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King's Knight

When the king deems his forces against evil not enough, he sends in his most trusted subordinate and friend. How will those with evil ambitions handle this curve ball?

Chapter 1 : Shinigami Daigo (Substitute Shinigami) Born, Knight Enters

In Another Dimension

Inside a room that resembles the throne room of a Japanese feudal castle, a man on the throne spoke in a solemn tone. "With the bigots that currently are in charge of Soul Society that I was once proud to call my own, I cannot trust them to run things as they are. As foolishly blind as they are now, they will not be ready for what is to come. That is why I am counting on you to step in whenever things appear out of hand."

Answering back was a man in a shinigami (death God) taicho's (captain's) outfit, with the kanji of the word 'zero', strangely enough. "Yeah, I've got it pal. Seriously though, why do you insist talking in that gloom-and-doom tone? I thought I told you to get that stick out of your ass and speak like a normal person. Just because you're the king of Soul Society doesn't mean you have to act like an old geezer."

The king sweatdropped and the female vassals that were sitting next to the king blushed at his words. "Sorry about that, but can you watch your language with ladies present? Sometimes I wish you would speak a little more like me. Anyway, I'm counting on you my friend. As king, I can't come as go as I please. But with your status, you can come and go as you please and only answer to me, not that you do much."

The shinigami laughed in reply, "Yeah well, you know me. I take people's words when they're good advice, and I tell them to shove it when they're not. Anyhow, I should be going. I won't be in contact with you much since telepathy from that long a distance is such a headache, but I'll let you know if something big comes up, as if you miss anything with that stupid foresight of yours though."

The king couldn't help but join in laughter as well. "Too true. Well, I would say good luck, but with your level of strength, I doubt that you would need it. Do try not to flaunt it though, you have no limiter after all."

The shinigami nodded and answered, "I know. It would be fun, but the cleanup's a bitch. Besides, I don't want to stick out as a sore thumb… too much. Later!" With that said, a portal appears behind the man and he disappears through it.

The king's smile faded and returned to a serious look. "I know what I said, but good luck, my knight and dearest friend. You may need it more than you think. Good luck."

Karakura Town, Just Outside of Ichigo's House

Ichigo's standing tall, zanpakuto in hand, half-hanging on his shoulder. Rukia couldn't help but looked in amazement as Ichigo made it look as if he's been a shinigami his whole life with the way he expertly defeated the hollow that was giving her such a hard time. Just as she was about to speak, a portal appeared out of nowhere, and out came a man in a squad captain's outfit that she has never seen before. Ichigo immediately took a defensive stance and asked in a hostile tone, "Who the hell are you?"

The said shinigami looked at the two and smiled, "Ah, sorry about that. Looks like my timing was bad. You can put down your sword pal; I'm no enemy of yours. I have fancy titles, but for now, you can just call me Liu Yuuki, nice to meet you."

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