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We were flying to our new camp or hideaway. Which ever you prefer to call it.

It was a peaceful moment. It was one of those times you could be happy

being a mutant.

Iggy flew over to me. I'm not sure how he can know where I am but

he flew to me.


"Yeah, Ig."

"I hear something…"

Reality came back fast and hard.

"A plane?" I asked hoping.

"No. Wings and fur." he said sadly.

"Max straight ahead!" Fang yelled from behind me.

I looked straight and saw millions of flyboys. The most they have

ever sent for us. I was worried for a second and then got a grip on myself.

"We fight." I said.

Fang looked at me like I was crazy and then shrugged.

"I'm ready, Max!" Gazzy said.

He was so brave sometimes.

"Me too!" Angel said.

She was also brave. Braver than any other 6 year old I know. Though she is the only 6 year old I know.

The flyboys came faster than usual. I started taking them out 2 at a time. It was pretty easy at first but then they all ganged up on me at once. I heard a scream. It sounded like Angel. She was being carried away in a net by the chopper! I flew as fast as I could to her. I was so close to getting her but flyboys caught me before I could reach her.

"Max! Don't leave me!" she screamed with tears in her eyes.

"Angel! I won't, I promise! We'll save you!" I said with tears streaming down my eyes. I punch the flyboy that had caught me. He fell a few feet but other flyboys got me. When Angel was gone. The flyboys who had the rest of us let us go and flew away. We couldn't catch up with them even if we tried. All of us were hurt badly we could barely fly a few feet.

We landed in a clearing. I started crying in front of my flock. I didn't care because some of them were crying too. Fang wrapped me inn his arms. I sat there bawling in his arms for an hour. When I leaned away he got up and changed his shirt.

I looked at my flock. Nudge had been crying too. Of course Gazzy was crying. I felt bad for him because this is the second time he lost his sister to these losers! I felt bad for Angel because she was the one who had been taken away. Iggy had tears in his eyes that never left.

"I'm sorry guys it's my fault. I said to fight because I thought we could take them. It's all my fault. I'm sorry Gazzy." I said.

Gazzy sat beside me and leaned on me. I hugged him. " Max, it's not your fault." Gazzy said.

"it is Gazz. And I'm sorry that I hurt all of you from my mistake of assuming stuff.

"Max, it's not your fault." Fang said.

We all slept in that clearing that night. I took first watch. Nothing happened.

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