Chapter 69

Three years later…

KC stood in her bedroom looking out her window thinking of how things have changed over the last ten years. Just as she began getting to deep in thought a knock sounded on her door.

"Can I come in Skeeter?"

"Since when do you have to ask Fozzy?"

Chris was the one constant in her life. No matter what he is always there. It doesn't matter that there are wives and children now. They are each other's firsts and always will be.

"Are you ready for this," he asked wrapping an arm around her shoulder carefully.

"Was I ready five years ago," she asked with a smile.

"True, but this time, I am here to help you runaway."

"Somehow I don't think MC is going to let that happen." Her eight-year-old son was looking forward to this day more than anything. He even had his little sister Grace and cousin Xander humming the wedding march in anticipation of a real wedding.

"True," Chris said laughing. "He's downstairs with Jeff making sure everything is right." He noticed as she sighed. "You didn't have to do this you know. You guys were already married."

"I know but we talked about all this. We knew how much it would mean to Gil. We don't have any photos of our first wedding. We want something the kids can share in."

"Are you ready for me to give you away?"

"You can try to give me away Fozzy but I will always come back."

Outside the Hardy house…

Everyone that was important in Jeff and KC's life was in that backyard. Gil sat right up front a proud father. Matt and Amy stood on opposite sides of the altar smiling at each other. Their son Xander sat next to his grandfather and was fidgeting.

Chris and Stephanie were opposite each other as well. Vince and Linda were keeping a watchful eye on their two granddaughters Aurora and Claire.

Shannon and Natalya stood grinning at each other. They may not be married but neither was in a rush. They were happy the way things were.

A hush fell over the guests and KC stood at the end of the aisle in a simple ivory dress. Standing on either side of her was her son Moore and daughter Grace. She and Jeff couldn't think of two better people to give their mother away to their father.

Jeff smiled as she placed two-year-old grace on her grandfather's lap. She clapped happily as her daddy made a face at her.

The ceremony was supposed to be short and, well short. The judge looked at the couple before him.

"Let's begin," Judge Lyons started. "Do you Jeffrey Nero Hardy retake this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do," Jeff said lifting her had in a kiss.

Judge Lyons looked at his updated notes he received from the bride and smirked. This was not said at the rehearsal, he thought. He smiled as KC winked at him.

"Do you Kreedance Clearwater Hardy retake this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"Kreedance," Matt said loudly followed by Shannon shouting "Clearwater!"

Jeff looked at his blushing wife. In the time that he had known her she never told him what her initials stood for. He raised an eyebrow at her. "Now I know why you don't tell anyone." Shannon began laughing causing all the guests to join in.

KC turned to all her friends and family. "My mother was a wannabe hippie okay? Now can we finish? I believe there is a shot of Jose with my name on it."

After that surprise, the wedding continued and much to KC's delight it finished quickly.

Later that night…

With the party winding down, the core group sat around a table laughing. They were relaxed knowing all their children

"I'm glad this is all over," KC said with a sigh, leaning on Jeff's shoulder.

"Weddings are no fun," Chris said earning a slap on the arm from Stephanie. "Except for ours of course." He smiled as earned himself a kiss.

"So Shannon," Amy said raising her eyes to her Reject friend. "When are you and Nattie taking the plunge?"

Shannon spit out his beer as Nattie wacked him on his back. She shot a look at the former extreme Diva. "Who says we haven't already?"

Everyone stopped mid drink and stared at the couple.

"Reject," KC said. "Do you have anything to tell us?"

"Well," Shannon said pulling Nattie into his lap and kissing her. "You and Jeff just went off and got married one day so I did the same thing." He smiled at Nattie. "I wanted our baby to be legal and all."

"My Reject is having a baby," KC said softly looking across at her best friend.

"Well technically Nattie is," Matt said earning his own slap from his wife.

"That's great Shan and Nattie," Jeff said quickly taking control of the situation. "You both deserve all the happiness you can get."

"Where did you find him KC," Nattie asked.

"I think it's more they found each other," Chris added kissing his own wife.

"So," Matt began wanting to lighten the mood a bit. "Kreedance Clearwater? I understand now why you go by initials."

Everyone laughed as KC growled. "I can't help it that my mother was a hippie. I thank God everyday that she had me but damn does my name suck."

"I like it," Stephanie said and the other girls nodded. "I think I am going to start calling you Kree."

"That's not too bad," KC said with a smile.

"Not too bad at all," Jeff said kissing his wife.

Later that night in bed…

KC snuggled into Jeff's arms and really thought about how her life has changed in the last ten years. She met her soul mate and almost lost him. She had beautiful son. She has good friends, no, a great family that supports her. She came back from a paralyzing injury only to come back stronger than she was. She lost a child only to have the baby girl she never knew she craved for. All in all, life was good for her.

"I can hear you thinking," Jeff mumbled. "Stop it."

"Sorry," she whispered as she placed a sweet kiss to his lips. "I love you Nero."

"I love you too Kace, now sleep."

KC closed her eyes and knew no matter what happened tomorrow she knew she would be ok.

AN: For me this is the end of this story. I would like to thank you all for taking the time to read it especially since it was my first one. I have a few ideas for some more stories but I need to see which idea surfaces to the top first. Thank you all for everything.