of fresh air, she loved you no matter what. She was always watching me in the corner of her eye, just keeping a watching eye to see how I'm doing. She just seems like a woman that would just hold you for hours and let you cry, no words would be spoken; holding you were enough to comfort you.

Rosalie-seemed to never leave my side, it seemed to me like she had some responsibility to keep an eye out for me; which I didn't understand. But I welcomed it, who wouldn't want someone looking after you-protecting you. Her Husband Emmett-which I discovered-his frame was big but he looked like he could crush you with his hand, well he probably could because of his vampire strength. But he was like a big teddy bear, that you just wanted to squeeze so hard until his stitching came undone; because he was so adorable.

Alice was a perky girl; she was always bouncing around, like she was on a sugar high. She seemed like she was always a step ahead of you, new something before you did. She had a twinkle in her eye and a smirk on her face always. Her husband jasper was the complete opposite-he was quiet always kept to himself, or by Alice's side, never talked much-well to me I guess he was getting used to my presence.

They were a weird bunch

We all sat in the car in silence, until we pulled up to a white jet; it was big well for a family for seven. Alice quickly pulled me out of the car, and rushed me up the plane steps inside.

The inside was lavished with white leather single seats, with a curved white leather couch next to the window. Behind the curved couch was another curved couch, it was facing a plasma TV, with a DVD player and with video games and systems. In the back of the plane against the window, was two Beds pressed against the window with TV's on the wall above the bed, white blankets covered the bed, with cream Pillows.

"Wow" I breathed looking at awe of the plane, Alice Giggled and pulled me towards the couch.

"Sit here" she said simply and she was out of my site immediately as the others boarded the plane with numerous bags; which contained there personal belongings.

Carlisle walked past me with a smile to the front of the plane, in the cockpit; I guess he was flying the plane. It made sense a human couldn't do it, or I would go all 'Roar' on them.

Once everyone was boarded on the plane, the all sat in there seats. Alice with Jasper on the couches Rosalie, and Emmett sat on the bed just lying with another. Edward sat all by himself towards the back in a single seat, with his I-pod staring out the window as the plane took off.

"Mia" Came a velvet voice in front of me, I looked up to Esme holding a big cardboard box.

"Yes" I said

She placed the box in front of me "Alice and Emmett picked this up for you? She said with a smile and she disappeared into the cockpit.

I furrowed my brow, and looked back to see Emmett with a smile on his face, Alice with the same. What would they get me, I shrugged; I pushed the box with ease it seemed weightless to me like there was just air in there.

I sat myself on the cream colored carpet of the plane; I lifted up the lid of the box and let out a gasp. My Red ballet slippers, my ratty sock monkey, my purple ugg boots, photo albums, jewelry box, VCR Tapes, DVD's, some books, my old video camera.

I looked up to see Emmett and Alice looking down at me with a smile, I launched myself at Emmett wrapping my legs around his waist.

"Thank you-thank you" I said placing kissing on his cheeks, he let out a booming laugh.

"If I new I would make you this happy-" he began but a loud hiss came from across the room and he became quiet.

I laughed them jumped over to Alice "How did you get this stuff?" I asked as I hugged her tightly then let her go.

"Well we only took a few items from your room-that your Aunt Might not notice" She said with a smile

"Thank you so much" I said with a squeal I said as I sat down looking through my home movies that were mostly on DVD but a few were on VHS tapes that looked like they were collecting dust.

"Can I us your DVD player?" I asked looking up at Emmett

Alice grabbed a random Home movie out of my hand before he could answer and pop it into the DVD player.

"Let's see who the real Mia is" She said with a squeal as she sat next to me as she pressed play.

I crossed my legs and looked into the blue screen, wondering what would be on the screen I hadn't looked at these for a long time.

Suddenly I appeared on the screen, my hair was soaked, and my clothes were dripping wet. I let out a laugh I new what day this was; it was my friends Melissa's birthday party that was about a year ago.

I let out a loud laugh and watched the screen.

I watched myself shake my hair to get the water out.

'So you may be wondering why I'm wet' the camera moved up and down, I smiled

'Well my friend Melissa decided to push me into her pool-I didn't think it was funny's' I watched myself ring out my hair 'So I'm going to get her back'

The camera moved shaky around as it followed me into the backyard, people were scattered everywhere. People were swimming in the pool eating, just sunbathing. Melissa was standing by her cake getting a soda.

I watched myself face the camera and bring my fingeru8 up to my lips to keep who ever was behind the camera to keep quiet.

'Melissa!" I called

She turned around to see who called her name, but I grabbed her face and smashed it into the cake, I gripped her hair and pushed her into the cake more; then let her go.

'You're dead' Melissa said as she wiped the cake off of her face

She smirked at me, and looked down towards the cake 'FOOD FIGHT!' We both called; suddenly every kid on the screen picked up food and started throwing it everywhere. Suddenly a piece of cake or whatever hit the camera stopped.

'What was that?" I heard softly

I looked over to See Jasper sitting back against the couch with Alice, the same was with Rosalie and Emmett. Were did they come from, I smiled

"That was my friend Melissa's birthday party" I said with a laugh

I looked back towards the screen again, suddenly one of my best friend Rachel came into view

'Hello there people of the world' she introduced her self, I giggled

'Who's that?" Emmett asked me

I smiled "One of my best friends-Rachel" I said not looking away from the screen.

"Welcome to Sam's sixteenth birthday party" she said waving her hand dramatically over her head. "Now-lets go find the birthday girl-follow me" she said

The camera shook as Rachel walked around what seemed to be my other best friend Wala's Basement.

My laughter and my friend's was heard, as she made way to the table were I sat; my face was all red as I clutched my chest in laughter. I was the same with everyone else at the table; I couldn't remember why I was laughing so hard.

'What happened here?' Rachel asked with a laugh, as she focused the camera on me.

'Wala-laugh-asked-laugh-asked for some-laugh-pineapple-laugh-' I watched my self close my eyes to try and contain my laughter 'She wanted me to-laugh-feed it to her so I took a wooden skewer to pick it up-' I burst out laughing again so did everyone else at the table.

'We may need to call someone' Rachel said with a mock tone

'So I went to go put it into her mouth' I broke into a fit of giggle again "It fell into her shirt-and got stuck-between her' I watched my self grab my boobs and push them together 'She can't get it out" my face collapsed against the table

'Did you try getting it out" her head went towards Wala's shirt

Everyone on the camera started yelling, 'What are you doing' I heard myself laugh the screen cut off again

"Your friend Rachel's weird" I heard Emmett mutter

I shot him a glare "Shut up- Hercules" I growled, everyone laughed behind me

"Oooh look!" Alice Squealed looking at the TV

I looked back at the TV to see my on a stage at my school talent, mike in front of my face. I was dressed in a red ruby dress, floor length with shear martial on the skirt; red sequences covered the whole dress. My hair back then was past a little by my ears; it had a way on my forehead, the other side was pinned back to my head.

'GO SAM!" I heard Rachel scream from behind the camera

I looked so normal on stage like a normal person, but now I looked perfect like a Barbie doll. It made me somewhat sad to see myself like that; I wanted my imperfections back.

I watched myself bring the mike up to my face and began to sing

Song 'Let go' By: Frou Frou

Drink up baby down
Are you in or are you out?
Leave your things behind
'Cause it's all going off without you
Excuse me too busy you're writing a tragedy
These mess-ups
You bubble-wrap
When you've no idea what you're like

So, let go
Jump in
Oh well, what you waiting for?
It's all right
'Cause there's beauty in the breakdown
So, let go
Just get in
Oh, it's so amazing here
It's all right
'Cause there's beauty in the breakdown

It gains the more it gives
And then advances with the form
So, honey, back for more
Can't you see that all the stuff's essential?
Such boundless pleasure
We've no time for later
Now you can wait
You roll your eyes
We've twenty seconds to comply

So, let go
Jump in
Oh well, what you waiting for?
It's al right
'Cause there's beauty in the breakdown
So, let go
Just get in
Oh, it's so amazing here
It's all right
'Cause there's beauty in the breakdown

When I closed my mouth, the whole auditorium, broke out into applause; but was over showered by my two best friends screaming on the top of there lungs.

God I missed my friends, I wanted to go back to them; what are they going to do when they find out when I'm dead. I didn't even get a chance to E-mail or call them when I got to Forks; they no nothing. I wanted to cry, I wanted to hit Edward but I new that wouldn't solve anything.

No matter how much I wanted to punch him in the face

Suddenly a loud growl filled the room, I looked back to see Edward staring at the screen with remorse on his face; he was struggling with his inner turmoil. Hi pale hand crushed his I-pod into pieces in his left hand falling on the cream carpet floor of the plane. He stood up abruptly throwing of his head phones, and walking into a door in the back of the plane

"What's wrong with him?" I asked looking back towards the other Cullen kids.

"He's realizing everything he took from you?" Jasper whispered looking at the back door that Edward walked through intently