Fandom: Torchwood/Dr. Who

Characters/Pairing: Jack/Ianto also starring Gwen, Rhys, Martha, Donna, Rose, Mickey, Jackie, Pete, Martha's family and mentions of the Doctor.

Disclaimer:I don't own Torchwood or Who all belongs to RTD and the BBC

Warnings: Spoilers for all Torchwood and Who so far S1&2 Torchwood and s1-4 Who

Jack and Ianto snarking mostly and some bad language.

Author's Note: Sorry if the characters are off. If they are please tell me and I'll fix them. Especially if Ianto and Jack start to get pathetic. I hate when Ianto gets written like a pathetic whinge.

And so it comes to an end...

Decided just to post these last 2 chapters together. Not enough happens in them to keep them apart...anyway, you may have noticed by now that I don't have a modicum of self control so as soon as I write something I NEED to post it. :D

Ianto Jones was marvelling at the utter insanity of his life.

He was currently standing in Torchwood's main centre of operations which was being run by a man from the future who'd lived through the past. Not only that but he was accompanied by three of the institute's greatest enemy's associates and he was treating them like friends.

Sometimes when Ianto thought about his life he found it to be ever so slightly fucked up.

They had found that operating the device was going to be simple enough, all it involved was making it compatible with the rift manipulator, calibrating it to the TARDIS' wavelength using Jack's TARDIS key and 'letting rip' as Jack had so eloquently put it. The TARDIS and Doctor should arrive on the perception filter within an hour.

Ianto was currently trying to wire the device into the rift manipulator whilst Jack hovered around him with a nervous energy that was putting his teeth on edge. It didn't help that the Doctor's other companions were just as overexcited; Rose was practically bouncing on the spot, Martha couldn't stop grinning like an idiot and Donna was becoming increasingly high pitched which was not helping his dissipating headache.

Ianto abruptly stood and Jack bounded over to him. "Are you done is it ready?"

"Yes Jack it should be ready, I'm not exactly sure how this is supposed to work but I think it's all wired in correctly." Ianto replied.

"I'm sure it'll be fine." Jack said reassuringly, and then turned to the girls. "Er..Ladies perhaps you should stand back a bit. We aren't entirely sure how much of a kick this thing is going to have."

The girls backed off to the other side of the hub and Ianto glared at Jack. "That's not exactly reassuring Jack."

"Don't worry Ianto, you're with the Captain." Jack gave him a small squeeze before bending down and turning the machine on.

The machine emitted a high pitched whine and began to shake violently on the spot. The rift manipulator began to glow and produce a series of piercing beeps that sounded worryingly like a count down.

"Jack.." Ianto sounded unsure.


The two of them turned and ran from the device just as it emitted a final squeal and a blue light burst from it like a shock wave sending them flying into the air before receding and being channelled up the water tower and into the rift.

Ianto hit the ground hard on his back, Jack landed on him a second later crushing the breath from his lungs. When Ianto opened his eyes he was lying in the water at the centre of the Hub with jack lying on top of him face to face.

"Hi there." Jack said smoothly "Remind you of anything? Our first date perhaps?" His voice went wistful "We went pterodactyl hunting."

"I think you'll find." Ianto said as he wrapped his arms around Jack and rolled over forcefully until he was on top. "That it was a little more like this, sir."

"So it was." Jack said with a laugh and went to kiss him. Ianto pulled back and shot a rather pointed look in the direction of the three women who were rushing over to see if they were alright.

Jack groaned as Ianto climbed quickly off him and went to find them some dry clothes. Rose ran over to him and smiled down at him. "Alright there Captain?" Jack smiled up at her; "Never happier than when I'm on my back Ms Tyler."

She shook her head and laughed exasperatedly at him, offering a hand and pulling him to his feet.

"Did it work Jack?" Rose's face was full of hope and excitement and trepidation and love. "Is he coming back?"

"Yes Rose it worked. He's coming back. He's coming back." Jack pulled her into a hug, spinning her around, as she laughed breathlessly.


10 minutes later Jack and Ianto were in clean clothes and sitting in the conference room with the three girls waiting for them to stop chattering about all the planets and aliens and new worlds they were going to go to see together. And shoes.

Jack was mystified by the fact that in between discussions on aliens and wars and the Doctor the one conversation they always came back to was on the relative merits of shoes. Which shoes were best for running, which were the easiest to get slime out of, which withstood time travel fashion the best.

Ianto threw him a desolate look and Jack whistled loudly to get their attention. They stopped talking and looked at him affronted. "Thank you, now if you're quite done ladies Ianto has a present for you."

Ianto smiled and stood passing a thick brown envelope to both Donna and Rose. Martha was empty handed and looked at him reproachfully; "What about me?"

"Jack was taking care of your present Martha." Ianto answered smoothly and Martha turned her gaze on Jack who glowered at Ianto before digging in his pockets and pulling out a 50p piece.

"There you are Martha." Jack said charmingly. She looked at the coin then back at Jack then at the coin again. "This is 50p"

"No no no no no. well, yes." Said Jack shaking his head emphatically. "It's still better than their presents." he protested gesturing at Donna and Rose who indeed seemed less than impressed with their gifts which appeared to be a sheaf of papers.

"What the hell kind of a present is this?" Donna asked Ianto.

Ianto smiled benignly at her "The Official Secrets Act." He looked at their incredulous faces. "What? You didn't actually expect to just leave without signing it? We're a Secret Organisation defending the British Empire from aliens, I had to sign this at my first interview."

"I'm not signing anything suit boy!" Donna shouted at him.

"Fine. It's entirely your choice." Ianto said and he took a small bag of pills out of his pocket and took one out placing it in front of Donna and filling her a glass of water. "If you'd be so kind as to take the pill Ms Noble."

"Are you trying to poison me?"

"Don't be so dramatic." Jack said his face solemn. "It's an Amnesia pill. It'll make you forget the last three days- you won't remember me or Ianto or Torchwood."

"What about my family? Did they have to sign this?" Rose demanded.

Ianto let out a wry laugh and Rose looked at him. "Sorry Rose but do you honestly think that we could let Jackie Tyler loose with any information on Torchwood: It'd be all over London within the week. I retconned them before we left. Don't worry Rose I'm very good at what I do, they'll only forget any meetings that they had with myself or Jack and anything they heard pertaining to Torchwood. Your parents and Mickey currently think they spent a wonderful few days visiting with Martha's parents and that you've gone with the Doctor and that nothing untoward happened whatsoever."

"You can't do that Jack you can't just take peoples memories." Rose protested looking at him like he was a stranger. "You've lost two years of your life; I thought you'd be a bit more understanding."

"Listen Rose, if anything to do with Torchwood gets out me and Gwen and Ianto will all be in danger; we'll become targets. I won't risk that. Either you sign a document promising to keep your mouth shut or we remove all trace of Torchwood from your memory. You have a choice."

Rose sat down slowly and looked from Ianto's stony face to Jack's pleading one. She signed the document and slid it across the table. The fight seemed to have gone out of Donna because she signed hers as well.

"What about Martha? Doesn't she have to sign?" Rose asked.

Martha shook her head; "Signed mine when I took the job at UNIT." She said with a smile. "Come on guys it's not like you're signing away your soul, it's just a promise to keep quiet about it. It's not like you're shouting the existence of aliens from the rooftops is it?"

That seemed to settle the girl's nerves and the mood in the room lightened dramatically.

"So Ianto," Rose said to the young man as he was putting the pills away. "Any chance of a cup of your amazing coffee before we go?"


When Ianto returned with the coffee he passed them around before walking over to give Jack his; Jack held his gaze and let their fingers touch for a moment longer than was entirely proper.

"Ianto!" Donna's voice erupted from the other side of the room. He jumped slightly and spun around to face her.

"Ms Noble. What can I do for you?" Ianto smiled at her and she gave him a slightly nervous smile before taking a deep breath.

"So next time i'm back on earth, do ya wanna go for a drink or summat? I mean it could be alot of fun as long as it doesn't involve runnin' around after aliens or you don't try and slip any of those memory tictacs into my drink." She said all this very fast and Ianto tried to get his brain to catch up with her mouth.

"Well...em." Ianto stuttered feeling himself turn red and couldn't help but notice that Jack was in hysterics behind him and Martha was about to rupture a couplle of blood vessels if her face was anything to go by. Rose just looked mildly curious.

"I'd love to Ms Noble, Donna, it's just that I'm kind of seeing someone right now." Donna's face fell and she rounded on Martha "You might have said instead of encouraging me. Bleedin' idiot."

Ianto could hear Jack snickering away behind him "Although he's frankly being a bit of a shit at the moment so call me when you get back, who knows I might have dumped his sorry ass by then."

"Hey!" Came Jack's indignant cry. "In what ways exactly have I been a shit."

"You can't help it Jack, it's the foundation of your personality. Don't think I can't here you laughing away at my expense."

Jack stood and walked over to him putting his hands on Ianto's shoulders spinning him around to face him. "I'm not laughing at you, I was just thinking about that time when we brought back that Secresian lasergun and it actually turned out to be a karaoke machine."


"Yep." Jack gave a little pout and Ianto snorted at him and shook his arms off.

"That could be construed as harassment you know sir." He straightened his jacket and flicked a piece of invisible fluff off his sleeve.

It was Jack's turn to snort; "It's only harassment if you don't like it and this morning it didn't seem like you had any complaints-"

There was an outraged squeal from the other side of the room and they turned to see Donna and Rose giving them completely incredulous looks and Martha with her hands over her ears yelling "Too much information!"

"So you two." Donna said slowly


"You and Captain America?"

"So it would seem. So much for maintaining some professional distance Jack."

"Jack Harkness in a monogamous relationship." Rose sounded skeptical but she was smiling.

"On his side-"


"Bloody hell. What is wrong with me? Either they're working as henchmen for evil spider ladies or they're havin' it off with charming, enigmatic, handsome, time travelling captains in dashing coats." Donna looked distraught and Rose gave her a hug.

"See Ianto, Donna thinks I'm dashing." Jack said with a smug smile.

"I think you'll find she said your coat was dashing Jack. And I have to agree. I really like that coat."


Jack watched Ianto and Martha exchange goodbyes beside the lift; she gave him a kiss on the cheek before hopping on. Ianto waved at the other two girls as the lift started to ascend and they waved vigorously back yelling their byes to Jack as well.

When the lift reached the surface Ianto walked up to where he was standing at Toshs' old work station and Jack gave him a small smile. Ianto looked at him seriously and didn't smile back.

"You can go with them."


"You can go with them Jack, with the Doctor. You spent so long looking for him, if you have a chance to be with him you should." Jack searched Ianto's face but could see nothing but earnest honesty there.

"I cant just leave you-"

"Listen Jack." Ianto said forcefully, Jack snapped his moth shut. "I walked into this relationship with my eyes wide open. I don't need or expect anything from you that you aren't willing to give. I love you and I know you love me but we aren't in love with each other. I'm still half in love with Lisa and you're still in love with your Doctor."

Jack made to interrupt him. "Don't lie to me Jack. I'm a grown man not a pathetic, little child in constant need of reassurance and validation. I've had the time of my life with you and if you left now I wouldn't regret a moment of it. It might hurt but I'd treasure the memories and I would never regret it."

Ianto maintained total eye contact throughout his speech his eyes burning with a passion and truth that half scared Jack to death.

Jack reached out and grasped Ianto's hands in his own. "I'm not going anywhere Ianto."

Ianto looked down at his shoes and frowned; "Jack.." He was trying to keep his tone reasonable.

"No now it's my turn to talk." He smiled slightly to take the sting off his sharp words. "I'm not going anywhere. I had my chance to travel with the Doctor; he asked me and I said no. At this moment I belong here and now. With you and Gwen and Torchwood. I have all of eternity to find the Doctor again, I think I can spare another 50 or so years in 21st century Cardiff." He smiled broadly.

Ianto glanced up at him and gave him a small, relieved smile. "Well it's not like I'd miss you or anything. Might actually get some work done without the constant harassment."

Jack growled at him, then laughed and turned to the CCTV monitors as the low grinding of the TARDIS reverberated through the Hub. The spaceship materialised on the Plass and the girls went running for it.

The Doctor stepped out the door just as they reached him and he was enveloped by a massive group hug that sent the four of them tumbling to the ground.

"I feel sorry for him." Ianto said gesturing at the screen.

"Why?" Jack asked confused.

"Well you said the TARDIS has a huge big wardrobe."

"Yeah it's probably bigger than all the sub-levels of this place, why?"

"Can you imagine dragging those three out of it long enough to do anything near productive."

Jack laughed at that and watched as on the screen the four little people turned to wave manically at the camera before piling into the TARDIS.

"Come along Mr Jones." He said grabbing Ianto's arm and pulling him towards his office.

"What are you doing?"


"Excuse me?"

"No way Ianto, when we were outside UNIT you said that as soon as we were more opportunely situated we could have some sex and I fully intend on enforcing that promise."

"I don't remember saying any such thing Jack." Ianto replied as Jack shoved him against the now locked door to his office, in case Gwen came nosing again.

"Selective amnesia- due to the concussion. You also said that you'd do that thing with you tongue that-"

"Did I indeed?"

"Yep. You were quite explicit." Jack said placing a hand on either side of his head and leaning in close.

"Well then, can't very well go back on my word now can I?" Ianto murmured getting a bit hot and bothered from the way Jack was currently nibbling on his earlobe.

"Nope that wouldn't be very polite at all Ianto." Jack whispered into his ear as he started undoing Ianto's waistcoat buttons.

"Very well then sir, if it's a matter of honour." Ianto grinned at Jack and shrugged himself out of his suit jacket.

"Good man, I knew you'd come round to my way of thinking in the end."

"Always Captain, always."


I know you guys might have wanted the Doctor but 1. I can't write him and 2. If Jack went up to see him he'd probably just end up going with him.

My next story is already planned it's gonna be set when tosh and owen were alive and involves Torchwood attending a Ball- where chaos inevitably ensues!

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