Even the sick yellow street lights couldn't lift the darkness that hung nowadays over the roofs of the great city London, capitol of the world. But even this from human hearts created darkness grew thicker and more evil on that certain spot on that certain roof in that certain district. The source of that darkness was a creature.

He shifted slightly as a blaze of cool and foul wind hit him, turning his head to avoid the smell of rotten flesh and fish. The night would be worse than that after all, so there was no need to deal with such unimportant annoyances right now. He knew that he was the only one of his kind that lived in the richer parts of the city, yet the only one from the noble kind. The low and dirty creatures who had lost themselves in their greed long ago, deprived of every human aspect, lingered in this poor parts of the town as well. Sniffing for fresh spilled blood and stealing the fresh newborns out of their mother's arms. Cowards and dregs, they all were. He wasn't sure if his noble blood had given him the ability to stay that human or if it has just been his fate, or perhaps it had been his own strength?

But in a night like this he couldn't lose himself in such thoughts.

Out of habit he let his senses wander over the surrounding area. He was alone.

The only vampire tonight.

Well, hello to you all. I'm comming up with a new story and it'll be a rather longer one. I have the plot ready in my mind and it just needs to be written down.

Before you mock about the cheap language and the possible grammatical mistakes in this story please be aware that I'm no native speaker. I learned English in school as a subject and it's always been one of my worst subjects. Of course I have a beta-reader who makes sure that the story will be at least somewhat readable.

Said beta-reader is Scheme, whom I want to dedicate this story. Always beware of vampires my friend!