Our favorite blonde and our favorite puppet were having our least favorite conversation.

"Blowing things up isn't art, brat."

"Yes, it is, un."

"No, it's really not."

"It's a quick picture of art, un. It's a collision of clay and chakra that explodes and creates a passion filled release."

"No, its a piece of-" started Sasori.

"Nope, I'm not listening!" said Deidara turning on the TV to full volume.

I called her on the phone,

and she touched herself,

she touched herself,

she touched herself,

I laughed,


to sleep.

Sasori tried to block out the song as he looked at Deidara. He was beautiful.

As the song went off, Deidara changed the channel only to find it again.

If I die and go to hell real soon,

It will appear to me as, this room

and for eternity I'd lay in bed,

in my boxers, half stoned,

with a pillow under my head.

Sasori felt his member harden as Deidara spread out over the floor on his back.

Know that you will be my downfall,

but I call,

and I call,

and I call.

Sasori jumped onto Deidara and began to kiss his neck.

Deidara gasped.

"Sasori-danna" he moaned.

Sasori chuckled. "I know you want it Dei-chan." he purred.

"You just gotta show me." he whispered in Deidara's ear.

Deidara un-buttoned Sasori's cloak quickly and began lick his nipple.

Sasori groaned and pulled away from Deidara as he stuck 3 fingers into his mouth.

"Su-" he began

"Danna, un, I know what to do." said Deidara's muffled voice.

"Good." said Sasori. "That means we can move along faster." whispered Sasori as he pulled down Deidara's pants with his free hand.

He pulled his moistened fingers out of Deidars's mouth and inserted them into his enterance.

Deidara whimpered while Sasori scissored around looking for Deidara's spot.


He'd found it. He pulled out his fingers. Deidara exhaled. But then, he felt a sharp ejecting pain.

"Ahhhhh!" he cried, tears collecting in his eyes.

"Shh, I know it hurts, Dei-chan." said Sasori, wiping the tears from Deidara's eyes.

He started a steady rhythm, making Deidara moan.

He sped up, rocking Deidara and the bed move along with him.

"Faster! Harder, Danna!" cried Deidara.

Sasori granted Deidara's wish. Deidara moaning and gasping each time he thrust in.

"Daaaaannna!" he cried before he climaxed onto the floor.

Sasori grunted and came all over Deidara's stomach. He fell on top of a panting Deidara.

"You..look so cute.." he gasped.

"I'm art."

I laughed,


to sleep.