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King's Knight

Author's Note : Hey, back again. Not as much to say this time, except to respond to a PM by Wolfbane420. I appreciate your advice, but I've already been using both Wikipedia and YouTube. There simply just isn't enough information from them or the anime / manga to my liking. That said, I'm not totally shut out to introducing the Vizard ladies, but it'll go more slowly. Not a big deal at this point anyway, since we're arcs away from even introducing any Vizard besides our hero himself. With that out of the way, here's chapter 6. Continue to R & R, thanks!

Chapter 6 : Ambush by the 6th Squad, Survival Training, Nimu (Mission) : Bring Rukia Back!

Rukia and Ichigo were taking a walk together home in the evening, after a long conversation with the others at the Urahara Shop. Rukia was worried that her time in the living world would soon be up, and Ichigo reassured her that he won't let it happen. The others weren't as sure, but agreed to do what they could to help. Yuuki also advised the two to stay together at all times, in case somebody showed up to take her, and flare their reiatsu if something were to happen, which should be no problem considering what an energy beacon Ichigo was anyway.

As the two were walking along holding hands, a voice was heard from above them, "Kuchiki Rukia… we found you." The two immediately jumped back as two figures in shinigami clothes appeared before them from above. One of them was a man with red hair and a white headband, partially covering the tattoos on his forehead. The other man had longer black hair, with hair clips to the right side of his head and a few on the hair partially covering the left side of his face. He spoke, "Kuchiki Rukia, by the orders of Central 46 Chambers, you're here by under arrest and are to return to Soul Society effective immediately."

Rukia softly spoke out, "Nii-sama…" Ichigo yelled out, "Don't make me laugh! Rukia's staying right here with me! With us! You have no right to arrest her! And you're her brother? Ha!" With that, he transformed into a shinigami, grabbing his zanpakuto and releasing his reiatsu.

The redhead took a step forward and said, "Pretty big zanpakuto you have there. You must be the human that took Rukia's powers huh? I'll kill you first, then finish her off once the powers returns to her." With that, the two charged forward as their blades began to clash. Rukia yelled out for her boyfriend to stop, which was of course ignored as the fight continued.

Meanwhile, as the others sensed the reiatsu spike of Ichigo, they turned their heads up and began to run out. Yuuki immediately transformed, ran out the door to meet Inoue, and picked her up as he shunpoed towards the direction the shinigami daigo's energy was coming from. As they moved, he thought, 'Please, hang in there until I arrive. Don't let me be late for once…'

Meanwhile, the fight was not going well for our hero. After getting beaten to within an inch of his life by Byakuya, the gate to Soul Society was opening when suddenly two figures arrived. Inoue ran off to treat her love while in tears the moment she saw the shape he was in. Yuuki suddenly let his energy flare, yelled out, "You self-righteous bastards! Hanase (Let go of her)!" and charged towards the gate, surprising the shinigami at the sudden show of power. It was too late however, as the gate closed and disappeared, leaving an infuriated Yuuki. At the same time, our hero slowly passed out, realizing that he was saved again, unable to do anything as the last thing he heard was Inoue's muffled cries of concern.

Ichigo woke up to an unfamiliar ceiling, the first thing he saw was the big man Tessai lying on top of him, to which he immediately freaked out and kicked off to the wall. Said man called for Kisuke. Ichigo sat up, suddenly clutching his shoulder in pain, realizing that he didn't die yet. Kisuke entered the room, along with everybody else after Inoue ran in first and embraced him as she cried, glad that he was all right. Only after he cried out in slight pain did she release the hold and sat back.

Ichigo asked the man in green with a dejected tone, "So did you save me?" Kisuke replied, "Actually Yuuki-san and Inoue-san did. Why? You sound like you didn't want to be saved." The young man kept silent, and Inoue looked at him with concern. He then slammed his fist down to the mat and exclaimed, "Damn it! I couldn't do anything but look as they took her away! If only there's a way to go to this Soul Society and get her back!"

Kisuke spoke, "There is a way, but I will only tell you after you train for 10 days with me." Ichigo said that's there's no time. Yuuki socked him one in the head and said, "You moron! If you go in your condition now, you'll die before you even reach her! Do as he says, we have a month's time before the execution. We'll make it. I'll train the others in the meantime too, now what do you say?" The others nodded, but Ishida declined, saying that he'll train on his own. As he stood up to leave, Yuuki asked, "You sure? I do know some things about Quincys you know, even though my mom never taught me anything." Ishida just nodded and left.

Kisuke then said, "Are you prepared for the possibility that you'll die?" Ichigo scoffed at the question and said, "That's a stupid question. Of course!"

Inoue nearly teared up at hearing that, and Yuuki turned to Kisuke and spoke, "You're not going to use THAT method, are you?" Kisuke responded, "If he wants his power back, it's the only way." Yuuki nodded with a grim look on his face, leaving the teenagers wondering what they were talking about. He then spoke, "Well let's go home for the day, since we're all tired. Training starts tomorrow folks, we have 10 days to get you strong enough to save Rukia. We don't have room for mistakes, so you'd better be ready. Now let's get out of here! Oh and Ichigo, tell your family about this. Going off to save your girlfriend's kind of not something to fib about." The others nodded, and they got up and went their separate ways, with the exception of Inoue, who insisted on staying at Ichigo's home for the night.

When they went back to school, Ichigo noticed that it was nobody besides himself and his friends who gained special powers remembered that Rukia was here at all. Seeing that made him even more resolute, as he wouldn't let some paper-pusher who never even met her decide her fate, not if he could help it. Explaining things to his family wasn't that difficult, it was getting Yuzu to stop crying that was the problem. Isshin simply told him to do his best, then he dragged the two kids off, saying that they should sleep together, only for Karin to shove a roll of newspaper that she was reading into his mouth. When asked by their friends at school to do something together during the upcoming vacation time, they all politely declined, only saying that they had plans.

Meanwhile, Rukia was in a cell, talking to Renji. He kidded around with her about her execution, saying that Kuchiki-taicho would no doubt be requesting her sentence to be reduced. Rukia disagreed however, as she talked about how he never cared about her since she was adopted.

Later that same day, the gang arrived at the Urahara Shop to begin their training, with the exception of Ishida. Ichigo was led off by Urahara to the basement, his coworkers going along with him. That left Inoue and Chad with Yuuki. The shinigami spoke, "All right, hat man has things covered with Ichigo, so don't worry about him. For these next 10 days we're going to whip you two into fighting shape. That especially goes for you Inoue-san, so don't give me that 'I'm not strong enough' speech again."

Chad looked at the figure next to Yuuki and pointed, asking, "What do you mean 'we'? You don't mean this neko here is going to train us, do you?" Said neko retorted in a deep voice, "Hey, this neko has a name you know. It's Yoruichi, and don't you forget it!" Chad jumped back in surprise that a neko was talking, while Inoue exclaimed, "A talking neko, how cute!" After that, she grabbed Yoruichi and started cuddling with it, making the others sweatdrop.

Yuuki coughed into his hand, getting Inoue to snap out her silly phase and put Yoruichi down. He then spoke, "Right. Anyway, Inoue-san, you saw those two that took Rukia right?" Images of the two shinigami flashed across her mind, and said girl nodded. He continued, "At your current level, you're no match for them, because they were each a taicho and fukutaicho. You can only fight simple hollows as you are now, and I won't accept that. Ichigo barely made it through a confrontation last time, and he's the strongest one out of you. So we'll kick things up a notch until you can at least fight a fukutaicho and be able to hold you own, since there's no telling who we'll run into over there. I'll start, then Yoruichi will take over when I think about half your reiatsu's gone. Now let's go." With that, they went off to another training area, strangely enough led by the neko.

Meanwhile in Soul Society, Rukia's brother showed up in front of the girl's cell and spoke in a cold tone that she was to be executed in 25 days. Renji was shocked by his words, while Rukia remained silent, believing that crying would be a weakness of the heart. Byakuya left the room the cell was in and ran into two men in taicho outfits. The shorter taicho with the face like a fox praised Byakuya for being able to condemn his own sibling without so much as a wink. The taller of the duo with spiky hair and an eye patch covering his right eye then remarked that only the shorter taicho standing next to him and that of the 9th Squad.

Byakuya asked what Zaraki Kenpachi (taller man) and Ichimaru Gin (the other one) wanted, since taichos had no official business here without their fukutaichos with them. Kenpachi offered to behead Rukia himself, and a fight nearly broke out between him and Byakuya after some heated words. The next thing we saw was Gin on the roof with Kenpachi wrapped up. He apologized and promptly left with Kenpachi.

Back to our heroes, Ichigo has just completed the crazy lessons that Kisuke gave him, finally back in shinigami form with a complete zanpakuto, having learned its name. At that same time, Ishida was breathing a bit hard as smoke came out of his right hand, revealing a blue and white glove, with his only word, "It's finally ready." Meanwhile, Chad fell down into a sitting position and rolled down the stairs from where he was, with Inoue chasing after him. Yuuki sweatdropped and asked Yoruichi, "Just whose bright idea was it to bring them to train in the middle of a building?" Said neko retorted with a vein showing on its head, "Urusai (Shut up)."

After the others were dismissed from training, they all went to watch the fireworks for the respective holiday coming up. Yuuki was hesitant to let Inoue and Chad go, but he then shrugged, saying that all work and no play's not his style anyway, plus he could train himself to get some rust off his skills as well. The night when the fireworks showed, Inoue subtly told Tatsuki that she needed to do something, and her best friend made her promise to give her best at it and return safely.

The next morning, right before Ichigo left his house, Isshin gave him the usual greeting, again ended with the father planted instead. After the comedic moment, he simply gave his son a good luck charm, saying that it was from his mother to him, and now, "Think of it as a gift from her to you." With a nod, Ichigo took it and was off to the Urahara Shop, where everybody else was already waiting.

He looked at the gate that would take them through to Soul Society. Standing by the gate were his friends. He stopped the black neko standing by Yuuki and asked the shinigami while pointing at it, "This neko's going to come with us? What is he your pet Yuuki?"

Kisuke answered his question in a jovial tone, "My my Kurosaki-san, you mustn't be so rude to your guide." Said guide spoke, "That's right, and I have a name, and it's Yoruichi, so show some respect!" Ichigo jumped back in surprise as he exclaimed, "This neko just talked back to me!"

Kisuke then proceeded to explain how the gate worked and how they only had four minutes to get through to Soul Society. Inoue asked how they would make it in such a short time, and Yuuki spoke in an annoyed tone, "Stop with the questions already. Just run as quickly as you feet would take you. We'll make it." With that, Kisuke opened the gate, and the gang disappeared through it.

With the suddenly opening of a gate, warnings were ringing through the Seireitei, making everyone inside wonder what was going on. Meanwhile, as our heroes kept running in the tunnel between the two worlds, they were seemingly chased by the walls around them. Ichigo was cursing about their luck, and Yoruichi warned them about the walls themselves called the Capturing Flow, telling them to move it. Ishida got caught by the back of his jacket right as that was said. Ichigo was going to whip out his zanpakuto, but was warned by the neko that doing so would make the same thing happen to him. Hearing that, Chad just ripped part of Ishida's jacket off and continued to run while carrying him, ignoring the Quincy's protests.

As if things couldn't get any worse, a train-like object called the Capturing Thrust showed up, which was only supposed to appear only once per week. Yuuki was cursing that he couldn't use his speed here, right when they were being chased by something even faster. As a last resort, Inoue turned around and activated her Santen Kesshun, clashing against the force of the Capturing Thrust, the force of the friction pushed them through the exit to the other side just in time. Unfortunately, the exit to Soul Society was in the middle of the air, so they ended up free-falling like comets, resulting in a loud crash. When the dust cleared, everybody was kissing dirt, with the exception of Yuuki, who somehow landed on his feet, holding Yoruichi in his hand.

Inoue got up first and complimented Ichigo's landing pose, who retorted as if she was being sarcastic, not that she noticed. Ishida then said that it was some ride, then actually took out a spare jacket, making the guys sweatdrop. Yoruichi, finally out of her daze, her tail still stinging, tackled Inoue in the face and scolded her for using reiatsu inside the tunnel against her advice, adding that she would be dead if one of her fairies touched the thrust rather than the shield, she would've been dead. Said girl had her head down as she apologized. Ichigo immediately defended his girlfriend, and Yoruichi retorted that they weren't taking things seriously. Not listening to the two argue, the others began to glance around, to the place that seemed like a normal town.

Yuuki proceeded to explain that the area they were in was called the Rukongai (Wandering Soul Town), where souls normally first arrive in Soul Society. Hearing how the somewhat normal place was actually the poorer section, Ichigo kept looking until he saw an area that looked completely new and ran towards it, ignoring the others' words of warning to stop. His haste was met as what appeared to be pieces of a wall began to plummet from the sky, creating a barrier between the Rukongai and what was supposed to be the Seireitei. As the dust settled, Ichigo stopped coughing and saw a huge shadow that came with a deep voice, "It's been a while since somebody tried to go through the Gate of Pure Spirits (Gate of the White Way) without a pass."

The dust cleared and the shinigami daigo saw a huge man that resembled an ape, with a purple hat and holding an axe-like weapon, probably his zanpakuto. The shinigami on the other side of the wall commented that things were fine if the ryoka (unguided souls) arrived to Soul Society over the wall, they were fine, since Jidanbou, the man guarding the gate, would handle it. Said man took a glance at Ichigo smashed the ground with his weapon and commented, "I hope you can entertain me, little boy. Now come at me!"

Ishida asked who the man was, which Yoruichi explained to be a hero chosen to guard one of the four gates, like the one in front of them. Yuuki mentioned the man's impressive track record of no breach in three centuries and outrageous physical strength, making the Quincy wonder how they could beat him. The obvious answer would be to make a plan, which the neko was about to suggest, but Inoue and Chad ran ahead like idiots anyway to help their unspoken leader. Yoruichi was freaking out, and Yuuki commented calmly, "Eh relax, just look."

Yoruichi and Ishida did so, as the two who just ran in blindly were stopped by a single blow by Jidanbou to the ground, creating a small barricade. He then proceeded to explain some lame rules, including the one about one-on-one duels. Said teenagers were going in with Ishida anyway, but were stopped by Ichigo's request. They were hesitant to agree, but hearing that he was training the whole time during the 10 days fighting 'sandal-hat' not unlike Yuuki, they complied and let him give it a try. Yuuki, who stood back with Yoruichi, smirked at his words and thought, 'Show me what sandal-hat taught you Ichigo.'

Jidanbou asked Ichigo if they were finished talking, to which he retorted that he didn't ask the big man to wait. Saying that he lacked manners like his friends, the giant made his first attack, only to find it blocked. Ichigo spoke with a smirk, "Attacking before I'm ready... now who's the one with no manners?"

Said man laughed heartily at his comment, the air coming out his mouth nearly blowing Ichigo off his feet. He then mentioned that he was one of the three whoever blocked his first strike, but none has yet to block his second. With that, he struck without holding back, only to find that Ichigo held his own again. Impressed that the young man was still able to fight, he began to strike repeatedly, calling it the Ten-Jidan Hit Festival. Each hit caused rubble to fly around in huge chunks, with the last blow cutting the barricade to the others in half. When the dust cleared however, to Jidanbou's shock and Ichigo's friends' relief, said man blocked each hit with a calm face, as if the strikes were nothing.

Desperate to win, the big man brought out a second axe and he began to strain himself, skin turning red and veins showing, armor on his left arm breaking off to pieces. He called out his supposed ultimate attack, dubbed Ten-Thousand-Year Jidan-Hit Festival and attacked Ichigo with both axes. The young man calmly apologized for having to cut the axes, and he struck.

With one flash of an attack, it was over. The strike from Ichigo's blade knocked broke both axes but their handles to pieces and sent Jidanbou sailing, actually off his feet and into the gate in a loud crash. The others looked shocked at what just happened. Jidanbou was a bit slow however, and kept bragging until he saw what happened to his weapons. He then started crying of all things, causing the others to sweatdrop. Once Ichigo apologized to get him to stop crying, he got up and admitted defeat in an overdramatic fashion, stating that the shinigami daigo was the first man to defeat him, so he gave his blessing for the group to pass through the gate.

At an impressive show of strength, Jidanbou lifted the gate in one go, granted the man showed some strain on his face. They were about to go through, but Ichigo stopped at the big man's silence and asked him what was wrong, only to see a look of shock and fear on his face. The group turned to see Gin, whom Jidanbou muttered to be the 3rd Squad taicho. Said man had the same annoying foxy smile on his face, while Yuuki stared at him with a look of anger, hand turned into a fist gripping tightly.