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James Theodor Potter sat at his desk in the ancestral manor of The Noble and Most Ancient House of Potter reading through a great deal of letters. There was however a grin on his face that was widening every time he read a letter. Why? Well it just so happened that his son Harry James Potter had been born just barely a week before and each and every letter was an offer of betrothal. There were dozens of letters sitting on the desk, though this was in no doubt due to baby Harry's status as the heir to the Potter name and fortune. He was so proud of his son being this popular with the ladies at his age.

The current letter in James's hand however was quite different from the other letters as it was not from an English Wizard Family but a French one. Jules Delacour, head of the Delacour family and a member of the International Confederation of Wizards, was offering a betrothal to his daughter Fleur Isabelle Delacour, whom had barely turned three and was quarter-veela.

James, being a male had only one thought, Oh Merlin Veela! In less than a second, every other betrothal offer was forgotten for this was no doubt the offer for his son! Leaving his office he quickly made his way to the library where his wife spent a majority of her time. He intended to get his son a Veela and by Merlin, he wasn't going to take no for an answer.

He found Lily as he suspected in the library of the manor with Harry. Lily currently had Harry in her arms while she read a book out loud to herself and her child. Tonight's book was another chapter of The Fellowship of the Ring, a muggle novel that his wife loved to read. He sat down in the chair next to his wife, gathering his thoughts as she finished the chapter she was reading. After finishing the chapter, she left the room for a few minutes to place Harry in his crib. When she came back, James was ready to present his case to the Judge.

"Hey Lily, I think I found a betrothal that would be good for Harry."

"Really? So, dear husband, tell me what this betrothal is." Lily replied, setting off a myriad of alarms in James's head. It was never a good sign when she said the words dear husband. However, he would not be deterred; his son would marry a veela!

"Now Lily, at least give me a chance," He said. "The offer is from a well known French family named the Delacour's. They have a young girl named Fleur. Their family is one of the richest families in France, not to mention that they are politically connected around the world. The head of the family, who is Fleur's father by the way, is a member of the ICW and an opponent of pure-blood legislation. In fact he's married to a Veela."

"And how does this change the fact that I said I was not going to sign any marriage contracts for my son?" She ground out for the fourth time that day.

"Lillllly," James whined. "Veela! Harry won't get another chance like this. I mean, it's a Veela for god's sake. Not to mention that her family is a noble French family. Please Lily flower, wont you do it for Harry?"

Lily brought her hands to her forehead and massaged her forehead. "If I agree to this, will you stop asking me about these proposals?"

Nodding emphatically, James answered yes to his wife.

"You will make sure that there are escape clauses in case he doesn't like her right? In addition, I want tests that will check that there are no sort of compulsions and the like right. Okay?"

James again nodded very enthusiastically up and down.

"Alright, then I will sign it." She breathed a sigh of relief that she wouldn't have to deal with this anymore. Lily did glance at her husband and saw a familiar look on his face as he stood up.

'Okay, now to build a …' James thought before being interrupted by his wife as he was leaving. "James, I know what you're thinking. No harems."

Damn… well at least Sirius will be jealous. My son is marrying a Veela!


One year and three months later…

A well dressed Frenchman glared at yet another English Ministry worker that was attempting to delay him from reaching the Chief Warlock's office. Having quite enough of the worker, Jules Delacour pushed past the man and into the small waiting room beyond. He did not bother to even slow down for the receptionist sitting at the desk next to the door but choose to push past her through the door of Albus Dumbledore's offices, interrupting a meeting between Dumbledore and Millicent Bagnold, the current Minister of Magic. However, Jules was very focused at the moment and ignored the minister, whom was sitting shocked in a plush chair across from Dumbledore. The Chief Warlock apparently was not the least bit shocked at the intrusion into his office by Jules and watched the man through his half-moon spectacles, eyes twinkling softly.

"Mr. Dumbledore, I must insist that you turn over my daughters betrothed over to my family immediately." Jules ground out. "If you do so, I will ignore the fact that you did not even send a notice of death for his parents to me."

Dumbledore, seemly unfazed by Jules's statement, just peered over his glasses. "Mr. Delacour, I can assure you that Harry is in the best possible place-"

"I somehow doubt that, Dumbledore. Since Sirius Black has been arrested for killing his parent, I believe that the terms of the will come into play. The terms of the will declare that if both Lily and James Potter should die, and if Sirius Black is unable to care for the child he would go to the Delacour family. I was there when the will was finalized last year as I was a witness myself, so I know the terms very well. So the question becomes, where is Mr. Potter?" Jules grated out, his anger almost at his limits.

"Now Mr. Delacour, I can assure you that he is safe and that-"

"Chief Warlock Dumbledore, I do not care for what you believe in this case. The law gives my family clear rights to shelter him. If you do not tell me where he today then you can expect me to bring this to the ICW," he said, after cutting off the older man off. He gave a stiff node to the minister before leaving with a short and polite goodbye to the lady minister.


In the end, it took almost a year for a full ICW trial to finish and grant custody of the young Harry Potter to his betrothed's family. As the Delacour's were well off, the court ordered the Potter fortunes to be sealed until his age of majority, with the exception of a rather small trust vault that had already been established for the boy at birth.

"Jules, he doesn't look like he's eaten in days," Apolline Delacour gasped as she took the toddler from his arms and cradled his frail form to her. "We will have to bring him to a healer as soon as possible. Who knows what this will mean for him later in life?"

"Dumbledore had him with the worst sort of Muggles. The English are savages," he muttered as he silently swore to never let Harry suffer like that under his care.


Even as the head of the French Ministry's Department of International, there was only so much one could do to hurry healers along when dealing with a case like Harry's. The Healers had done an extensive work up on him, noting several problems with not only the curse scar on the boy's forehead but also the obvious physical problems brought about by the Dursley's neglect and abuse. Many of the healers where shocked that someone could leave a child in such a place without even checking on the boy from time to time, it was enough to make their stomachs turn. Thankfully, luck and fortune was with the boy for the healers were able to help. They suggested a purification ritual that the Healers to be used weekly and a battery of potions for daily use that would to hold off the worst of the effects from both maladies. They were hopeful that Harry would be a healthy child within a year. It took seven hours but the Delacour's arrived home with their new charge in hand.

They relieved their nanny and brought Fleur, who was almost five, in to see Harry.

"Fleur, meet Harry. He's going to be your husband some day," her mother said gently.

Fleur's brilliant blue eyes lit up. "Really? But he's so small."

"He's small now, dear, but someday he's going to be big and strong. But for now, just be good friends with him. After all, marriage is more than just a few words but a person who is your best friend and will always be with you. Remember, I was friends with your daddy before we married and one day you'll get the same chance with Harry," her mother explained gently. Fleur was eating it up and looking quite excited.

Cradling the small body of Harry made Apolline was surprised by the feeling that she really wanted another child. Perhaps after Harry was settled in she could work with Jules on that.


Things went wonderfully for the year following Harry's arrival. Accepted and loved in the Delacour house, the emotional trauma that Harry had suffered at the hands of the Dursley's was mostly erased and forgotten. Harry had even attached himself to Fleur as much as a child could to another, forming the first bonds between the two. For both of the children's parts, it was much like a siblings love, innocent and carefree.

As the current Minister of Magic for France retired, Jules had thrown his own name into the running as a candidate and was doing surprisingly well in the race. Since the French ministry was one of the more progressive ministries in the European sphere, it supported a large magical creature population that not only included France's well known Veela's but also almost every other race including half-giants, mermen, and even those descended from lesser Fae. They even welcomed vampires and werewolves now thanks to the Full Moon Acts and the agreement between the Parisian banks and the Vampire Council. Many of the less progressive ministry's in Europe scoffed at the French but the French knew they had the last laugh because after all who better to perform manual labor that a half giant? Who more adept at tracking than a werewolf? Who was better than a merman to fish? Oh, yes the French were laughing as they watched their neighbors walk right past a valuable part of an economic system.

Jules Delacour did very well with not only the general witch and wizard population but also with the magical creatures. It was probably due to the fact that he had married one of the so called 'creatures' but also due to the fact that he had in many cases helped the legislation for the recognition and rights of near-human races. He had not expected to win the race and Jules was thoroughly shocked when he managed to win the election.

In fact his acceptance speech was not written out when he gave it but would prove to be an historic moment for not only France but the world.

"Ladies and gentlemen," Jules said as he beamed a smile at all of those present. "I am pleased to see that the witches and wizards have spoken and elected me as your new Minister of Magic. It is time to show the rest of the world that France is not content to follow, but that we will lead boldly into the next century. We have already started down the road to true magical equality, but I promise you now that under my administration, we will look to the merit in all creatures of magic, so that all may prosper."


"Harry, you're getting to be a young man now and it's time we talked about something," Jules said, placing a strong yet reassuring hand on Harry's shoulder. "As you know that we're not your real parents, but we've never really talked to you about your real parents, James and Lily Potter. I am going to tell you a story. One that you may not understand entirely now but someday you will," he said and launched into the story of Voldemort's first rise and how it ended. Harry listened and by the end of the telling, sat with his mouth gaping open. Yet he managed to ask a few questions which Jules answered as best he could with his somewhat limited knowledge.

"Right then, I have some friends who are going to come by a few days a week and start teaching you some magic. It's very important that you listen to them and do as they say. They'll be teaching you many things Harry but I want you to remember, only use a wand when you with an adult who knows what you're doing. It's also important for you to learn these things, since you might need them to help protect Fleur some day. You want to protect her, don't you?"

Harry nodded emphatically and Jules smiled. Harry might not understand what exactly what was in the future for him and his 'betrothed' but he certainly understood that Fleur was his to protect and to take care of. It was quite cute, but his determination and will to do so was real. The fact that she returned the feeling made it all the more heartwarming and promising.

Later that day, Apolline smiled as she watched the children play in the back yard. Fleur, now nine almost ten, was flying three feet off the ground in the air on a training broom as Harry, now seven, chased behind her, laughing as he attempted to catch her. Gabrielle, nearing two years old, sat playing with flowers, tired from toddling after Harry for several minutes.

Both Harry and Fleur were on a break from school and training this week. Normally, they attended one of France's premier preparatory schools for magical students were they learned about many things such as runes, potions, and magical creatures alongside what they would have normally learned in a muggle school of the same caliber. They had both attended since they were five years old and both were among the top percentile of their respective classes. Since the two of them were close to the minister, they often took part in impromptu training sessions provided by the Aurors that protected Jules. Many of these training exercises were about kidnapping prevention, escape, and even muggle martial arts as means of self-defense. They were sometimes taught other methods more common to the average upper class family. The lessons in actual magic were kept somewhat light due to the fact that if they practiced too much 'wanded' magic, it could stunt their magical growth.


Eventually the day came that Fleur had to leave for Beauxbatons. It was the saddest day in recent memory for young Harry Potter. At this time, Harry was old enough to understand that Fleur was not his sister but his best friend. Of course, after mopping for a week he realized that he still had Gabrielle and his own schooling to worry about. So he threw himself into learning everything he could, just so he could skip years to be with Fleur again once it was time for him to go

Thus, the first year without Fleur flew by as Harry buried himself in books and study, spending his time in the library if he wasn't playing with Gabrielle. When Fleur returned home for Christmas, he attached himself to her side, clinging to her constantly. She seemed to think it cute and put up with his behavior, though she insisted that he sleep in his own bed as it would 'not be proper' if he joined her in hers. It was somewhat confusing but he could see why she was saying that, besides he knew better than to argue with her. The spring and summer went similarly, spending time with his 'not-sisters' and playing. Though, he did however spend some time reading Fleur's text books that he had 'borrowed' from her school trunk. He understood most of the books, a testament to his year of studying. It was even to the point where he was able to talk Fleur into letting him 'help' with her homework; though she spent more time teaching him than actually doing said homework.

Eventually, she went back to school, but this time Harry did not miss her quite as much for he knew it was only a matter of time before she came back. Besides she sent him letters every week, asking about life at home. Though he fell back into his habits from the year before, namely studying and playing with Gabrielle, he added a new activity, daydreaming. In these day dreams he would often see himself and Fleur living together in a big house somewhere with Gabrielle visiting from time to time. Sometimes Madame and Monsieur Delacour would be there too. Oh yes, Harry was starting to form some new concepts in his brain even if he didn't fully grasp them quite yet.

Time went on and before long Fleur was home after her third year, and she had learned something new. Specifically, she had learned about kissing and she took it upon herself to teach Harry how to kiss a girl. They didn't get a whole lot out of it, but both found it fun and that they felt like adults, so they did it fairly often. Apolline eventually caught them and sat Fleur down for a talk. Actually, it was that 'talk' and it turned out to be a very long, very embarrassing talk for Fleur. She also made it a point to get an appointment to speak to a Healer about putting Fleur on a contraceptive potion in the near future.

Though they were obviously too young to be engaging in those activities, but if Fleur was with child before Harry turned seventeen, the betrothal would be void and the child unable to inherit anything from the Potter line. It was a standard clause to prevent a particularly wily girl from stealing fortunes or circumventing the escape clauses in the contract.

After the 'talk', Fleur still kissed with Harry but they were far more careful about being seen. Fleur also had a lot of things to think about now that she had 'the talk' from her mother. She planned to start Harry off as soon as he showed an interest in 'that'. After all, if he was going to be her lover then she wanted him trained up right.

On Harry's eleventh birthday, he received several letters from the auror that screened the mail for the Delacour's. He had received invitations from twelve magical schools were Fleur had received only ten. Most promised him all sorts of fringe benefits should he chose to attend their institution but Harry had his eye on just one school. It was the school that Fleur herself went to, Beauxbatons.

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