At seven thirty the next morning, Callie's alarm clock buzzed. She groaned as she turned over and hit the top of the clock to get it to stop. Slowly she opened her eyes and had almost forgotten that she had slept with her grandfather in the living, and had dug the clock out of a box in order to wake her up. She looked over to the recliner chair and saw her grandfather covered up to the waist, with his mouth open and lightly snoring. Callie smiled slightly, getting up off the couch and as quietly as she could, walked over to her grandfather, and lightly pecked him a kiss good morning on the cheek.

At Callie's touch he jumped a little, looking around him curiously, probably also forgetting that he too had camped out in the living room. After a moment, his eyes rested on Callie and he smiled.

"Good morning, baby girl," Jack yawned and stretched at the same time.

Callie chuckled a little as she said, "Good morning, Grampa."

She turned to go to the bathroom where she had set up all her toiletries and other get-ready-tools when she heard him say "Are you ready for band?"

She froze for a second and then slowly turned to see him grinning, a twinkle in his eye. She sighed and moaned, "As ready as I'll ever be."

With that, she turned and ran upstairs where her bathroom was. As quickly as she could she hopped in and out of the shower, fixed her hair in a ponytail, brushed her teeth and other such necessities, got ready in something that was comfortable and cool, and hurried downstairs where she ran into the smell of bacon and toast on the staircase.

When she rounded the corner into the kitchen, she saw her grandfather fixing breakfast on the stove and some of it in the microwave and toaster. Callie watched amused as she saw him struggle to handle all the appliances that he was using. Deciding he had suffered enough, she went to help him.

Fifteen minutes and a couple of burnt pieces of toasts later, Callie and Jack sat down at their table and started eating their breakfast. It went smoothly and pleasantly enough until fifteen minutes later they were interrupted by the sound of their doorbell.

"That's probably Jed," Jack observed, checking his watch for the time.

Callie wiped her mouth on her napkin, and then quickly got up to answer the door after hearing the doorbell go off again. When she reached the door and swung it open, she was greeted by Jed who was wearing a smile, the same twinkle in his gray eyes as Jack had had in his earlier. With a greeting of hello and good morning, Callie stepped out of the way so as to allow Jed to come into the house. Callie led the way into the kitchen where Jack was still sitting at the table reading the paper with a cup of coffee in one hand and the paper folded in half with the other. When Jed entered, Jack set both the paper and his empty cup down and stood up to shake the man's hand.

"Anything good in that paper," Jed teased, elbowing Jack lightly in the side.

"Nope," Jack answered, shaking his head slowly from one side to the other, "it's the same ol' thing everyday: War and economy."

Jed nodded in agreement, and then shooting a look at Callie said in better spirits, "Well, I think it's time we got going. I wanted to get to the school a little earlier and go over with you what will be going on."

Callie nodded to show she understood, kissed her grandfather goodbye, and then followed Jed out the door to his truck. She climbed in and buckled her seatbelt as Jed started the ignition and the engine roared to life. Jed pulled a U-turn in the driveway, and then accelerated back up the drive where they turned onto the main road and started heading towards the school.

They drove on down the rode, neither Jed nor Callie saying a word. Callie just watched mesmerized at the passing scenery, thinking about what that morning would bring. To say she was dreading it would be an understatement. After five minutes of silence Jed said, "Are you nervous?"

Callie turned slowly at hearing his question to look him in the eye with a look on her face that said, "Duh!"

Jed laughed at the expression on her face as he said, "Yeah, well the first day I started teaching I was pretty nervous too."

"Yeah, but you're an adult," Callie said exasperated. "You weren't one of them. They were more willing to listen to a grown-up."

Jed shook his head no as he replied, "No, they had a problem with authority. Maybe since you are 'one of them', they will be more accepting of your advice."

Callie shook her head and sighed. After a moment of silence she asked quietly, "What did you do?"

"About what," Jed asked, looking over at her briefly.

"About their 'problem with authority'. How did you get them to listen?"

"Well, it took some time, and a whole lot of trial and error," Jed explained. "However, in the end, I found the technique that worked best for me and I have been using it for the past twenty years."

"What's your technique," Callie asked.

"I'm what I like to call a Pusher," Jed told her smiling to himself. "I 'push' people to do their best. I use whatever I can to 'push' them, but in the end I almost always get the result I want."

Callie slowly nodded. When she did not respond Jed continued, "There are other kinds of techniques I've seen other teachers use too. I've seen the Forcer, the Kind One, the I-Don't-Care One, the Problem Solver, and sometimes the Bully."

Jed looked over at Callie who was staring at him intently, hanging on to his every word. He studied her for a moment before he added, "I bet I know what type of technique you'll most likely use."

"Oh," Callie asked surprised, "and what would that be?"

"The Motivator," Jed grinned.

"Really," Callie asked, "why do you say that?"

"Because you don't seem like the type that would have to force anyone to do anything, or be extremely kind to them all the time to gain popularity, and you seem to care what happens to people, and I don't think you want to solve their problems to better understand them and teach them, and you certainly don't seem the type that would bully anyone into doing anything. You seem mostly to motivate people by making them believe in themselves and their abilities. You seem to bring out the good in everyone by bringing out your best. Of course I could be wrong, but that mostly seems like you."

Callie nodded slowly, thinking about what Jed had just said. Maybe that was her technique, it seemed to match her. She shrugged; she would just have to try it.

She returned her gaze out the window, but much to her surprise and dismay, Jed was already turning into the teacher parking lot of the high school. He found a parking spot and shut the engine off. Callie noticed him out of the corner of her eye watching her and asked him without looking at him, "What?"

"Are you ready to go?"

Callie sighed. She wanted to go, but she was scared. If she could have, she would have just sat in the truck until camp was over with. However, knowing that Jed would not allow her to do that she opened up her door and groaned, "Yeah, let's get this over with."