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Mary goes back to Vegas alter being away for almost five years.

Chapter 3: bath time Mr. McCoy!

"Sorry for the mess" Delinda smiled to Mary. "The kids spend a lot of time here"

As Danny walked to the bathroom with Jack squeaking in his arms, Delinda sat on the bed and placed the baby on her tummy

"Wow" Mary muttered "I can't believe you guys" she smiled at Danny who was undressing Jack and getting the bath ready

Suddenly Delinda's phone rang "hello?"

"Hey D, its piper" she sounded kind of desperate "could you come right down for a sec?"

"Sure" Delinda smiled but rolled her eyes "I'll be right there"

"What's up?" Mary asked while Jenn played with her hand

"The restaurant has a problem, I have to go fix it" Delinda groaned "as always"

Mary chuckled "you should go then, I'll keep this little lady safe" she picked the baby from the bed as Danny joined them

"Mystique?" he asked

Delinda nodded "I'll be right back" she kissed her quickly and then disappeared

"Busy day huh?" Mary said following Danny to the bathroom,

"Where is mummy?" Jack asked from the tub

"She'll be right back, in the meantime let's get you cleaned"

"But daddy I hate baths!" the toddler complained

"I see that" Mary laughed "but they are not so bad"

"Yes they ade!" Jack splashed Danny who was kneeled down cleaning his back

"Hey stop" Danny said seriously "if you let me do it fast, we'll finish quickly"

"So what's up with you Mare?" Danny asked

"I just wanted to come back, see how you and everybody else was doing" she said bouncing Jen up and down

"You can sit down you know" he said offering her the toilet seat

"Thanks" she said sitting down" you seem to finally settle down with D" Mary pointed out

"Yeah, I …" he brushed his hair "I missed you Mary"

"I did too" she admitted "but it's because of you I'm not in prison"

"Come on, you know that's not the case" Danny wasn't aware of Jack's shivering

"Freeding!" he shot.

"Sorry" Danny took him out of the tub and Mary handed him a towel "thanks"

Danny got Jack warmed up "hey could you pass me the bag that is next to that counter please?"

"Sure" she walked now caring a sleeping baby on her arms

"Here" she handed him the bag and stared at him quietly

"What?" Danny chuckled

"Nothing, it's just weird looking at you again" she admitted

"Right" Danny got a pajama out of the bag "arms up"

Jack groaned and raised his arms, and then Danny helped him with the pants

"Can I watch TV now?" Jack begged once Danny had dried his hair with the towel and put on some body lotion

"Yes you can" Danny smiled and followed Jack out of the bathroom

"I think Delinda is swamped" Mary smiled placing Jen on the bed

"Yeah, I think I should go check on her" Danny said "would you mind watching them while I'm gone?"

"Sure, no problem" Mary sat on the bed and Danny kissed her cheek

"Welcome back" he said and left

As Mary stayed there watching the kids her mind drifted to the time when she thought she could have her own children with Danny

Chapter 3!!