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Chapter 4: Spreading Puzzlement

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The Uchiha prodigy walked along the streets of Konoha leisurely, thinking about the event that took place earlier; it just doesn't make sense…that guy…could he have been…? Sasuke looked up and spotted his familiar silver-haired instructor and he was talking to the foreigner. I wonder what they're saying…only one way to find out. And slowly, the Uchiha boy sneakily made his way towards his sensei.

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Naruto paused for a second as that sentence caught the teen off guard.

"Who are you and how do you know my name?"

Was his sensei kidding? Was it some kind of ninja test? Naruto knew that expression on his sensei, that face had serious written all over it. However, just to be on the safe side…

"Haha sensei, you almost got me there with that look!" Naruto chuckled, only to notice the jounin standing, actually waiting for his response, "C'mon Kakashi-sensei, what's with the face? You're looking at me as if I'm a total loon!"

"I suggest you answer the question now or I'll have to report you to the hokage," Kakashi replied sternly.

"Whoa there! You're a little crabby today! Did Tsunade-Baachan burn your book or something?" Naruto sniggered.

Kakashi paused for a second, is he talking about the legendary sannin Tsunade? "I want you to tell me who you are."

Naruto's smile curved into a frown, "C'mon sensei, it's me. The student you knew for about 3 years now. You know, this isn't funny any more."

"Three years?" Kakashi began confusingly, "I only began a couple of weeks ago with three students aged 12. And I certainly don't remember being an instructor of a boy your age."

Naruto eyed his surroundings, "I must still be in a genjutsu…or maybe this is a dream…?" He muttered to himself, "Or maybe…Kakashi-sensei fell on his head and has amnesia!" Yeh…that's it! This could be interesting!

"Kakashi-sensei, I will make you remember everything! Starting with the most talented student of them all!" The teen stood up straight and presented himself with self-confidence; time to use the old sage's speeches, Naruto style! "I am known as Naruto Uzumaki. The strongest Shinobi ever recognized in this country with talents never seen before!"

"Uzumaki…Naruto?" Kakashi audibly spoke.

"That's right! The one who will soon become the greatest hokage of them all!"

That Naruto…Kakashi thought with a sigh of relief, "You almost had me there. You sure are quite the prankster."

"Hm? You remember me?"

"For starters, I don't have amnesia." Kakashi exclaimed, "And that's some henge you have."

Naruto blinked, "…ore?"

"I thought you were finished with your wind-ups? I almost took your word for it that day."

"I'm not the kid who pulls pranks anymore. I want a real mission, old man!" (1)

"Wind-ups? Henge? What're talking about?"

"Cut the act Naruto and go home." Kakashi spoke as he made his way.

"Whoa there." The blond teen paced towards his sensei, "What act? You're the one who's acting peculiar." He faced Kakashi, "Look, ever since I woke up, things have been too weird. I just want to know what happened to our mission. And what about the crooks?"

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The Uchiha Prodigy began thinking, That can't be Naruto! For a minute, Sasuke noticed Naruto looking in his direction, he spotted me?! Even if he was that dobe, I wouldn't have been spotted so easily by the dead-last. Besides, the dobe was on his way to Ichirakus the last time I saw him. Could he be an imposter? What in the heck is going on?! I have to stick around to find out.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Before Kakashi could open his mouth, both turned their attention to a voice, "Kakashi, I need to talk to you,"

"Iruka-sensei!" Naruto spoke aloud,

"Hm?" The chuunin turned his confused expression to the blond, "Naruto?"

"C'mon Iruka-sensei, don't tell me you're into this too!"

"Into what?" A puzzled Iruka said,

"People are looking at me as if I'm a total stranger!"

Kakashi curved his attention to Naruto, "Then just call off your henge and tell me what really is going on,"

The puzzled look was now plastered onto the teen, "You keep saying I have a henge but I really don't know what you're on about,"

The jounin and chuunin exchanged looks; and Iruka spoke, "I don't know if you are aware of this, but you do look a bit out of the ordinary,"

"You know what," Naruto began, "you're not the first to say that." The blond held his hand in front of his teachers' faces, signalling to pause their turn in words. "Let me guess, I look taller and I changed my outfit, oh and my headband's missing, right?"

"Ur…yeah," the teachers replied,

"Let me tell you that, for a fact, you've seen me like this ever since I returned to Konoha from ero-sennin's training. And I'm probably in my bed right now, dreaming this pointless event." Naruto turned to the opposite direction, "Hence, why I shall be returning to my apartment now and try to wake myself up from this uncanny moment." As Naruto made his way, the two senseis exchanged looks once more.

"Well…that was weird." Iruka began, "Should we follow him?"

"That would be best." Kakashi responded, and then turned his head towards Sasuke's direction, "No need to be incognito." The Uchiha boy walked out of the dark ally, "Since you overheard everything, I suppose you want to join." Sasuke Smirked with determination and all three made their way as they hopped on the roofs of Konoha.

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What a weird day…or should I say dream, Naruto thought as he made his way to his apartment. Wow…I actually feel physically tired, how real does this get. As he dug his hand into his pocket for his keys, he looked up to spot someone else entering his apartment.

"HEY! What the hell are you doin-" The teen paused to see a very familiar young, blond, "…ore…?"

"I know you! You're that guy we found!" The young blond spoke, "Listen, I really need to talk to you. I need to know what is going on with you."

The blond teen replied solemnly, "Took the words right out of my mouth."





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NOTE: (1) – That was said during episode 6 when Naruto began yelling for higher rank missions to the third hokage.