Mick wanted to be turned

Mick wanted to be turned. Well, he'd kind of expected this. He knew it needed to be done, because he wasn't rushing in to save Mick's girlfriend alone and Mick really was a liability as a human. And Mick would never forgive him if Beth died on their watch.

He had to bring it to Mick's attention himself, this mortal flaw in Mick's knight-in-shining armor plan. Not just because he was looking out for a friend, not even close. He knew Mick needed to be a vampire and he wasn't going to let anyone else do it, not this time. Coraline had snapped Mick up and hidden him away jealously when he was a fledgling and though most of her fellows thought she was foolish for turning a moralistic human who hadn't been told a word about the supernatural, none of them could blame her if she wanted to tie Mick to a bed for the rest of his unnatural undead existence.

He was handsome, he had a lovely voice, but none of that was the reason, not really. He had just exuded pheromones as a human, and vampirism did nothing to change that. If anything, the smell was more powerful. Josef knew the Cleaner, among other vampires of both genders, had a serious yen for his friend.

But no Coraline and certainly no cleaner would beat him to the vein this time. He put up his token protests and sank fang into that delicious neck.