Chapter 14 - The Sweet of the Night

The night was cool and sweet, dark and perfect. Axel was stronger, but Demyx was faster. Their race over the roofs of the city, through the towers and chimneys ended suddenly in front of a huge clock as Demyx spun around to grab Axel by his clothes, tearing them apart as he did so, and biting his shoulder hard. The blood poured out of the wound, immediately sucked away by Demyx as the other vampire's knees buckled and he sank into his brother's greedy arms. Still sucking the crimson life out of him, the blond took him hard and forcefully, Axel unable to protest.

Breathing heavily, Demyx lingered over his brother, who looked up at him with clouded eyes. His eyes glowed like the stars and his skin was the colour of fine porcelain, though he'd just drank Axel nearly dry. "You're so beautiful" Axel whispered and took his remaining powers to lift himself up on the elbows to capture Demyx's blood stained lips between his teeth. Gently he sucked the remaining blood, his own blood, from the lips.

Demyx breathed faster again and a little pleasured whimper escaped him as Axel's white teeth bore through his lips. This time they loved each other silently on top of the church.

"Come" Axel whispered in his ears as they lay bathing in the starlight. "I'm hungry. I haven't eaten for some days. Like I said, I've travelled by ship." He received a little love bite from his companion. "Ah, I'm sorry."

"You're tired?"

Again just a little laugh in response. "Not a bit. Don't make yourself false hopes. You're still not gonna catching me." And with this he was up, quick as the water he presented, and down the tower towards the dark streets.

They would hunt this night, that was for sure, and they would love each other again and again before the sun rose.

Zexion woke up slowly, the action easier said than done. He felt himself waking up and drifting back to sleep several times, before he finally managed to climb out of the swampy arms of sleep. With still-blurred vision, he swung his feet over the edge of his bed and touched the cool wooden floor with his toes. He noticed that he was wearing his nightgown, though he had the feeling that this wasn't right. Clouded memories flooded his mind. A tall man with bright red hair. A vampire as well. And then there was his Master and then just pain.

With a sigh, he fell backwards onto the cushions again. His eyes observed the ceiling as he tried to remember, though it was no use. He got up and followed a feeling left over from his dreams towards the door and out onto the chilly floor. He did not know why, but his feet led him up again into the now grey saloon of Master Demyx. Judging from the light it was still very early in the morning, the world was still clean.

His feet made their way through the room and through the high doors which lead to the bedroom. Strangely the curtains were wide open as well as the window itself so little flakes of snow could drift in and out the freezing room.

Later he asked himself, why for god's sake he had gone into that room? Which voice had it been that had called him here?

The bed was a mess, usual as Master Demyx slept in it, blankets pulled everywhere. As the little servant made his way to the bed his foot touched something cold. And as he looked down a high-pitched cry escaped his throat and he fell backwards, eager to get away from what lay there on the floor.

It was a boy, and judging from the pale skin, the frozen face and the several wounds on his neck, wrist and hip he was dead. He was also naked, only a little white blanket hiding his body.

He was so skinny, like Zexion had once been, and his hair was yellow, like the sun. But Zexion was mostly affected by those eyes. They were sky-blue, though they now had the look of broken glass, their owner being dead and all.

Staring into those eyes, Zexion felt bile rise his throat.

"Please behave yourself. I don't feel like explaining to him that you saw this," came a sneaky and sleepy voice from the bed.

The red headed vampire had awoken. He sat upright and brushed his fingers through his unruly hair as Zexion looked up at him. His skin was chalky and was so skinny that Zexion couldeasily count every bone. Now that the naked figure was upright Zexion could see the equally naked back of his master.

"Don't worry. He's sleeping like a bear," said Axel, who obviously judged from Zexion's look. "The name's Axel, got it memorized. And sorry for your wrist, got a little carried away." With a mental start, Zexion remembered the source of the pain from his dreams and looked down at his left wrist. It was swollen, blue and purple, but the pain was bearable... As if he'd only twisted it slightly. As he heard a rustling noise, he panicked and looked up again with big round eyes at the vampire.

Now a cruel smile played on those lips and the sick green of his eyes seemed to glow a little. "Are you afraid?" he whispered so low Zexion could barely hear him, yet it sent a electric spark down his spine and made the hairs on his neck stand up. He managed to nod. "You better be, we're fed, but we're still vampires. Old and mighty ones." The smirk grew with every word.

"Please be so kind and forget that little boy here on the floor. Demyx, I don't know why, feels so attached to humans. He always needs them around him. And knowing that you know about his true nature would hurt him, and I always try to protect my little brother." Another piece of memory floated back at those words.

Impossible! How could such a cruel and sadistic creature be the brother of his kind and gentle Master?

"Haha, twins are usually very unalike, didn't you know?" So obviously he could read Zexion's mind. "But let me tell you something, child. You've spent your time with a monster. I know what he's capable of. I've spent nearly 700 years with him."

He didn't now how he'd managed, but a little whispery voice reached his tongue. "He... he's different than you..."

"HAH!" barked Axel out, now a full cruel grin crossing his face. "Wonderful! A little liar! A liar to himself! Lemme tell you, child! The only person that thinks that Demyx is not a monster is you! He's the way he is, and nothing can change this. The only reason you see him that kind way, is that you made him being so in your head." Again he quirked a cruel smile, "and deep down in your soul you know that."

Tears welled up in Zexion's eyes and bare foot he ran over the silencing carpets out of the bedroom.

As the doors closed Axel let out a sigh. What a child, it loved his brother so much it even made him a saint in his mind. Perhaps he hadn't even realized that he loved him. And knowing his dumb brother he didn't have a clue either.

Other than for other vampire, he didn't feel jealousy. He knew that Demyx wasn't his companion for eternity. He just was his beloved brother. He sighed again and got up to get rid of the boy's corpse before the sun rose fully.

"My, my, aren't you a bit young to be here?" The old woman asked him as he peeked over the counter of the little smelly shop.

"Death doesn't care about age," he replied cooly.

"Well spoken, little man. And neither does the law. I assume you came here knowing what I sell here?"

"You sell death in a flask." At this the old woman had to laugh, her laugh was, despite her grey hair and her cracked skin, the laugh of a young girl.

"You seem to be good with words, little man. And you know what you want. But I can see in your eyes that you're acting out of hurt feelings. Tell me, perhaps I can do something other for you than giving you one of my flasks."

"Are you good at your job?" Zexion asked her instead of answering.

"Huhu, trying it with compliments, are you? Let me tell you, little purple-eyed boy, that I am the best."

"Then I have a challenge for you."

Her look was suspicious. There wasn't anything she couldn't do. Though her work was taboo, everybody took her help in the times of need. "Let me hear."

"Can you kill a vampire?"

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