"You'd think that in 400 years, I'd have mastered control." His eyes flashed crystal blue, quickly, no human could have seen it. But Josef knew

"I thought you could handle it, pay him off…."

He fought the nearly overwhelming desire to throw himself on her. His Beth. Not Mick's.

His Beth was asking for blood. For murder. Straight up. Oh, she'd found it hard to meet his eyes. For a moment, he thought he'd misunderstood. Hoped he had. Because then, it wasn't complicated. Then, he wouldn't hurt his best friend.

"Think that will that work?" He didn't hear her answer. Blood roared in his ears.

He'd known for awhile he could love her. No human woman since Sara had so intrigued him. No. Sara had loved him, inspired him…but not intrigued him. Only Beth. He'd seen her kindness, her humanity, yes. But, unlike Mick, he'd seen something more. He'd recognized the fearless, ruthless reporter for what she was. The woman who'd kept Josh in her bed when she couldn't have Mick. The woman who'd all too briefly played the grief game after he'd been murdered, while she'd watched. His Beth.

Who was standing in front of him, asking him to kill for her, wanting, really wanting, to kill for herself. His Beth. Exciting him almost beyond control. Almost.

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Josef's Thought