Dark Prince

Preparation is Key

Chapter 1

Dark Prince, a Code Geass AU

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"The Day was August tenth, of the year two thousand ten of the imperial calendar the Holy Empire of Britannia had just declared war on Japan, the far east island nation had held fast to its nuetrality and now Britannia looms fast as the world's only super power. Rights to Japan's underground resources became a hotly disputed topic straining the already deep rooted diplomatic tensions between the two sides. In the deciding battle for the mainland Britannian forces introduced the humanoid automnous armored knight better known as the Knight Mare Frames. The enemy's forces were far greater than expected and the Knightmares eliminated the main line of Japanese forces with little effort and conquered the country with their robotic weapons, the Knightmare Frames, in less than a month. Japan became a dominion of the Empire. The country was stripped of its freedom, its rights, and its name. Area eleven; the once proud nation of Japan was rechristened with a mere number. The Japanese people, renamed as "Elevens", were forced to survive in ghettos, while Britannians lived in first-class settlements."


Chapter begin


7 years after the war

August 10th of the Year 2017 of the Imperial Calendar (a.t.b.)

Holy Empire of Britannia, Area 11

When one thought of the headquarters of a paramilitary organization one did not usually think of a rather mundane looking urban skyscraper office building, but that did not change the facts that this was what is was. This simple looking office building located in the Sapporo Settlement was home to the Black Knights Corporate Headquarters, which was primarily responsible for logistics. It was here on the the island of Hokkaido that Black Knight facilities and buildings brazenly dotted the above ground, and below there were more private buildings. It had been in twenty twelve of the Ascension Throne Britannia, or more commonly the Imperial Era, that the nascent Black Knights had secured exclusive control through the Area 11 Reconstruction Act passed into Imperial Law by the Empire's two houses of parliament earlier that year..

Here on this island, one of what a mere decade ago was one of the sacred four home islands one never invaded by any foreign power, Britannia's presence was minimal. All Britannia had here was a minor, and thoroughly infiltrated civil police force. The armed men were private security and the knightmares were marked without the emblem of Britannia's Royal Army's Royal Panzer Infantry. Dark black clothes and modern body armor clad men and women walked around the facilities of this section of the city.

Lewis Firth, head of the Black Knights 5th Independent Guard, kept a clear view on his Manchester's avionics suite. Security had as usual for these meetings taken an escalation. Not that any of the civilians noticed the rise in security every few months. The leaders of the Black Knights factions were gathered here for a frequent meeting.

Inside the skyscraper these leaders of the Black Knights were contemplating short term endeavors and weapons development programs. These leaders headed the Black Knights six factions.

"The third prince is making a mess of things, here," Remarked one the figures, as he reclined back in his seat. He like each of his compatriots, each of the other figures represented in this room were powerful influences in a powerful military and industrial force.

A snort emerged from one of the man's compatriots, "Placing the boy in charge of this country was a mistake, don't you agree?" Inquired the child like body turning to one of his compatriots, "Still its unlikely that without proper motivation the six houses of Kyoto will cooperate with us in regards to completing our objectives." He remarked a tone of annoyance evident.

Lelouch vi Britannia, the head of the council, nodded in agreement, "Clovis is admittedly ill suited to ruling over the Japanese, we've been through this before," stated the supposedly dead eleventh prince of the Holy Britannian Empire.

The head of the Black Knights was dressed in a modern cut business suit with a silk dark purple tie. The dark colors were common throughout the room. The child like figure who had posed the question to the prince was the starkest contrast a mix of white and black.

That was a massive understatement Clovis didn't care about Hokkaido, this island was under their control not simply in reality but legally. More than that the military machines around the area didn't belong to the Britannian Army, or to terrorist, freedom fighter, forces but rather the Sutherland based frames, which numbered in the hundreds belonged to the Black Knights Hokkaido Autonomous Guard. Beyond these machines were supported by additional teams of Black Knights military forces.

"Japan's insurrection is not likely to intensify," Remarked the oldest, if appearances were anything to judge by, member of those gathered. This was more or less a statement of the blatantly obvious. Things were going to get worse before getting better.

Despite the occasional attack carried out by terrorists Area 11, the nation formerly known as the Republic of Japan those same terrorists had little chance of carrying out an attack severe enough to destabilize Britannia's hold on the region. The terrorists just weren't that organized.

Even with Kyoto's backing and support the terrorists simply had neither the numbers nor the manpower to adequately face Britannia, much less kick the invaders out of the country. It was amongst the main reason why this group tended to refer to the terrorists in the country formerly known as Japan as nothing more than childish pests.

For the most part for the terrorists were while unable to dislodge Britannia, Britannia was also unable to hunt down and eliminate the insurgents. So the Empire was content to ignore the terrorists except after an attack, after which they generally cracked down on the Japanese civilians.

Given that the current viceroy of Area 11 was a blonde pretty boy who spent more time partying than performing his administrative duties the government's actions were reactionary rather than proactive. Not that the Black Knights complained as the ineffectiveness of the Colonial Government allowed them to continue their work more or less unfettered especially with day to day activities.

If the terrorists who opposed Britannian rule however attacked this place well it would be a mistake, a mistake that the Black Knights would not tolerate, nor would the populous of Hokkaido.

"How is the Millennium Development Project going?" Inquired a vaguely French accented voice. The man in question was the head of the Western European branch of the Black Knights. "We will need to address the issue of Knightmares some time if a war does break out," It was more like when war did break out.
It was an indeed issue they did need to address. "Unfortunately Pytor doesn't expect us to make any major breakthroughs in regards to application of the technology for Knightmares any time soon." Miniaturization of components was the issue now, the machine part was what was complicated. "There isn't any doubt the technology is sound however getting to where we can use it on the battlefield with Knightmares is another matter entirely," Remarked the supposedly dead prince. "At least with regards to weapons, armor wise we've already passed the prototype stage, the new ceramic alloy a fifth the weight of steel, and three times as resilient, and we can mass produce it. Thats without ERA as well."

Judging by the Frenchman's expression he must have come bearing bad news, Lelouch decided. "Perhaps it might be wise then to build more of Pytor's more conventional designs, their weaponry should be sufficient for the time being, we can simply update the armor, then." The millennium project was an offshoot of the Sutherland design," An offshoot far beyond what existed already, but the development of new technology meant, if those technological advances could be miniaturized for Knightmares, the capabilities would be far above the offensive power of a basic Sutherland.
Surpassing the standard Britannian Knightmare Frame was something they were already capable of, the Manchester was superior to the Sutherland, however the Millennium Project was a seventh generation mass production type frame.

"The other production facilities can begin processing of older designs if that's what we want to do," Another man stated his accent Scottish, from where many Britannians' ancestors had departed from the British Isles after the disaster of Trafalgar. "Certainly its not the best decision, but we can continue development of the YPI 555 as well if there is a potential threat at our other bases."

Keeping up with the always shifting politics of the world was not an easy task but it was well known that tensions between Britannia and the EU had been heating up as of late and would likely escalate to a full blown war.

Lelouch nodded acknowledging the statements. The Polish scientist's favorite designs certainly had their advantages admittedly the CQB stats of the machine were lower than he would have liked, and then there was also the development programs. Still it, the Wiedzmin, would be an excellent stop gap measure if it came to that especially since they had already worked out the flaws in the machine for mass production. Only his sibling's illustrious Gloucesters were assured threats in close quarters, though a regular Sutherland would still be reasonably dangerous at such distance.

Yes the Wiedzmin was a realized weapon, wide scale production had already begun at other facilities though not just for the Black Knights. Thousands of these machines were being built. Three blocks had been built over the last few years.

"We then we'll meet back as planned then," For now the only thing they could really do at the present was wait and bide their time until they could redeem the corrupt world that existed. The coming war, whether the one brewing now or the one that would undoubtedly follow it, would eventually spread across the whole world and that conflict would bring a new chaos into the world.

Lelouch vi Britannia was a tall young man, a young man who was thought dead. He was a prince of an empire that controlled more than a third of the world, but he was so much more than that. There was a pistol with a one hundred five millimeter long reinforced barrel in a shoulder holster.

He was the leader of the Black Knights an organization that stood at the forefront of several fields of technology through its front companies. The Black Knights were a paramilitary organization financed and armed through those front companies under the command of a supposedly dead prince and a close circle of allies whose nationalities were rather diverse, to say the least.

This advantage in technology was one they had inherited primarily from the defunct Ashford Foundation's technological information and most of their scientific minds. Coffers were massive thanks to intelligent business dealings in the corporate sector as well as military deals with the governments of Europe and Britannia.

With regards to those deals however there was a fairly strict policy to in most cases only supply the mainstream military of the two superpowers with weapons that they produced on liaisons, but there were exceptions. If the Black Knights were supplying a military with their, the Black Knights, own ordinance it meant they had a plan and they, the ones being supplied, were in some way agreeing with the Black Knight ideology.

The child like figure stood up, "Our facilities in the Urals should be kept classified the new Tzar isn't the ally we had in the last one."
Lelouch wouldn't have called his uncle, who'd recently passed on, an ally. The old man had been a master at chess but had all to often taken to his vodka, a drink that it'd been what killed him eventually. Even so the last Tzar had turned an intentional blind eye to the Black Knights movements, and the ongoings of the Russian Imperial Guard so long as they didn't start another war with China.

The new Tzar of Russia reminded Lelouch of Clovis's worst features. His cousin, and the new leader of the Russian Empire and the prince didn't get along they'd get little support from him. Still what his cousin didn't know he couldn't interfere with.

– Scene Break-

Holy Empire of Britannia, Area Eleven, Britannian Residence, Babel tower

On the television a news broadcast played; "News footage from yesterdays terrorist bombing in Osaka," the woman announced. "The Colonial Home Secretary reported fifty nine casualties, eight Britannians and fifty one others." She stated in the typical drone that newscasters the world over seemed to have perfected.

The old man looked flustered as the timer went off. "You're out of time," stated the assistant "from here on you will make your moves every twenty seconds." He remarked.

The noble continued to file his nails. "Very well I'm game," he said unconcerned. The door opened. "Did your substitute arrive?" the man questioned smugly as the old man's expression rapidly shifted from one fear to one of immense relief as he looked towards the glowing door way.

The grey haired man stood up, "Thank Heavens I'm saved." The spectacled man remarked relieved. "Are things going well at school?" he inquired to his 'rescuer'

The noble looked up amused. "What have we here," he drawled. "School boys," The noble remarked as the two teens entered the room; both dressed in sharp black uniforms of the prestigious Ashford Academy.

The first was better known as Lelouch Lamperouge, however he was in fact the seventeenth prince of the empire Lelouch vi Britannia, and a veritable master at the game of kings this noble was in for a thrashing. However beyond a master of chess he had another identity…

His associate was Rivalz Cardemonde, a fellow member of the student council at Ashford accademy. Rivalz's family was while not uppercrust nobility not a poorman either, of course his home life was by no means easy. His parents had divorced a few years earlier, and it'd been no means an amicable split.

"Well look at this a nobleman," the prince remarked smugly, never mind that he also was a part of the nobility.

"I envy you kids," the noble remarked drumming his fancy pen on the table. "Today, you have so much time on your hands. Time for regrets, what's your name?" the man inquired.

"Lelouch Lamperouge," the prince stated, his real name being a closely guarded secret, a secret it wouldn't do to go remarking to some pompous noble. Not that his cover was all that good for any one with half a brain.

"Well wait a minute," his friend exclaimed looking at the bored, "You can't win this one" he commented. "Its impossible" the still helmeted boy reaffirmed. "right," this time he sounded less sure of the outcome of Lelouch's loosing.

"Rivalz when do you think we would have to leave to make our next class?" Lelouch asked unconcerned.

His friend glanced up at his taller form. "Uh twenty minutes if we bust our hump," the blue haired teen stated in response.
"Then be sure to drive safely on the way back." Lelouch moved to sit down, "I'll need nine minutes." He announced. "and by the way about yesterday," this time it seemed he was talking to the old man who placed his hand on the chair

"Understood sire, we will discuss it later." the man remarked bowing lightly.

"Nine minutes?" the nobleman remarked, "you only have twenty seconds per move."

He smirked, that was more than "Enough time" Lelouch assured picking up his first piece.

"Hmm," the noble paused, "you start with the king?" he laughed at the move.

The prince tilted his head and smirked, foolish bastard if the king doesn't lead how would his subjects follow him, he mused contently. Chess had no dangers, at least compared to other things.

Back on the highway the terrorists were having a bit more trouble than they expected, "Perfect, after we finally steal this damn thing," the driver of the transport truck grumbled more to himself than his compatriot. "This! Its all because Tamagi couldn't stick to Naoto's plan and now we've got a problem." He complained to his red headed compatriot.

In the air was the police air unit continuing to follow after them keeping them harried and on the run. That same situation represented the chess game the prince was finishing. Lelouch moved his final piece, he always was the black side, into place securing his victory and thus ending the game.

The noble's face was one of shock that he had lost.

Rivalz fell in behind Lelouch. "I love playing against the nobility," the little parasite announced, "when they loose the game they always pay out a bribe, in addition to the wager" the student council member stated smugly. "By the way eight minutes thirty two seconds is a new record."

Lelouch showed little emotion in sharp comparison to Rivalz obvious jubilee. "He also did not have much time to move either, and as opponents go the nobles are tepid. They are just over privileged parasites, that's all." The prince commented, once again ignoring his own status as a member of the royal family, of course the fact in addition to the bribe to keep quiet generated potential favors.

"Well then why don't you challenge one of the elevens," Rivalz suggested arms raised and folded behind his head as he walked backwards toward the exit. "They're nothing like us Britannians." He remarked as the door opened as they approached.

The large TV screen flashed the crest of the empire, "We apologize for the delay," Announced the broadcaster.

Every one paid attention as the crest of the Empire appeared on the screen.

"Now his Royal Highness Prince Clovis third prince of Britannia will now address the nation" a blonde man in royal garb appeared on the screen.

'Here we go another drama fest.' Lelouch thought as his half brother prepared to speak, the blonde was such a dramatist.

"To all my imperial subjects including of course the many cooperative elevens," the prince raised his arms. "Who choose to serve the empire of Britannia,"

In the transport truck the red head growled, "We're not eleven's were Japanese," she snarled angrily hearing the broadcast.

'Here we go,' Lelouch thought again, rubbing the bridge of his nose as he continued walking, there were times he really wished he had moved to the Australian branch instead of retaining command of the Black Knights in Japan. The only real option beside that would have been taking command of the Russian branch which of course would have been slightly problematic, but would also have its advantages.

The Black Knights had facilities all over the world both corporate facilities like major factories, research laboratories, and then concealed military bases. Lelouch as the leader of the Black Knights could have hypothetically taken command of any of those branches, but his status as a prince of Britannia and of course keeping a low profile narrowed those choices down considerably.

"Do you not see my pain," Clovis clutched his chest. "My heart was ripped from my chest only to be torn apart and the remnants were filled with rage and sadness." He continued on in a more serious tone "However as the ruler of area eleven I will not tolerate terrorism of any sort. Because the battle we fight is a righteous one a virtuous battle to protect the well being of one and all, now then every one I would like you to join me in observance of the eight who died for justice in the line of duty"

"A moment of silence if you please," announced the woman's voice again after the Prince finished speaking on television.

The two students continued about their business.

"Well aren't you going to join in?" asked Rivalz.

"Aren't you?" the prince countered, he had more pressing things to do than worry about the dead, besides it wasn't like he could say he didn't care what he brother had to say at the moment.

"heh" The other student shrugged, "Its kind of embarrassing."
"And I agree with," stated Lelouch taking the ticket from the machine. "you, besides shedding tears over those people won't bring them back now will it," he inquired.

"Dang that's dark buddy," Rivalz commented adjusting his goggles.

"Its all about self satisfaction," the prince glanced at his half sibling still on the massive plasma screen "doesn't matter no matter how hard you might try you can't change the world with just thoughts." He stated.

At the same time Clovis stepped off his pedestal preparing to begin his party anew as he removed his cloak, and began to chat, when a general rushed in concerning the incident with the storage truck, the third prince hastily ordered the deployment of the Royal Guard and the Knightmare Frames.

"That first move you made," Rivalz began. Lelouch looked up as they drove back to Ashford Academy. "Why did you start with the king?" he asked.

"If the king doesn't lead how can he expect his subordinates to follow?" The Prince remarked, that was his philosophy after all.

"What's with that?" Rivalz commented as they continued to make their way along the high way back to the academy.

"With what?" Lelouch inquired though this time he asked without looking up from his book.

"Do you fantasize about running a major corporation?" Rivalz remarked in response to the question.

"Not at all ambitions like that will ruin your health." It was after all not a lie. Though he made such a remark he already was in a sense, if you counted that group, which actually did count as a major corporation. He didn't fantasize about running a major corporation he was in fact the head of a major conglomerate.

A moment later the loud air horn of a certain transport truck, the police aircraft still watching, could be heard behind them. "AH were going to die!" Rivalz shrieked in terror his hands raising to shield his face.

"You idiot watch where your going," growled the driver trying, not that anyone outside the vehicle could hear him, to turn the wheel to avoid a collision.

"No, not that way" the red shouted as the truck barreled through a wooden raise gate, and impacted in a cloud of dust in to the building thankfully the airbags deployed.

"Was that our fault?" Rivalz asked.

He frowned, "I don't think so," Lelouch commented dismissively.

"Control: The target has crashed at the abandoned PO building construction site" reported the operator of a police flyer unit.

The control center dispatch officer responded, "The army will take over General Bartley's command."

"Him?" The flyer's pilot remarked in surprise. General Bartley was an older man, his hair at the top of his head already gone.

'We have to retrieve it at all costs… that thing" The aforementioned rotund general thought worriedly about the object the terrorists had stolen. 'in the wrong hands,' "Oh man this sucks," Rivalz groans "the power line on the bike got cut."

Lelouch noticed an unusual collusion of particles around the truck. The prince removed his safety glasses. "Yeah… Rivalz come check this out." He stated, noting that a scene had started to gather. 'those idiots,' the teen thought contemptuously.

"HEY wait," shouted Rivalz as Lelouch rushed across the construction site to investigate the truck

"Are you alright," he called to the occupants of the vehicle, not quite certain why he was bothering to do this, especially considering was risky if the police became involved.

"Yeah, yeah I know it's the right thing to do, but I wish the guy would stop flaunting his pride and give it a rest for a while." Rivalz whined as he walked his motor bike on down the road. "now were going to be late for school" he exclaimed not paying attention as Lelouch climbed on top of the transport truck

"Nagata, Nagata" the red head called to her dazed compatriot.

The man groaned in response.

"Can you hear me?" the prince asks "Are you Okay?"

"Its you, finally I have," comments a mysterious girl's voice. "Found my-"
"Where?" Lelouch looks around in search of the voice.

Nagata shifts the gears of the transport truck

"Are you in there?" Lelouch asks, the transport truck backs up rapidly and the prince falls in to the inside of the transport. "Stop, I'm in here."

The truck pulled out tossing Lelouch back; Rivalz looks up, "So would you call that a hit and run."

"You'd think they would stick a ladder on the inside," Lelouch remarked in irritation as he stood up, and began looking around, this really was a bother.

Loudspeakers crackled from outside. "Stop the Vehicle," announced one of the military choppers. "Surrender now and you will get the chance to defend yourself in court."
The eleventh prince groaned an kicked the wall, "Wonderful I manage to avoid making a public spectacle of myself for seven years and then get caught in this mess," he sat down sighing, I won't hear the end of this from Roland for a while.

The lead chopper opened fire. "Give up now or we'll shoot to kill." Growled the pilot.

"Now what do we do?" asked Nagata in the front of the truck.

"Have you forgotten that's why I'm here," the red head ripped off her cap and stood up and walked towards the back.

Chapter conclusion

Helltanz's notes: well that was chapter one, basically the first episode, or at least part of it, it will be picked up next chapter. How was it? Any way I am incorporating certain of my other elements for Code Geass that I have worked with. I said Schneizel probably knows because that is the kind of person the second prince of Britannia strikes me as, and it seems he might try and depose his father.