Alice is one of my favourite characters in Twilight. I love her cheery personality, her hilarious love of shopping, and so much more. But I especially love her visions. Here is one vision which I thought I would NEVER want to see.

My scream rang out along the hallways, filling the house with its piercing sound, like fingers grating down a blackboard, the screech of brakes, calling a halt to time. My white face is full of horror and grief.

"No, Bella, no!"

I sit up in bed with a shudder, and Jasper puts a protective arm around my shoulders, rubbing my arm as I come out of my trance.

"What was it about?" Jasper asks, already realizing that I have had a vision. As my brow creases in confusion, he touches a finger to my face.

"Alice?" But I am already miles away, scanning the future again. It doesn't make any sense, why would I..

My sight cuts out as I am thrown head-first into another vision. The skies are a furious, dark, gray, thunderously whirling above in an ominous cloak. The wind shrieks as the waves crash feverishly against the cliff. Flash. Time moves forward by a second. I am on the cliff edge. Flash. A girl whose brown hair swirls around her, hiding her face. Who are you? I want to scream at her as my vision starts to pull away.

In the frantic few seconds remaining, I see empty, brown eyes. A pale heart-shaped face. A small smile touching her full lips. Bella. Flash. She jumps, screaming in fear, exhilaration and unadulterated relief. She soars like an avenging angel for a millisecond, and then plummets downwards in a death spiral towards the waves below. The waves consume her and she is pulled under.

Once again I am back in the present as my dormant heart twists in agony and I scream.

"No, Bella, no!"

I know already I am going to say these worst, but they feel as is they are torn from my throat. I heave dry sobs, no tears falling from my eyes as I lean my head against Jasper's shoulder.

"Alice, what happened to Bella?" I pause. How can I tell him that the girl who was once my best friend, like a sister to us, committed suicide?

"We shouldn't have left." My voice is shallow and dark.

"Tell me, Alice!" his voice is firm and edged with concern.

"Bella jumped off a cliff, okay? She was so miserable that she killed herself!" My outburst is met with Jasper's sharp intake of unnecessary breath, then a deathly silence. In the next room, I can hear that Esme and Carlisle are quiet. Luckily Emmett and Rosalie are out hunting.

"Maybe…"Jasper struggles to reassure me, "Maybe she isn't dead. Maybe she won't drown. Maybe…"

I hastily scan the future before he finishes, checking. Again the terrifying scene is replayed in my mind. I wait, and the roaring waves are the only sound I can hear. Then the future goes blank. Nothing. Even though I try, again and again, Bella's future has disappeared. She is dead. I am already too late to save her.

I relentlessly rerun the future in my mind. Nothing is different, and only my worst fears are confirmed; it is happening soon. Too soon.

My last thought as I crumple onto the bed is, Oh God, Edward. What have you done?

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