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It was the last day of the week, and Hikaru couldn't wait for the school day to end. He had earlier considered just ditching his last class for the day... however, Haruhi had grabbed him by the ear and literally dragged him to class, saying that there was an important test that he couldn't skip today.

An important test Hikaru hadn't studied for.

Therefor, he was stuck in the overheated, stuffy classroom, trying to write a half decent answer for the essay question on the paper in front of him. He glanced towards his twin, writing down answers effortlessly. Damn him. Hikaru moved his eyes towards Haruhi. She was right next to him... maybe he could cheat off of her.

Unfortunately, it appeared she was stuck as well.


she was biting on her pen?




Dammit, she was distracting him! He glared at the offending pen. It continued to be bit upon.

Hikaru turned back to his test and tried to write down an answer, but now not only did he not know the answer, but the mental image of a pen-biting Haruhi was invading his thoughts.


He looked at her out of the corner of his eye...

...She was still biting on that damn pen.

Was she TRYING to distract him?

His gaze wandered to her lips. They weren't thin, but they weren't too big either, and they had a nice natural gloss to them...

Stop thinking about Haruhi's lips! This test is important!

He reluctantly went back to his test. He found that he still had no clue to what the answer was.

Freakin' hell.

Haruhi made an annoyed 'hnn' noise, and he just had to look towards her again--

The end of the pen was still being bitten.

He once again glared at the pen, and did so for several minutes. Several times it was moved away from her (cute, Hikaru subconsciously thought,) mouth to write down an answer, only to return to it's previous place.

Hikaru's frustration slowly grew, and grew, and grew, until...

He slapped his hands on his desk and stood up, facing Haruhi.

"Goddammit, stop being such a tease!" he yelled, then proceeded to grab her and plant a rough kiss on her lips. He then stormed out of the now awkwardly silent classroom, leaving a beet red Haruhi wondering what the hell just happened.

The silence was broken a few seconds later by a nervous cough from the teacher. About twenty seconds after that, the bell rang and suddenly, as if released from a spell of sorts, about three girls simultaneously fainted and all of the others swarmed around Haruhi, demanding to know about her secret relationship with one of the twins.

Kaoru casually strolled out of the classroom, leaving Haruhi to fend for herself against the rabid fangirls.

When I get out of here, I am so cutting Hikaru's lips off, Haruhi vowed silently to herself, glaring murderously at no one in particular.


Sorry, I left it pretty open ended. Hope you guys enjoyed it!