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Well, this time, it will have a fifteen year old Naruto traveling back in time to when he was twelve. It will set just after the Zabuza arc and before the Chuunin exam. Unlike other fanfics, I'll have two Narutos in the same timeline :)

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Trail of consequences


"Naruto, WATCH OUT!" He heard screams of his name pass through his ears like speeding kunais. His knees fell heavily to the ground as breathing suddenly became a difficult task. Trickles of blood flooded down his chest, making him feel quivery by the second.

Everything was so complicated to accomplish now. Standing up was an impossible task for him, especially when chakra was very low in his condition.

He didn't know what to do.

He was powerless.

"Sakura, help Naruto immediately!" His ears caught that familiar voice.

"Kakashi sensei…" Was all he was able to manage to breathe out.

"I'll handle this." Kakashi prepared himself to distract the enemy in order to retrieve their helpless blonde teammate. Naruto's vision was becoming a very fading blur, but it was just enough to see his pink-haired teammate dashing towards him.

"Hang on, Naruto. Just please hang on!" Sakura cried out as she was trying so hard to put more effort into her healing abilities to help her blonde friend.

"Sakura-chan…"Naruto faintly spoke; trying to cope on the breathing,

"Don't try to talk," Sakura managed to cry out, "You're going to be just fine,"

"Sa-Sakura…" Naruto's vision was becoming quite clearer than before, but just enough to see the enemy spotting them. That can't be good…he thought.

"Don't turn from me. I'm your opponent now," Kakashi sternly said.

If that kid is healed…The foe thought, then that dreaded chakra of his will trouble us again. I have to get rid of him, one way or another. He turned his head to his hiding partner and nodded, signaling to use that jutsu.

What is he up to now? Kakashi started to worry about his ex-students, I wonder if he's targeting…NO!

The jounin noticed his opponent turning the opposite direction. He had to do something before the enemy gets too close to them. However, the foe's partner got in the way and stopped Kakashi from going any further.

Naruto spotted the opponent creating a hand seal, and he knew it was not something he's going to like. Strong, heavy winds began to surround the two teammates and light began to illuminate in front of the foe. Naruto instantly pushed Sakura out of the way just enough time before she was involved into this unrecognizable technique. The two enemies raced their feet to get away as the jutsu already started.

"Naruto!" Sakura decided to move back into her friend's presence until an arm grabbed her shoulder.

"Sakura get back here!" her sensei took her into a safe place before she could take any step further into the blinding light.

"But-" An explosion abruptly roared, creating a chaotic mess throughout the forest.

Silence now filled the air as Kakashi and Sakura stepped back into the same spot where Naruto was last left.

The next thing they knew, there was no human trace to be found…


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