A cowboy and his dad

A cowboy and his dad

Summary: The McCoy Family is invited to cooper's ranch for the weekend…

Chapter1: daddy you're late!

Jack McCoy waited impaciently outside school, almost everyone had already gone home, but because his parents, were very busy people he was one of the last children to go home, and at the tender age of 3 this wasn't a problem for him, but it was a problem for her mother who always tried to pick him up early.

Danny, Jack's dad walked towards the school gate with a hot dog in one hand and his baby daugther in the other.

"daddy!" Jack shouted as he sigthed Danny

"hey" he said as he apologyzed once again to Jack's teacher

"why were you late again daddy?" Jack asked as Danny was securing his car seat

"I had a meeting with "the" boss"" Danny said closing the dooor and going to the driver's seat

"what for?" the little boy asked as he watched Jen making blubbles with her moth

"you know…the kind of things he always wants to to me about" Danny finally said as he was hopping that Jack drooped the subject because he know how much Delinda hated the work topic around the kids.

"were is mommy?" the three year old boy asked his father

"she's at the hotel, were meeting her there" Danny informed his son

When they reached the hotel Delinda was waiting for them in the reception area

"mommy!" Jack ran towards his mother and Delinda almost didn't have time to pick him up

"hey, kiddo!" she said as she kissed the boy's tummy

"don't I get a kiss?" Danny complained as as a liitle boy

"hey stranger" Delinda offered him a deep passionate kiss embracing the little girl in his arms and Jack into the loving momment

"can't breathe" Jack complained as his parents broke off the kiss

"sorry bud" both of his parents said in unison. Jen just giggled and the tree of them laughed

"aww what a lovely picture" AJ Cooper said as he watched the scene from behind

"uph…Cooper…" Danny chuckled and Jack just held his mother tigh

"don't worry, I understand" AJ said and grinned walking away

"I think he doesn't like us that much" Jack said. And both of his parents laughed and kissed again

Ok, first Las Vegas Fic… so pleae tell me what you thought… should I continue ??