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This fic occurs with Itachi killing his clan when Sasuke was five. Sasuke finds Naruto and they both agree to help the other.

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Started: April 30, 2008

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Chapter 1: A New Life - Ame's Approval


A lone dark-haired five year old boy sat in the corner of the orphanage. He wore a blue shirt with a red and white fan on the back and white shorts. His clothes were too large for him and would last him for quite a few more years. His knees were pulled to his chest and his face was one of shock and fear. Three days ago, his older brother had annihilated their entire clan in the span of a single night. Normally this wouldn't be as bad for the village, but the clan was the Uchiha clan, the clan that was Konoha's police force and the fire experts. They also possessed a coveted bloodline called the Sharingan that could read and copy nin, gen, and taijutsu. The entire clan of Sharingan users was destroyed by one single member, Itachi Uchiha, who was known as the Uchiha genius, a prodigy that would bring the Uchiha clan fame and power. His reasons remained unknown to the world. All he left behind was his destroyed clan district and his frightened younger brother.

Sasuke Uchiha, the young kid in the orphanage, had arrived two days prior, the day after the attack. He had moved to his corner and remained there the entire time, only moving to eat or sleep. The boy was deeply scarred. He would let out an inaudible whimper while he remained oblivious to the world around him. That is, until he heard the window near him shift open. He moved his dead eyes to look at a blond boy covered in orange that was trying to climb out of the window. Sasuke presumed it was to escape. He was about to ignore the boy when an urge to follow hit him. He tried to ignore it but it came back full force. The Uchiha stood and as soon as the blond fell over to the outside, he jumped up and pulled himself over too. Giving himself a little time to close the window, Sasuke fell to the ground next to the blond. The blond just happened to be splayed out on the ground, completely missing his feet when landing.

The boy lifted his head and Sasuke saw the most unique thing he'd ever seen on someone. On the blond's cheeks were three whisker marks each. Sasuke took no notice of the cool night air as he gazed into two sparkling, ocean blue eyes.

"Ah!" The blond promptly fell back on his ass. "Where the hell'd you come from?" Sasuke merely raised an eyebrow, his fear and sorrow temporarily forgotten.

"I followed you." he stated bluntly. His gaze turned to curiosity, though. "Who are you and what are you doing? Running from the orphanage?"

The blond snorted. "More like a damned hellhole." he muttered. When he caught the black-haired boy's questioning glance he continued. "Feh, damned old bats would always kick me around, punish me for nothing, and short me on food. I even had to live in the basement! Fucking shit man! I'm only five! Dunno what the hell those bitches have against me anyways." The blond stood up. "And besides, I have to become strong! If I'm strong, they'll have to recognize me and stop hurting me! I'm Naruto Uzumaki, the strongest shinobi alive! Or at least I will be..."

Sasuke stared at the boy in mild shock. This boy is trying to gain strength to be recognized. I can gain strength to avenge my clan and kill my aniki...no, that man... "Naruto, I'm coming with you."

"Eh?" Naruto looked at Sasuke like he'd grown an extra head. "Why would you want to do that?"

Sasuke eyes darkened and Naruto almost...almost regretted asking. "I need to get stronger to avenge my clan." A dark aura seemed to float around the Uchiha and chilled Naruto to the core. He had never seen someone that was this cold. Not even his tormentors were this bad.

"S-Sasuke, revenge leads to nothingness and emptiness. You should worry about other things first."

Sasuke glared at the boy. "I'm not giving up my goal." His voice was laced with anger and hate. "I will kill him! And what would you know about revenge? You're no older than me."

Naruto let his bangs fall in front of his face. "I'm not asking you to give up killing him, just worry about it later when you've the ability...I've never known parents or any family in my short life. I would normally be like other orphans but everyone seems to hate me for some reason. I've been beaten more times than I can count by random villagers. Hell, even ninjas join in every now and then. If I were to get revenge on them, I would be no better than they are. I'd be destroying my humanity and I want to keep that! Someday, I'll become strong, the strongest, and protect them all! Then they'll see the truth about me!"

Sasuke looked at the boy strangely. "I can't just forgive the man I must kill and protect him. He killed all of my clan and he will die. No matter what, I will kill him."

"Sasuke!" the blond almost yelled. "You're just going down the same path he did!" This shocked Sasuke to the core but also angered him, but he knew it was true. "You don't have to do it alone either. You can get friends and become strong together and defeat him together. Hell, I'll help you myself! But not if you're going to be a broody avenger..."

Sasuke had his bangs covering his eyes and his body was shaking. After a few minutes he raised his head with a smirk on it. "Then it's settled, I'll help you become Hokage and you'll help me avenge my clan."

"Yeah! There ya go!...wait...what's a Hokage?" the blond asked.

Sasuke sweatdropped. "The Hokage is the strong shinobi in the village that protects and runs everything and everyone." Naruto smirked.

"We'll do it." they said in unison as they clasped hands to shake. They were interrupted by a crash and a loud yell.

"Shit," Naruto said, "the old bitch has found out I left! Run!" Naruto, dragging Sasuke with him, took off into the streets. Nonetheless, both held a happy smile on their faces.


Sasuke stopped in a clearing in the middle of the forest next to the blond. He was panting heavily while the blond barely seemed to break a sweat. What is this guy?

"This will do!" Naruto said with a foxy grin. He started to look around, for what, Sasuke didn't know.

"Do for what?" The Uchiha asked his friend. Naruto turned his grin to Sasuke.

"Our home! Yeah!" Naruto jumped in the air. "We'll build a shelter here and live off the land. We'll train and become the best, ever!"

"Hey, blondie," Sasuke said, "how do you expect us to train if we know nothing about being shinobi. They use this energy thing called chakra and we have no clue how it works." Naruto went into a thinking face at this.

"I think I can help with that." a voice said from the forest. Naruto and Sasuke were instantly on alert. The voice chuckled. "No need for that, Naruto-kun, Sasuke-kun." The figure stepped out to reveal an old man with a large white robe on. His face was starting to wrinkle and his head was already mostly bald.

Naruto's face brightened instantly. "Oji-san!" Naruto ran up and hugged the old man's legs. The man just smiled and placed a hand on the boy's back. Naruto backed up and noticed Sasuke's still tense posture. "Sasuke, don't worry! He'll help us, he was the only one to ever be nice to me!" The man chuckled.

"Sasuke, relax. I'm the Hokage and I can't allow harm to befall my own people. I won't hurt you." Naruto's eyes widened.

The old man is the Hokage!? No wonder he's so cool! Naruto thought. "Oji-san! Someday, I'm going to be Hokage and I'm going to beat you and all the others!" The Hokage, Sarutobi, smiled.

"Now, now, Naruto-kun. You have a ways before you get there. Now, since you need help and you're orphans that are out of the orphanage, I can provide you each with a check each month to help you live on. As for shinobi training, I'll dropped off a few scrolls every month for you guys to study. They'll explain chakra and the like. Then, when you're eight, I'll enroll you in the academy to become real ninja."

"Yatta!" Naruto yelled. "Hear that, Sasuke? We're going to become real ninjas! Then we'll avenge your clan and become the best!" Sasuke smiled and nodded. Thus began the friendship of the century.

"Ne, oji-san, we'll need weights too! And, and..." Naruto began.


Three Years Later.

Sasuke and Naruto, now eight, were walking through a village towards a large office. They were currently on the week and a half spring vacation from the academy. They had left the village, with the Hokage's permission, and traveled to find something to do. They'd come across Amegakure and were hoping to find a job with the Jonin Boss.

The two boys opened the door that would take them to the person they wanted to see. Sitting in the chair behind a desk was an orange haired man with a few piercings on his face. There were three through his nose, two on his chin, and about seven on each ear. His eyes were a dark orange color with circles spreading around it until they hit the edge of the eye socket.

"What can I help you with?" He asked in a monotone. The two boys looked at him with a determination in their eyes.

"We're here to see if you have any jobs we can take." Naruto said. "We've been training for a while and we're sure we can handle anything below a high A-rank." The orange-haired man raised an eyebrow.

"You've got guts to do that, kid." He said with a slight smirk. "I'll humor you. There's been an amount of recent complaints about the Kazuka Gang. This is a low A-rank mission because the leader is a low-level Jonin. Do you accept?"

Naruto and Sasuke both grinned. Sasuke nodded and Naruto pumped his fist in the air. "Hell yeah!"

"Very well. Your mission is to eradicate the clan and save those in their cells. Normally I'd leave gang business alone, but they've been taking away other's rights to life and liberty. Now, may I know the names of you two? My name is Pein." said the Jonin Boss.

The blond grinned. "I'm Naruto Uzumaki, future Hokage!" Sasuke had a look of boredom on his face. "Sasuke Uchiha."

"Okay, then. Here is the scroll with the details and location. Any spoils you'd like to keep, you can have." Pein said as he handed a scroll to Sasuke. These boys have potential. Too bad they won't live past sixteen. He thought.

"Yatta! Let's go Sasuke!"

"Wait." Pein said. The two boys looked at him. "First, just curious, what is your goal in becoming so strong so young?"

Naruto grinned. "I'm going to become the Hokage and make sure nobody ever has to live a life like me or Sasuke while protecting everyone!" Pein nodded and turned to Sasuke.

Sasuke's face was schooled into indifference. "I will gain power and kill a certain man. Then I will revive my clan and help Naruto defend the village."

"So, you're both against war instead wanting to protect in peace?" Pein asked. They both nodded. He grinned. "Good. If you ever need anything, don't hesitate to ask. You're welcome in Ame as long as you're not looking for war." Pein went back to work as the two walked out of the room, a bit weirded out but happy nonetheless. Someone else to help them.


"Konan." Pein said, now in a black cloak with red clouds on it. "I have just received a message from my clone. Apparently, the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki and the last Uchiha entered asking for a mission." He said not looking towards her.

"Are we going to leave them be?" A girl in cloak just like Pein's with blue hair and a paper ornament in it asked.

"Yes, they have potential. We'll see if they can fight for their lives and win. Akatsuki will be the biggest problem they'll ever face. This mission is just another stepping stone for them. My clone said it was A-ranked, but in truth, it's S-ranked." Pein said while watching the two boys from his sky high perch. "The Kazuka gang is not just in a simple dojo. Let's see if the boys can figure it out and go beyond the mission scope just to help. If they do, they will be forever welcomed into Ame."

"Let's enjoy the show, then." Konan said as she jumped off the tall structure after Pein.


Naruto and Sasuke arrive at what looks like a large dojo wit two guards at the entrance. They were both Chuunin, easy kills. Sasuke and Naruto disappeared into nothing.

The two guards were standing to attention when a few kunai flew towards them. With a few quick slashes from their own kunai, they fell to the ground, harmless. Walking towards them from the direction of the kunai were two boys. "Hey, Gokuja, these two brats think they can take us." He laughed. When he got no response, he looked over to see his partner with his top half nailed to the wall and his lower half slouched on the ground. "You bastards." The guy said before turning to scan for them. Before he knew it, his head was rolling on the ground.

"Naruto, you need to work on your wind manipulation. Those cuts are a bit rough." Sasuke said as they walked through the door. Naruto put away a kunai that just had a swirl of wind around it.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm only eight. I have time." They both continued walking.

It didn't take long for the two to find the basement and kill the guards there. They walked down the steps to see a large cement room with people chained to the walls. They walk down and Naruto creates a few water clones to break the chains and free the people. There were nine in total. Most were old people, a couple were able-bodied teens but one was a young girl, probably only about four years old. She started crying.

Naruto walked over to her and knelled down next to her. Her auburn hair fell to mid-back over her faded green shirt. He pulled her into a hug and whispered to her. "Hush now, everything going to be okay. Hush." The girl's crying came to a halt. She looked up at Naruto with bright, emerald-green eyes that were slightly puffy. "See, everything is alright."

The girl nodded. "Who are you mister?" she asked, innocently. Naruto pulled the girl away a bit and smiled. "I'm Naruto Uzumaki, strongest shinobi alive...eventually." The girl smiled.

"My name's Kumei." Naruto smiled softly at her.

"We have to go for a bit. Promise me you'll behave." Naruto said to the girl.

The girl nodded. "How long will it take, Naruto-nii-san?" Naruto was a bit shocked at that but pushed it to the side.

Naruto smiled warmly at her. "We'll just be a few minutes. Fifteen at most." Naruto stood and transformed one of his clones into a stuffed bunny. "Here, Bunny will keep you company while I'm gone, k? It can't stand up to much so be gentle with it."

He'd be a good father when he finds a girl. Sasuke thought.

"Hai, nii-san!" The girl grabbed the bunny and hugged it but not too hard. Naruto looked to Sasuke and they headed out.

"Everyone, please remain here. There are still ninja out there and we need to take care of them." Naruto said. "We'll leave some clones to guard it. We'll be back in ten to twenty minutes." They continued up the stairs before Naruto created a water clone and Sasuke created an earth clone. They had learned them from Sarutobi when he'd asked a Kakashi guy to provide them for the boys.

"They're only eight, yet they're taking down the Kazuka clan." A man whispered. "They're stronger than anyone I've met."

"They're good kids." an old women said. "They'll be big some day.

"And that blond boy," an adult female began, "he has a way with kids. He has a pure soul."

"But you saw his eyes, didn't you?" An adult male asked. "They held a hidden look of pain and betrayal beyond even some of the orphans around here."

The old woman nodded. "The poor boy must've suffered terribly. He wears a mask of ignorance while he hides his pain from everyone. They'll be big some day alright."


Naruto and Sasuke stood at a door that led to the final room. On the door was a plate that said: Kazuka Jinkou. They'd cleaned out the building, killing all of the Kazuka members. Most were Chuunin level with a few Genin. Now came the Jonin.

Naruto let out a sigh. "He knows we're here. He's just waiting for us to open the door. We'll need to work together. This guys is not a simple low-level Jonin like Pein said. He's at least high-level Jonin if not ex-ANBU."

Sasuke nodded. "Yes, but he'll underestimate us like everyone else. Our teamwork is genius and our power are plenty enough." Sasuke kicked the door open and prepared a kunai.

The man inside wore a blue and gold battle kimono. His arm was leveled towards them and in it was a sword that was almost black. The hilt had a demon face on it that seemed to come to life. "You two." Jinkou, as the door implied, spoke with confidence and determination that betrayed no emotions. "You've broken into the Kazuka base, killed my men, and freed our prisoners." His gaze turned to a glare. "You'll die for that. Boss will be ecstatic to have the heads of two boys to add to his collection. "

This guy isn't the big boss!? Naruto screamed inside of his head. Shit! This guy is above the mission specs as it is. "You can try." Naruto said before settling into a taijutsu stance, followed by Sasuke. They held their dominant arm, both right in this case, forward bent at the elbow a bit. Their left arms were pulled close to their bodies. Their rights legs were stuck out in front, even with their right arm. They had their left legs spread back a bit and facing to the left. "Let's do it." Naruto said, his happy-go-lucky self gone.

Both boys disappeared and reappeared behind the Jonin. They were blocked by the flat of the sword as the Jonin turned around.. Naruto brought his left leg up and around to hit the guy in the head while Sasuke went from a leg sweep. Jinkou backflipped, dodging the leg sweep and kicking Naruto's leg, deflecting it upwards. Naruto planted his hands on the ground and twisted his body to flip onto his feet. Sasuke threw a few kunai and disappeared.

Jinkou deflected the kunai and swung his sword at the incoming blond. Naruto ducked down and to the side as the sword cut down diagonally. The sword was followed by a kick that Naruto blocked with his arms crossed. He latched onto the foot and twisted hard, knocking the Jonin off balance. A heat built up behind Jinkou. They looked to see a massive fireball closing in on them. Jinkou tried to jump away but Naruto held firm on his leg. The Grand Fireball hit and incinerated Naruto and they guy's leg. The Naruto in the fireball turned to water and evaporated while the fire left a black mark on the polished wood floors.

Jinkou leaned on his uninjured leg and dodged a few kunai thrown by the blond. What he didn't expect to happen was him to get cut. What the...wind chakra. "So you brats can manipulate the elements so young. You'd be a good addition to the gang. Too bad I have to kill you." He jumped to avoid a swarm of shuriken form the Uchiha. Jinkou did a few seals in the air and landed heavily. His hands slapped the floor and a black substance rose from the cracks in the floor. It coated the walls, floor, and ceiling. Jinkou grinned. "Time to die." He said before doing a few hand signs ending with tora.

"Shit!" Sasuke said. He was doing a katon jutsu, meaning the black substance was oil. "Naruto!" Said blond jumped by him and went through hand signs. Water flowed out of the wall, from a bathroom, and surrounded the two boys. They sent a mental command to their clones before Jinkou breathed out a line of fire into the oil. With speed born from training, Jinkou jumped and smashed through the only window in the room. The room itself burst into flames and began to burn the whole building. Naruto was sweating as he held the water shield up. They were slowly walking towards the window, through the fire.


"We're going!" The Naruto clone shouted as he descended the steps. "Hurry!" Everyone began to run in a line up the stairs where they were led by the Sasuke clone towards the doors.

"What's the rush?" Someone asked right before an explosion rocked the compound.

"That's why." Naruto said as everyone crowded into the streets. He looked around only to spot eight people. "Where's the girl!?" He asked, worriedly.


Said girl had tripped on the stairs and dropped the bunny animal she had. She went back to grab it before the ceiling above her weakened and fell. She started to scream, only to be pushed away. The bunny transformed back into Naruto and had tackled her out of the way. "I'll always protect you." The clone said before sending out a mental command to Naruto. The Naruto clone pulled the girl away from the now blocked stairs.

"Nii-san, are we going to die?" She asked, scared. The Naruto just pulled her close and semi-turned back into water to help stop the heat from reaching her.

"We're going to be fine." He said, feeling a lot less confident than he sounded. The girl nodded her head and snuggled into her adopted brother's body.


A Few Minutes Ago.

Naruto and Sasuke were at the window when an explosion struck. It blew Sasuke, who was in front, out of the window and Naruto into the wall. He was about to jump our when he received the message from his clone. "Shit!" He said before turning around. "Sasuke! Find Jinkou and trail him. I have to go help the prisoners. Then we'll worry about killing the Kazuka boss." Naruto jumped into the flames without waiting for Sasuke's reply.

The fire tried to burn him but a thin coating of water kept him safe for the time being. He smashed through closed doors and fallen beams. He struggled to get clean air into his lungs but all he got was smoke. Soon he found his way back to where he needed to be.


Kumei shrieked in fright as the clone took a stick in the back and dispersed back into water. Now she was alone and terrified. Her shriek had went unheard with the raging fire ahead and cracking roof. The ceiling of the basement was the floor from above, so it was just wood. She shrank into a corner. "Naruto-nii-san, help me." She said, more to herself than Naruto. Tears started falling down her face as the heat was raising. A large snap form above was the only warning before the ceiling fell in on her. She snapped her eyes and waited for her impending death. But nothing touched her. She opened her eyes to see Naruto hovering over her, bearing all the fallen wood on his back, protecting her. Her eyes widened when she saw several pieces of wood piercing his body. On was dangerous close to his heart.

"I said I'd protect you." He said with a forced grin. His body was aching. "Always." His arms were straining under the pressure. Kumei could see them shaking violently.

"Nii-san!" She yelled. "Don't die!" She cried into his shirt. "Please, don't die." Naruto chuckled and coughed up some blood on the ground. His vision was getting blurry and his body felt weak. He curled his body around Kumei as best he could before he started to black out. A yell of "Nii-san!" kept him awake. "Nii-san, don't go." Kumei was crying. Naruto put on a smile.

"Death is a part of life, Kumei. I'm just glad I could go out protecting someone I care about." He said, blood running from his mouth and his back burning. The building was done collapsing but it still burnt.

"No, you can't go" Kumei screamed. "You're my only family!"

This struck a chord within Naruto. He never had any real family but he had Sasuke, who he saw as a brother. Kumei, a little girl, seemed to adopt him as her brother. He didn't know what it was like to lose family but he had had dreams where Sasuke died and it hurt worse than any physical wound. It was the worse pain in the world. The pain of loss. That did it. Naruto started to push up with all of his strength. Kumei eyes were wide with wonder because he had at least five hundred pounds of burning wood piled on his back. His arms reached full length and he struggled to go further but he couldn't. He pushed and attempted to stand, his body was at its limit. No! It can't end this way! Kumei, I will protect you! I will.. "Protect you!" He yelled the last part of his thoughts. His eyes changed to red and his pupils turned into slits. His whiskers darkened and his fangs grew. Red chakra started to swirl around his body.

Kumei watched in amazement as her nii-san changed. He pushed up and wrapped his arms around her. His legs strained but refused to give away. Naruto let out a loud roar and launched himself up, crashing through the wood, sending more spikes through him. Blood fell from the wound and soaked Kumei's clothes.


Sasuke was following Jinkou through the market district. He watched as the target entered an alleyway. Sasuke dropped into the alley and sprinted after the man. He followed the man around a corner to see the point of a very large sword. He barely stopped in time. The large sword was held forward by a guy with a slashed Kiri headband that was titled slightly. The lower half of his face was covered by bandages and below his neck they stopped, leaving his torso bare. He had on a pair of Kiri Jonin pants and blueish camouflage arm and leg warmers. The sword was massive, at least six feet long and two feet wide. The sword itself was stuck through the chest of Sasuke's target, Jinkou.

"Who are you?" Sasuke asked, getting into a defensive position. The guy pushed Jinkou off his sword and was about to reply when Pein and a blue-haired woman appeared.

"He is Zabuza Momochi. He was hired to take out the big boss of the Kazuka gang." Pein said without emotion. "We should go back to the compound and make sure everyone got out." Sasuke nodded before picking up the sheath and sword of Jinkou. "Take it." Pein said before leading them off towards the ex-Kazuka base. A young girl was following behind Zabuza. She couldn't be but a year older than Sasuke himself. He just followed wordlessly.

When they reached the building, it was in a heap of wood that still burned. Sasuke scanned the crowd and counted eight people and two clones. He rushed to his clone. "Where's Naruto and Kumei!?" He said frantically. The clone pointed ominously at the center of the burning pile. Sasuke's eyes widened and the clone dismissed itself back into earth. Naruto's clone doing the same thing except with water.

Everyone was mumbling worriedly for the two trapped in the fire. They all stopped when they felt a rumble. The ground was shaking and a red glow could be seen from under the burning wood.

"What the hell?" Zabuza asked. His question was answered as the wood exploded and a figure flew out of it. Everyone looked to see Naruto and Kumei surrounded in a red aura of chakra. Naruto landed on his feet in front of the building. Everyone stared in awe at his red eyes and fangs. Naruto set Kumei down before the chakra disappeared and he fell into blissful unconsciousness.

Kumei was next to Naruto. "Nii-san!" She yelled. "Don't die!" She was hugging his unmoving body.

"My god." Zabuza said as he saw the multiple pieces of wood that jutted from the boy's body. There were at least thirty of them and some looked to be close to, if not at, vital areas. Konan turned away and Sasuke stared in horror.

Pein walked up with no emotion on his face. He placed his hand on Kumei's shoulder. She looked up at him and he smiled softly at her. "Naruto is going to be fine." he said. He began to pull out the sticks, careful to avoid further injury. When they were all out, the red chakra flared again and the wounds started closing up. Naruto remained unconscious, though. "Let's get him to a bed." Pein said, picking Naruto up, bridal style, with Kumei sitting on the boy's stomach.


Black, all there was was black. Wait, there's something soft under him. He remembered protecting Kumei. Hope she survived. He thought. He could then hear sounds of people working. They must be moving the wood to get us out. He opened his eyes to find out that he was alive. B-But how!? He asked himself. Then he remembered, the red chakra, pain in his back, and landing in front of the building. He looked around his body to find holes all over his clothes but not his body. He was laying on a couch in a room with a bundle on top of him. He looked down to see Kumei sleeping peacefully. Good, she's okay. He viewed the rest of the room to find that he was in Pein's office with Pein sitting behind the desk.

"Good, you're awake." He said, standing up. "You've been asleep for two days already and the girl hasn't left your side for a minute. I've given the money for an S-rank mission to Sasuke. I suggest you get cleaned up and meet with him. He's at the Kanagi Restaurant down the street. Ask the secretary and she'll point you to a place to shower."

Naruto nodded and walked out of the door to the secretary with a half-asleep Kumei following behind him. "Excuse me miss, Pein said you would be able to point me to a place to shower." The woman looked up and smiled. She, along with everyone else in the village, knew of what the boy did.

"Hai, down the hall and to the left there is a door labeled "Cleansing Room." It's where we allow visitors to bathe and to prep criminals or bodies for inspection. There are separate showers and baths for privacy."

"Thank you, ma'am." Naruto said, remembering his manners, and followed her directions. He opened the door to see a large white room. On the right wall there were doors with bars and locks; the prisoner prep rooms. On the front wall there were doors for postmortem cleaning, and the left wall were the visitor doors. They weren't labeled male and female, so Naruto just led Kumei into the same one as himself. Inside there were ten doors that led to the showers themselves.

Naruto turned to Kumei. "Ne, imoto, can you bathe yourself?" She nodded.

"Hai, aniki." she said, still only half-awake. She walked over to choose a door.

"Okay, make sure to try and get the blood off. Just put on the same clothes, we'll buy more afterwards." The blond said before entering his own door next to hers.

After they finished their showers, they left the building. Since shinobi were exposed to blood on a daily basis, special oils have been made to remove the blood from skin, leaving Naruto and Kumei blood-free, body-wise.

"Come on, Kumei." Naruto said. He'd gotten quite attached to her and dreaded when they'd have to depart. Before they knew it, they approached the Kanagi Restaurant. It was of a simple design with only a flap to cover the entrance but sliding doors to block bad weather. When they entered they were greeted by multiple square, oak tables. Not very many were filled seeing as it was a work day. Along the walls were similar tables, but modified with built-in seats. There was even a bar along the far wall, though Naruto doubted they sold any alcohol other than sake.

It was in a corner that the two found Sasuke and two people Naruto had never seen before. Naruto took the empty seat next to Sasuke and Kumei plopped herself down next to Naruto.

"Naruto." Sasuke said without emotion. Naruto looked at him inquisitively. "Don't do that again. For a minute, I'd thought I lost you. I won't be able to complete my goal alone. We both know it."

Naruto grinned. "Ah, you know nothing will kill me before I become Hokage! Besides, I had to save Kumei. I couldn't let me new imoto die, now could I?" Naruto smiled down at Kumei who smiled back. "So, Sasuke, who're these two?" Naruto said, looking at the man with the massive sword and the girl in a pink kimono with brown eyes and brown hair tied into a bun with senbon needles.

Sasuke motioned towards the man with the sword. "This is Zabuza Momochi of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. And this," he motioned to the girl. "is Haku, a bloodline carrying runaway from Kiri. They are currently running from Kiri Hunter-nin and decided to drop by Ame, looking for jobs. It so happens, Zabuza had the job to eradicate the Boss of the Kazuka gang. He was the one that killed Jinkou when he ran."

"Ah, I see." Naruto said. "So, when are we returning to Konoha? We have two days until the vacation is over and it'll take about thirty hours to get back."

"Glad you're back up and yourself." Sasuke said, smirking. "We can leave whenever, I don't really care but, I've set up an alliance between us and Zabuza here. This'll allow us to call on their help and vice versa. It will also stop conflicting missions and allow them entrance to Konoha after we inform oji-san." Sasuke had taken to calling Sarutobi, oji-san, after a while of Naruto doing it. After all, he was like a grandfather to the two boys, being the only one to understand and help them.

"Sweet." Naruto said. "In any case, I'd like to leave soon. Need to get back and finish building the West Wing." Everyone other than the two boys were confused.

"West wing of what, aniki?" Kumei asked. Naruto chuckled.

"Of our compound." Naruto said with a smile. "Me and Sasuke are both from once-prestigious clans. Though, nobody but me, Sasuke and the Hokage know of mine. We're going to live in the same compound and start up on big clan with two houses for two halves of equal status. We both plan to wed multiple wives, as the council will no doubt force Sasuke to if he doesn't do it himself, to build the clan. Our compound currently consists of a large main building for the house heads, an East Wing, a Northern Sector and a Southern Gate. The East and West wings will be for the separate families, the South gate will be for primary entry and exit, while the North Sector is for training, gardens, and the like." Naruto grinned.

"Now is as good a time as any." Sasuke said before standing up. "Zabuza, Haku, see you later."

"Sasuke wait." Naruto said. "We gotta visit Pein once more before we leave." Sasuke nodded. Naruto picked Kumei up and per her on his back before jumping onto the roofs with Sasuke.

A few minutes later, Naruto and Sasuke were standing in front of Pein's desk with a sad Kumei behind them.

"Glad you could come." Pein said. He stood up and walked around his desk and offered a closed hand to each boy. They raised their own and Pein dropped what looked like the metal version of a fuuinjutsu seal. "These are a seal that I created myself. It can be pressed onto the skin and the seal will append itself on it to never be removed except by me. This marks you as Ame's allies and ever if we go to war, we will not fight you. Though, the restrictions don't go for you, I'd suggest you don't fight us either. But I don't see that happening. To append it, just place it on your shoulder and apply chakra." Pein smiled slightly and reached into a pocket. He pulled out another one and crouched down by Kumei. "He carefully raised her sleeve and put the metal on her skin. "This is going to burn a bit, okay? Just for a second." She nodded. Pein pushed chakra into it and everyone could feel a hiss. Kumei threw her head back a bit but didn't scream s the pain was already gone.

Kumei opened her eyes before screaming. The pain was gone and there was a very dull throb on her shoulder. She looked over to see the seal. It consisted of two circles, one inside the other, that were connected with various jagged lines. Inside the circles were the four straight lines that adorned the Ame headbands. Kumei smiled. Sasuke and Naruto repeated the gesture, though a bit wary, and were able to avoid showing anything other than a twitch from the pain.

Naruto rubbed the seal to feel a very slight raise wherever the ink was. Then something hit him. "Ne, Pein, why'd you give Kumei one? Doesn't she live here?"

Pein smirked. "Actually, I was planning to send her back with you. Here, she has no family or anything. But she's come to love you as a brother. Also, she'd do better to get an education in Konoha than here since we are still working on the academy systems."

"Naruto, you get to take care of her." Sasuke said with his own smirk.

Naruto placed his hands behind his head while thinking. "Well, that solves the problem of leaving her. I'll have to talk to the old man but I'm sure we can care for her. We've got the money from our multiple excursions outside of Konoha." He face grew into a grin before he crouched down. "Come on, imoto." Kumei grinned brightly and jumped onto Naruto's back, where he held her in place. The blond turned back to Pein. "Anything else?"

"One more." Pein said, sitting back behind his desk. "Tell the Hokage that we may offer an alliance in four to five years if Konoha is still centered on peace."

"Hai." Naruto said. He and Sasuke turned and jumped out of the window and ran to a store to buy new clothes for Naruto and Kumei. Naruto came out in black pants with two orange stripes down each side and a jacket that had the lower half as orange and the top half as black(Pretty much Shippuden Naruto but with different pants and more black on his top). Kumei had picked out a brown t-shirt and a green skirt.

"Much better!" Naruto said with a grin. He picked Kumei up again and they headed back to Konoha.


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