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On Harry's eleventh birthday, he received several letters from the auror that screened the mail for the Delacour's. He had received invitations from twelve magical schools were Fleur had received only ten. Most promised him all sorts of fringe benefits should he chose to attend their institution but Harry had his eye on just one school. It was the school that Fleur herself went to, Beauxbatons.


Finally, Harry thought as he took his letter of acceptance to the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic to the owlery. It had taken almost an hour to go through the letters for all the schools, replying to each that regretfully he would not be attending their school for his Magical Education. Every single rejection letter had already been sent leaving only his letter to Beauxbatons to be sent. Though he could have handed his letter off one of the Delacour's house elves, he felt that he should send the letter himself using his own owl Hedwig.

Hedwig was female snowy owl that had been purchased by Jules for Harry several months back during a trip to England's Ministry of magic. Harry found her to be a wonderful owl for she was smart and reliable, though he might be a bit biased because he suspected that she was his familiar. When he arrived in the owlery he found Hedwig waiting for him sitting on a perch that he could easily reach.

"Hey girl," he said cheerfully, "you doing okay today?" Hedwig hooted softly as to say that she was fine but was a bit bored. "Ah, well then you are in luck. Can you take this letter to the Headmistress of the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, Olympe Maxime?"

Hedwig gave a short, indignant hoot and an attempted to nip his fingers as if to say that of course she could but the question was could he? Harry chuckled at her actions but tied the letter to the outstretched leg that she had offered. She hopped onto his arm allowing him to carry her outside. He fed her an owl treat as a sort of peace offering before sending her off with the letter. Hearing a soft giggling behind him, Harry turned around to find Fleur covering her mouth in an attempt to stifle her laughter.

"Hedwig has you whipped, Harry." She said giving Harry a small grin. "She baits you and you give her an owl treat, just like that!" She added with a snap of her fingers.

"So, she's my owl and I'm allowed to spoil her." Harry said, attempting to defend himself. "So, what's happening?" he asked motioning to her current attire. Currently Fleur was wearing what Harry like to call her shopping outfit, a pair of blue jeans and a black spaghetti strap t-shirt with hair pulled behind her head in a ponytail. She looked quite…hot like that, Harry decided, not realizing that he was experiencing one of the many changes of puberty. It wasn't that Harry never found himself looking at Fleur but usually he thought that she looked very nice or pretty, not anymore it seemed. In fact had Harry's father been alive and able to read Harry's thoughts, James Potter would have been jumping for joy or expressing his joy in some similar manner. Lucky he wasn't and Harry was spared the embarrassing moment that it would have caused.

"Well, since you got your letter and it's your birthday we were going to go to the Magical Quarter in Paris to get your school things and maybe a few gifts. Well, maybe not the last part but we'll see…" She said with a smile.

"Just like we'll see if you'll get any presents for Christmas if that happens," Harry shot back with a grin as they walked back to the house. While it was a short walk, the two found a trio of people waiting for them. The trio consisted of Apolline, Gabriella and the same auror who had delivered the letters, whose name was Louis.

"Jules has already gone onto work, so it'll be just the two of you today. Gabriella and I will be going to the Healers with Auror Lioncourt for her check up, so be good you two." She told them before flooing to the healers with the other two.

"Soooo, Harry, what do you say to having a little fun shopping today?" Fleur asked with an odd glint in her eye. Harry felt that the glint might cause him problems before the day was over.


Yep, Harry was right that glint was trouble and he didn't even have to wait the whole day to find that out. After flooing to the Magical Quarter in Paris, Fleur had wasted no time in dragging him to the Paris Branch of Gringotts Bank to make a withdraw from his trust account. The bank was much like it counterparts in various parts of the world, sharing the large bronze doors and white marble exterior but most importantly the warning on the second set of doors made of silver.

Enter, stranger, but take heed

Of what awaits the sin of greed,

For those who take, but do not earn,

Must pay most dearly in their turn.

So if you seek beneath our floors

A treasure that was never your,

Thief, you have been warned, beware

Of finding more than treasure there.

The words were engraved on the doors and Harry had seen them many times before having been to the bank many times with the elder Delacour's. However, he felt the need to read them every time he came to the bank. It was odd, he supposed that the door and the words could have a spell cast into them that the made anyone that came in read them. What the spell did that was the question though he could speculate on that. Of course he would never ask a goblin about it because as long as it didn't do anything other than protect the bank, it wouldn't matter.

Inside the lobby of the bank, past the guards of course, were hundreds of goblins sitting at a long counter. Some of these goblins were tellers helping customers with some sort of transactions, while others were counting coins, weighing jewels or working one of the many different services the bank offered. Harry felt sorry for anyone who tried to rob the bank or any of its branches but that was mostly because he knew something that most didn't. What Harry knew was that every single goblin in the room was a trained warrior, from the young to the old. A person would have to be mad to try to get through them, that or more powerful than the local goblin tribe, which France's branch was the third largest in the world.

Harry and Fleur bypassed the regular transaction desks and made their way back to the offices in the back. Many of the goblins murmured a greeting of some kind in respect to the two young magic users as both were well known in Gringotts. They finally stopped at an office whose oak door was open. A goblin sat at the desk filling out a small stack of paperwork that sat in the inbox on his desk.

"Morning, Ripclaw." Harry spoke in accented Gobbledegook as they stepped into the office. "How is your gold flowing this morning?" Ripclaw was the Delacour Family Account Manager and was considered to be a family friend. As such over the years Harry had met Ripclaw many times, though not as much as Harry would have liked. Ripclaw was friendly for a goblin often tossing Harry a bit of knowledge about goblins, such as how to properly greet a goblin in gobbledegook. .

"It is flowing well. How may I help you two today Mr. Potter?"

"I need to make a withdraw from my trust vault. I imagine Fleur will do the same." Harry answered. "I'll need eighty galleons for my school supplies. Fleur, how about you?"

"Oh, I'll need ten galleons should be enough. I've gotten my new books and robes already." Looking at Harry she smirked before continuing. "Just haven't got your present yet."

Harry pouted briefly before turning his attention back to Ripclaw. "Can you give me some smaller coins for ten of those galleons Ripclaw?"

"But of course." He made a few notes on a sheet of paper and a few minutes later another goblin with the proper coins came in. They were placed in the coin purses of the two, which were magically lightened. It was nice to be a magic user sometimes. "I believe that takes care of that business. Is there anything else I can help you two with?"

"No. May your gold flow well and for you to be victorious in your battles." Harry replied in parting.

"You as well, Lord Potter." The goblin murmured as the two left the office.


Once back outside Harry pulled his school list from his pocket. The list of supplies was in many ways similar to that of other schools but at the same time was not. 'Let's see…' he thought as he read the letter.

Beauxbatons Academy of Magic

Supplies and Materials


First-year students will require:

1. Five sets of plain work robes (navy blue for males and light blue for females)

2. Two pointed hat (light blue) for day wear

3. Two regular cloaks (light blue)

4. Two winter cloaks (light blue)

5. One set of dress robes (Pupils' choice)

Please not that all clothing should carry name tags. Additional clothing may be brought if it adheres to the student code of Conduct.


All students should have a copy of the following books:

The standard Books of Spells (Grade 1) by Miranda Goshawk

A History of Magick and the world, 1990 Revision by River Tam

Magical Theory in the 20th Century by Jane Smith

A Beginners' Guide to Transfiguration by Emeric Switch

One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi by Phyllida Spore

Magical Drafts and Potions by Arsenius Jigger

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by Newt Scamander

Protection Against the Dark Arts by Alexander Corvinus


1 wand

2 pairs of protective gloves (dragon hide or similar)

1 set of glass or crystal phials

1 set of brass scales

1 telescope

Additional Equipment will be supplied by the school as needed. Students are also reminded that they may bring an owl and/or their familiar.

A note on extracurricular activities:

Students should note that additional items for any extracurricular activities should also be brought with the student. Items needed for such activities are listed on the pages that came with this letter.

"Let's start with the basics first," Harry told Fleur. "Then you can dress me up."

"Prat." She said as she smacked Harry over the head."Fine just this once. We'll need to get your trunk first."


It was approaching lunchtime when Fleur and Harry had a majority of his school shopping done. He only lacked a few things, namely his wand and his 'new' clothes. Thus after many hours of shopping they finally found themselves in front of LeBeau's Custom Wands. The shop, despite its outwards appearance, was in fact the best place to get a wand in France. The LeBeau family had been making wands nearly as long as Ollivanders in England and had a great deal of experience as such. They believed that the wand and the wizard chose each other, not the wand choosing the wizard like most wizards. As such each and every wand they sold was custom made for the wizard.

A tinkling bell could be heard in the back of the shop as the two stepped inside the shop. The front room of the shop was small yet held several chairs that looked quite comfortable and a desk that held a register. There was a door covered by a black curtain in the far corner of the room that led to the back of the shop. Harry had been here once before with Fleur three years ago when she came to get her own wand but had never seen beyond the curtained door. Taking a second to look at Fleur, he turned back around to find a young looking man standing behind the desk.

"Good morning," he said in French with a Cajun accent. There was a smile on the man's face that Harry believed was from the fact that he had sneaked in behind the counter while he wasn't looking. Then again Harry could have sworn that the man's black and red eyes were twinkling in mirth.

"Hello," Harry answered just a bit awkwardly due to the fact he was unsure of what to say.

"I thought that I'd be seeing you sometime soon," said the man in serious tone. "In fact I saw it in the cards. Along with a destiny that will change the world. The cards didn't tell me how but before the change a path must be chosen." The man's eyes switched to Fleur, glancing at her wand for a moment almost instantly changing his demeanor to that what it had been before. "Ah. Miss Delacour, a Nine and a half inch Rosewood wand with a Veela hair that was your grandmothers for a core. I also believe you carry a second wand that's Nine and three fourths of an inch made of Ash with a hair from the tail of a Thestral mixed with Mr. Potter's blood. Both are very strong and powerful wands. But to the real question, what will Mr. Potter's wands be? I am quite interested to find out."

The man flipped a section of the counter open before motioning Harry to follow him to the back of the shop. Passing through a short hallway, Harry found himself in a large room filled with unusual items. Some of these could be identified as pieces of wands while he could only guess at what some of the other things were for. Harry was lost in awe as he followed LeBeau to the center of the room for he had never seen some of the items that the wand maker had in his possession. He may have been wrong but he could have sworn he saw a soul stone amongst the other items.

Harry swore as he ran into the wand maker who had stopped in the center of the room next to a marble tile in the floor. Harry could see several runic formations inscribed into the tile as he picked himself up of the floor from the run in.

"He he, sorry," Harry apologized while scratching the back of his neck standing on the marble tile.

"It happens a lot. So what do you say, ready to get started?" the wand maker said as he triggered the runes on the tile. The last thing Harry remembered was a blinding light.


Back in the front of the shop Fleur was pacing back and forth quickly. Had her father been there he would have most likely said that she was wearing a rut into the floor from her pacing. She was just a bit worried about Harry and the fact that she didn't tell him what to expect from the wand creation process. To tell the truth she couldn't simply because she had sworn not to. The LeBeau's required all of their clients to swear an oath before the received their wand or wands. Still she was worried like harry would dislike her for not even giving him a small warning about it.

It was about thirty minutes after the two had disappeared into the back when Mr. LeBeau came back to the front carrying a small vile. She smiled as the wand maker explained that he needed a small amount of her blood to complete Harry's primary wand. Gladly giving her blood, she returned to waiting though not pacing as the wand maker finished with Harry. Several minutes later the two returned with Harry's wands in hand though Harry seemed slightly out of it.

"Is he alright?" she asked the wand maker.

"Oh yes, I must say that he had an excellent connection to both of the wands. I imagine that the world can expect great things from Mr. Potter in the future. That will be fifteen galleons and two sickles."

Harry snapped out of the daze he was in and grumbled a bit. He hadn't figured on his wands being so expensive when Fleur got hers for only ten galleons. His eyes narrowed, 'she wouldn't do that would she', he thought. Removing the necessary coins from his coin purse Harry decided to ask her once they left the wand shop.

"It was a pleasure doing business with you," the wand maker said as he took the coins and once again disappeared into the back of the shop.

"So do you forgive me Harry?" Fleur asked, drawing Harry's attention to her. He could tell that she was a bit worried about something she though she did. "What do you mean? You didn't do anything bad to me, did you?"

"No but I didn't tell you about how they create the wands. I should've tried to."

"Fleur, you didn't need to. I swore the same oaths remember? There's nothing to forgive. Why don't I show you my wands?" He said as he picked one of the Oak wand boxes of the counter. Opening the box he pulled out a whitish-grey wand. "This is my school wand. It is eleven inches long made of ash wood and a tail feather from a phoenix. Mr. LeBeau said that the phoenix flashed in while he was creating the wand. Said it surprised even him."

Placing the first wand back into its box he pulled out the second to reveal a wand that was light brown with tan lines crisscrossing the wand. "This one is the one that I'll always keep with me. The core of this wand is made from your blood and a strand of tail hair from the same thestral that's in your wand. It's not made from ash though. Mr. LeBeau said it was made with the wood of a Sakura tree."

"Really? I wonder why the hair is the same," she said as Harry placed his Sakura wand in the holster on his arm. Harry just shrugged unable to come up with an answer. "Maybe I should ask mom. She might know."

"Yeah, so can we get lunch before you drag me shopping for clothes?" Harry asked stomach grumbling loudly.

"Hmm, I don't know Harry," she however was interrupted by her own stomach growling. Harry amused by this broke out in laughter. "Oh, fine you win," she said before looking at her stomach. "Traitor."

The two of them left the shop and walked toward Rue La Fey. Rue La Fey was a street filled with several restaurants that served a variety of food from around the world. They spent the short trip to the street talking about life at Beauxbatons and what the classes were like. When they arrived Fleur swung her arm around in a wide arc as if to display Harry's choices.

"Oh birthday boy, where shall thou eat?" she mocked in a serious voice with a smile tugging at her lips.

"Thou shall eat at fair La Rosa's. I am but a mortal man and as such falls to thy great enemy, the pizza," he said motioning to the restaurant that served pizza and other 'authentic' Italian dishes.

Giggling Fleur replied, "Then I shall endeavor to help thou to defeat such a terrible enemy."

Harry held the door open for Fleur bowing slightly like a butler holding the door for the master of the house. Fleur just chuckled and walked on in. A waiter seated them in a newly cleaned corner booth away from most of the lunch crowd. While it was a little odd to be seated away from the majority of the customers, neither of the two cared very much as they were thankful for the privacy it afforded them. He ordered a simple thin crust cheese pizza with extra sauce and two colas to drink for the two of them. However Fleur took a moment to decide that it was all she wanted. In fact when Harry looked up at Fleur her tongue was sticking out between her teeth while her face was scrunched up in thought. It was quite funny and not a look that you see very often coming from not only a Veela but the daughter of the Minister.

"Having a bit of trouble deciding there Fleur?" Harry jested though he regretted it when he felt Fleur kick his shin for the comment.

"Nope, just wasn't sure if I was going to share," she said before turning to the waiter. "Can you add an order of breadsticks to that too?"

They bantered back and forth as they waited for their food to arrive. Harry took this chance to look around the room from their corner. There were a few people that glanced over at the table but it seemed most were just looking to see who was around them, much like Harry was doing. Their food arrived after about fifteen minutes and they started eating. Occasional chatter filtered over to them during their meal, though the two of them talked in between bites. Eventually the moment Harry had been dreading came, shopping for clothes.

'It has begun…' Harry thought, a shiver going down his spine.


Several hours later and many shops later, the two finally made their way back to the Chateau Delacour. Harry was tired having tried on several different outfits that Fleur had deemed necessary for him to have. The outfits tended to be in darker colors and were of muggle origin. However, Fleur said that they looked go on him and he tended to agree with her.

Despite the fact that they had taken several hours, they had returned home before the others and as such, had the whole house to themselves. After they dropped Harry's new trunk on the floor of his room, Fleur proceeded to 'practice' kissing with Harry. Due to all the 'practice' harry had been doing with Fleur, she only had one thought, 'He's getting quite good at this.'


August 2nd at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore was having a good day. It had started out well without any problems, breakfast had been good and he didn't have any meetings to attend to. The only thing that would make this day better would be Harry Potter acceptance letter arriving. However all good things must come to an end.

It was mid way through lunch when a large black owl flew into the Great Hall only to release a letter next to his plate before taking off in flight once again. The letter was addressed to him and bore the wax seals of both the Potter and Delacour families, marking it as an official correspondence from the families.

'Ah, Harry's acceptance letter.' He thought as he placed it to the side of the plate to open in his office after lunch. A few minutes later Severus came into the hall from the dungeons, late to lunch. He looked slightly exhausted and smelled slightly of potion fumes. Several of the present staff members gave him odd looks as he sat down next to Dumbledore.

"I was working on potions for Madam Pomfrey. The Gryffindor's managed to use up most of her potion stocks last year and I just finished making the last of her replacement potions."

A plate appeared in front of him covering the letter that Harry had sent to Hogwarts. The staff chatted during lunch, some more than others, about the upcoming year and current news. Popping a lemon drop in his mouth, Dumbledore watched the other professors leave and their plates disappear. He even watched Severus stalk out back towards the dungeon with his ropes billowing out behind him. Suppressing a chuckle, he had a thought similar to many of his charges. 'He really does look like a bat at times.'

Once everyone had left, he stood up himself and allowed his plate to disappear back into the kitchens below. For a moment he almost left the hall but remembered the letter that had been delivered to him during lunch.

'Now where is that letter?' He spent several minutes searching for the letter before giving up and calling on one of the house elves that worked in the kitchens. The elf informed the headmaster that everything other than the dishes and utensils had been thrown away and destroyed, thus leaving the headmaster without the letter. While making his way up to his office, he decided to place Harry on the accepted list to Hogwarts. There was little chance in his mind that the letter had been to reject his acceptance into Hogwarts because after all his parents did come to Hogwarts. What child would not like to attend the same school as their parents?


August 5th, 1991

It was five day after his birthday when Harry had tagged along with Jules to London. It was because Jules Delacour had to go to England's Ministry of Magic for a meeting with the new English Minister Cornelius Fudge. It was more or less a meeting between the two Ministries to promote international cooperation. Since it was a closed meeting Harry had to stay with one of the aurors that had come with them to England. He had come to see the English version of France's Magical Quarter. So far he was not impressed with Diagon Alley. It seemed to be more like a Nineteenth century market place than anything.

The two of them headed for Flourish and Blotts, supposedly the finest English magical bookstore. The shelves of the store where stacked to the ceiling with books of all sizes, some small yet others the size of paving tiles. As Harry walked through the store he saw that there weren't too many people shopping at this time in the morning. He did notice that there were two adults watching over a young girl with brown hair that was looking at books about Magical History.

Harry had wanted to pick up, Hogwarts: A History for some extra reading. He would have ordered it by owl but it was almost impossible to get that book outside of England, something that was common for many books written by any English Wizard or Witch. Walking past the girl and her parents he happened to hear part of a conversation between the two.

"But mom, I'll already be behind the others because I'm the first witch in our family. The other kids will already know more about magic than me. I don't want to be an outcast because I don't know anything," the girl was telling her parents. The girl was obviously a first generation witch or as the English called them, a 'muggle-born'. For the most part she wasn't correct about the fact that she would be behind. She might have been correct had she been attending Beauxbatons but English families rarely sent their children off to such a school if they went to one at all. It was because of this Harry decided to interrupt the conversation.

"Umm, I couldn't help but to overhear what you said. I wouldn't worry too much about being behind other students. Most kids only know a tiny bit of magic before they go to school unless they went to a prep school. It's doubtful that very many new students at Hogwarts would have gone to one as there aren't any in England anymore."

"Really?" the girl asked.

"Yeah, the closet magical prep school is the Newhart Prep school in Belgium and I doubt that any of the so called 'Pure-Blood' families would have sent their children outside of England as they believe that it would 'taint' their children. A bunch of hogwash if you ask me." Harry answered. The girl let out a sigh, apparently thankful that she wouldn't be behind the rest of her classmates.

"Thanks. My name is Hermione Granger by the way. A pleasure to meet you."

"Charmed, my name is Harry Potter." He said while kissing her hand like a gentleman. She blushed slightly as he did so.

"So are you going to Hogwarts this year too?" Hermione asked. "It would be nice to know someone else in my year before we go."

"Actually, I am not going to Hogwarts. I will be attending the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic in France."

"Oh, I heard that there were other schools from Professor McGonagall. She's the professor that came to deliver my Hogwarts letter. She also told me that there was another school somewhere Russia. I think she called it the Durmstang Institute."

"She was correct about that. They aren't the only schools though. There are several schools of magic located throughout Europe and even more throughout the world. Many of the schools are smaller and teach those that don't go to one of the main schools."

"Is there a reason why though?" Hermione asked.

"I'm not sure. Some schools have stricter acceptance guidelines or only take students who show promise in a certain field. For example I was also accepted into the Le Fay Institute of Magic because I have recently started an apprenticeship for Alchemy. Their students often go on to become some of the best masters of their chosen field."

"So what about Hogwarts? Professor McGonagall said that it was the best school in the UK. Is that true?" she asked.

"For the most part, Hogwarts is a good school but they tend to be straight laced with what they offer," he replied. "Why don't we finish shopping and then talk some more?"

After they finished shopping, Harry and the auror spent a half hour answering the questions of Hermione and her parents. Most were of wizarding life in general, though Hermione asked how wizarding life in England differed from other countries. The two answered that question very carefully due to the fact they were currently in a country that was considered old fashioned. At the end of the conversation both Harry and the auror had given their recommendations on what books Hermione should read and what she should know. When all was said and done Hermione was quite glad to have met the boy in the store.

As they turned to leave Hermione stopped them and asked in a quiet voice, "Do you think we could write each other?"

"Sure, it might not be too often though. Hedwig isn't really a long distance owl but I'll see what we can do, okay?" he replied.

"Are we friends then?"

"Sure are."


As the month of August went on, Harry spent a majority of his free time with Gabrielle. He knew that she was quite attached to her, just like he had been to Fleur when she had gone off to Beauxbatons for the first time three years ago. Thus he was trying to make memories for Gabrielle to remember while he was Beauxbatons with Fleur. During the last week of August, both Harry and Fleur began to pack up their school things into their trunks and double checked on the night before they left for Beauxbatons.

Students were expected to be in Marseilles no later than Two o'clock in the afternoon to catch a carriage to the school. As such, Harry and Fleur were taking the train from the Gare de Lyon station in Paris to Marseilles at Nine o'clock in the morning. It was because of this that the entire family was up and eating a quick breakfast early in the morning.

The family spent breakfast much like normal, making small talk and teasing each other. Finally it came time for the two to leave. The two piled there things into the trunk of a waiting ministry car that would take them into Paris were they could catch the train. After saying their goodbye's the two of them attempted to get into the car but Harry was stopped before he could set foot in the car. Around his leg was none other than five year old Gabrielle with tears spilling down her checks.

"Please don't go 'Arry," she cried, her voice catching every word. "I don't want you to leave too!"

Gently prying her from his leg, Harry knelt down to her level. He embraced her in a firm hug before releasing her and wiping away her tears. "It's all right Gabby. We'll both be back for Christmas, I promise. We'll even both write letters to you, like your big sister did for us. Okay?"

Gabrielle sniffed a bit but managed to nod before she made them promise to write her. She even somehow managed to get another hug and a kiss on the forehead from both of them before they left in the car. Though they wondered how she could like so sad but happy at the same time. Ah, one of life's little mysteries. They made good time to Paris and were on the way to Marseilles by Nine o'clock.


At the same time in London, the young Miss Hermione Granger was placing the last of her books that she was taking with her into her school. She was excited that she was finally going to go to Hogwarts. There was a bit of nervousness lingering in her stomach, mostly due to the fact that she didn't know anyone at Hogwarts or had any friends that would be going either.

She half wished that she could go to school with Harry, whom she had learned was known as the Boy-Who-Lived by the English wizards. In one of the letters she had sent him via a mail owl, Harry had told her what he knew and what he thought happened. He did however get a laugh out of the books that speculated on what had happened that night. Most of the theories were pretty far out there and only one was even close to what his mother had been researching in the last few weeks of life. His mother had been working with soul magic, which was often considered dark due to the fact that it focused on souls. She believed that the same magic which had gave birth to the Killing Curse held the answer to stopping it. It was obvious that she had been right.

However, deciding to focus on her packing she made sure that all of her school items were placed neatly in the trunk and that she hadn't left anything behind. After eating breakfast with her family and dragging her trunk down the stairs the family left for King's Cross Station.

They made it to the station with almost forty minutes to spare. With some help from her father, she managed to get her trunk stowed on the train before many of the other students even arrived. After saying their goodbyes with tears all around, Hermione made her way back into the train and opened up Hogwarts: A History. Inside marking her page was a letter from Harry. While it was acting as a bookmark, she also held it as proof that she had a friend that didn't mind that she was a bookworm. She was still reading over forty minutes later when a brown haired boy named Neville Longbottom came looking for his toad. Closing the book she decided to help him look and perhaps gain a new friend.


Later that day in France…

Harry and Fleur had arrived in Marseilles at fifteen minutes past noon as scheduled. The retrieved their trunks and bird cages before making their way to the magical half of the station. It was here where they found several dozen coaches waiting for the Beauxbatons students. While the area was mostly empty there were some families saying their last goodbyes or groups of friends meeting before they headed to the school via the coaches. Several of the students waved or shouted out a greeting to Fleur as she passed with Harry. She only stopped once to introduce Joanne, whom was a very good friend to Harry. Joanne seemed to be nice and Harry treated her like he would one his own friends. Fleur made a quick promise to fill Joanne later that night once they had gotten settled in up at the school.

Taking the horse drawn carriage, the two made their way down the road to Beauxbatons. The school itself was not placed in the city of Marseilles but in a large cove surrounded by hills and cliffs about twenty minutes out of the town by the carriage. As the school came into view, Harry had to gasp at the sight. Fleur had once described the school for him as a palace next to the sea with the gardens and grounds to match. Harry had to agree that Beauxbatons certainly didn't look like a school but more like a home fit for a king. It was a magical sight that was only topped by one and she was sitting next to him.

End Chapter 2


(Blame Canoncansodoff's Muggle Summer, Wizard Fall Chapter 13 for this. This would take place in year four. Thank you power214063 for the correction. I didn't notice that)

"Chamel, this is Padfoot. Operation is a go. Repeat is a go," said an older man with long black hair.

"Roger that. Commencing Operation White Out." A young voice responded.

The older male voice came back in over the radio, "Go word is Purity. Oh, and Feathers said good luck."

A young man appeared out of the shadows near the entrance to the Slytherin Dormitories. Coming up to a section of the wall in the Dungeons next to a nice and clean set of medieval armor, the boy whispered the word Purity.

The wall split apart to reveal a sparsely decorated common room with silver and green decorations. Making his way into the boy's dormitories bathrooms, the boy started a long and complicated series of wand movements. Several streams of silver light flew from the wand and streamed themselves into the walls and floors of all the bathrooms below him. Finally after several minutes, the young man stopped his wand movements and pointed his wand at himself finishing the spell with one word.

His work done, the young man left the dungeons and made the long trek back to the Ravenclaw tower. He answered the doors simple riddle and entered the almost empty common room. At One a.m. in the morning the common room was empty but for one man and one young woman.

"The Operation was a success." The young man told the others.

"Really?" the older man was giddy with joy and the young woman was trying to hold back her laughter.

"Of course," the young boy answered in a serious voice. "Did you know that the bathrooms for the Slytherin Boy are in the Slytherin Boys Dorms at Hogwarts?"

"Why no I didn't. I wonder if the Slytherin know that?"

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