Hey this is my first story and this chapter is very short and possibly very rubbish cos I really don't know if I even like Martha but Torchwood will be in it soon and all will be good.

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Set after EXIT WOUNDS and is totally AU for the end of Dr Who season 4.

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Martha Jones was staring at her phone. More specifically Martha Jones was staring at her contacts trying to decide who to call. Who the hell was going to sort out this bloody mess?

The Doctor had somehow, in her absence, managed to get himself trapped on some alien planet with a name that she couldn't even attempt to pronounce. Then the TARDIS had malfunctioned and the only method of contact with him had been Donna Noble's mobile, which she had forgotten on board and which had, as of half an hour ago, run out of battery.

And as if things couldn't get any worse Donna had turned up on her doorstep at 3AM not alone but with the Doctor's absent but never forgotten assistant Rose bloody Tyler and Rose bloody Tyler's boyfriend, Rose bloody Tyler's mother and Rose bloody Tyler's father. She was starting to feel like she was living a supernatural episode of Eastenders, it was not in the least bit amusing.

The tension that was very evident in the room was doing nothing for her nerves. That combined with the effect of both Donna's foghorn and Jackie Tyler's screech was making it very hard to concentrate on the task at hand. She gave her phone all the attention of a nuclear warhead to avoid Rose's speculative gaze.

Billy nope an optician from Slough, not much use in a paranormal crisis,

Brandon another no. Currently taking his A levels in Manchester

Clare working in a McDonalds in Hull

Clarence Ha! If he saw an alien he'd more than likely shit himself and run for his mother

Cpt. Lovelength

Danielle working for BT in a very comfortable office…..

Cpt. Lovelength?

Idiot more like it.

Martha's face broke into a truly beatific smile. Turning to the gaggle of anxious people gathered in her mother's front room, she grinned

"Ladies and Gentlemen I may just have the answer to our prayers."

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