Scully: No, seriously, why do you have to invade our little area. Go, go back to terrifying the members of House...leave us alone!

Mulder: (Sadly) NO! Don't leave meh! I've been off the air for six years! I need all the company I can get! (hugs)

Sky: (gasps)

Scully: Fine. Sky does not own us, will never own us and doesn't dream of owning us. She will also be departing this realm of fandom shortly. (Pointed glare)


Scully's Opposite Day Note

To my most reviled enemy, Mulder,

I just wanted to say that I hate you.

Yup. Everything about you.

I hate the way you smile

The way you smirk

That stupid grin you get when you know you've beaten me

I hate how you make me feel

That tingle I never get in my chest when you're close

Or that absurd sense of longing I never get when you call my name

I hate you for your courage

And your beliefs (which, quite frankly, are stupid.)

I hate you for hating me

And never making me feel safe

Never making me feel needed and welcomed

And I hate you for your looks

For your dull, ugly eyes

And your more ugly soul and...

And...I'm out...

I guess what I want to say is...

Happy Opposite Day, Mulder

I hate you.

Sky: See! It wasn't that bad!

Mulder: (Looking heartbroken) Scully...I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME!

Scully: (glares)

Sky: And remember...this was written for Opposite Day...where things are opposite...

Scully: GET OUT!

Sky: Yeah...okay...I'll just...

Scully: NOW!