TITLE: Scribbled Musings

WRITTEN BY: Drea Jackman

EMAIL: DreaJackman@Literati.co.uk

RATING: PG-13 (language)

SUMMARY: What really drives a person to Fic and websites? I mean really drives them? Are you all
plagued like I am behind the scenes? Take a look and you tell me.

DISCLAIMER: I own none of the characters involved. They belong to Cameron/Eglee Producions and
Marvel/FOX respectively. And Drea's all me, so back off! I belong to no one...but if there's a Logan

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FEEDBACK: Like there's anything that needs to be said about this lil insane rant.


Max: [whispering to Logan] What's she doing?

Logan: [whispering back] Work.

Drea: [overhearing] Bio report actually. Genetics. [looks to Max] Feel like

Max: Can't you do it later?

Logan: Max, it's important.

Drea: Yeah, I have alot to do here so, [pauses to finish typing] back off or pitch

Logan: [smiles and is elbowed in the ribs by Max] Ow!

Max: [looking mildly annoyed] Logan!

Wolverine: [standing over by the window in silence up till now] Yeah?

Rogue: She ain't talkin' t' you Logan.

Logan: Yeah, that'd be me.

Max: [Looking to Wolverine] Stick with Wolvie, I only need one Logan in my life.

Rogue: An' why does he get Logan?

Wolverine: Cause Wolverine's an alias worthy of a real man, not some sissy
Eyes Only.

Drea: Hey, you guys wanna keep it down. I'm still trying to work here!

Max: But you're not writing fic. I don't see a single mention of me or Logan

Rogue: [sulky] An' ya haven't even touched any of y'ur X-Men work in months.
[looks sad] An' what about our site?

Wolverine: [places a hand on Rogue's shoulders for comfort] Shh, it's alright

Drea: [getting more and more frustrated, stops typing] Now the site was NOT
my fault. Homestead wanted me to pay and I didn't have time to handle the move
to another host.

Rogue: [pouty] Liar! You were off takin' care of their site! [glares at Logan &

Drea: But, but...I...

Wolverine: [getting pissed off cause Rogue's upset] And our fic. Don't say you
were busy. I've been snoopin' round ff.net and I've seen your profile. [glares at
Logan & Max like Rogue] THEY get all the attention now.

Max: Damn right we do! Have you seen this man?!

Logan: [blushing] Aww Max.

Max: I'm just pissed that you're not writing OUR fic right now. What's the dealio?
We not hot enough together anymore or somethin'?

Drea: [drops pen off end of desk in frustration] BUT I'M BUSY RIGHT NOW!

Logan: [snuggling Max from behind in a warm hug] Baby, c'mere...

Rogue; [Rolls eyes] Oh please!

Drea: [exasperated] SEE!?!? You don't need me to write fic for you. You two
are all over each other with or without my help.

Max: [leaning into Logan's arms] Maybe,

Logan: [kissing Max's neck] She's right y'know.

Drea: Thank you! Not just a pretty face our Eyes Only.


[Max & Logan stop their play and look up suddenly, a little pissed off at being
interrupted. Drea jumps and stops typing yet again. All look to Wolverine who's
lookin' mighty pissed himself]

Wolverine: [through gritted teeth] There those two go again. We ain't just here
to get picked up when the next movie sequel hits.

Drea: [sighing] 2002.

Logan: 2002? What year is this?

Drea: 2001, why? [realizes] Oh, yeah.

Max: What?

Logan: But I was only 13 years old in 2001.

Rogue: Ya don' look it t' me sugah.

Logan: Maybe because I'm 33, though I can tell how you'd be thrown. The
glasses do make me look younger.

Max: [snuggling again, kissing Logan's neck] And sexier, don't wanna forget

Rogue: Again with the kissing!

Wolverine: In the same time-frame that people disapprove of me and Rogue
bein' together cause of the age gap, they still manage to 'ship these two when
they have a gap a year bigger. Life's just fucked up, I'll tell ya that right now kid.

Rogue: Ah hope you know that we're most likely NOT gonna get to be t'gether in
the next movie, so fic like yours, an' all the shipper friendly stuff out there, it's all
that's keepin' us t'gether.

Wolverine: Aww darlin', c'mere. [retracts claws loudly and wraps arms around
Rogue to comfort her]

Drea: Okay how about when I'm done here I look at some kind of salvage op for
Adamantium. Would that cheer you up?

Logan: [breaking kiss for a sec] What about Logan & Max? I know we kept
nagging at you to complete the move, but it's still gotta be maintained.

Drea: I'm doin' my best here. Believe it or not, you guys are something of a little
hobby. Y'know, real life's out there with my name all over it.

Max: So if I help out on that paper, do Logan and I get some sort of reward?

Wolverine: Hey, OUR fic first, remember Jackman?

Drea: What?!

Wolverine: [smirking] Yeah, didn't think I knew about that one did you?
Jackman, a guy I bear more than a striking resemblance to?

Max: What of it? The man's one hell of a hot boy.

Drea: Yeah, good point.

Logan: [looking upset] Hey, I though I was your hot boy!

Max: You ARE Logan.

Drea: What can you say? Your girl has good taste.

Logan: [smiling a bit] Guess you're right. [starts kissing Max]

Rogue: Oh Mah GOD! How come they get to be all over each other in a world
where we can't even touch?

Max: [between muffled kisses from Logan] Actually, this season I can't get too
close to Logan let alone touch him. I'll infect him with a virus that'll kill him if I do.

Drea: Guess I'll have to take your word for it. Don't get the new season till

Logan: What? That sucks!

Drea: But the Informant Net, you'll be my Eyes Only right?

Max: He's MY Eyes Only, get your own.

Drea: You know what I meant Maxie. You guys can be my eyes and ears in the
DA world. Help me write fic for the new season.

Max: Nah, how about you just glaze right over the virus thing. [Turns to Logan] I
wanna be able to touch this guy all over.

Logan: [typical male response] And I wanna let her and enjoy it without the
prospect of um...dying!

Drea: Not gonna happen, least never in my fic.

Max: You promise?

Drea: [crosses her heart] I promise.

Rogue: [rolls eyes again] C'mon Logan, let's get outta here while these two get
down on it.

Wolverine: Right behind ya kid.

Drea: I'll take care of it honest. Don't worry 'bout it.

Wolverine: Sure, but I'm not him. Guess there's only room for one Logan in your
life darlin'.

Drea: There's plenty for both. There's even a site dedicated to just the two of
you. I'm not the only one there for you.

Wolverine: [looks thoughtful] Where?

Drea: [clicks key on computer] The Logans. See, not alone afterall. Plenty
Logan-LUV to go around.

Wolverine: Okay thanks. We'll see you again soon darlin'.

Drea: Late

Max: [ignoring last portion of conversation too distracted by Logan] And you can
just ignore Asha.

Drea: [now completely distracted from work] Asha? This woman that's got eyes
for your man?

Max: See how fast she goes blind with that in mind.

Logan: [surprised] Max! Don't talk like that.

Drea: Yeah, if anyone's gonna defend against the onslaught of Logan/Asha fic
it'll be me and Danae. Trust us, we got your back.

Max: [not convinced] Just you two? That's it?

Drea: Well there's alot more 'shippers out there right behind you guys. I'm sure
they're not gonna trade you guys in for a lower quality model.

Logan: Thanks.

Max: So the fic'll keep coming?

Drea: [smiling] Yep, when I have the time between Uni and studying.

Logan: And site updates right?

Drea: And those.

Max: So, now that you're not typing away furiously at that report, think there's a
chance of maybe writing us another fic?

Drea: Well now that you've managed to totally derail my train of thought, maybe.

Logan: And it'll be good/

Drea: Can't promise the Earth can I?

Max: Not too much Logan upset this time, please? That last big one made me
beat on his ass and cute as that ass is, I don't wanna hafta do that again for a
while. Don't like it when you make him cry.

Logan: But we still get to kiss right? We gotta do that at least.

Drea: Okay, any other requests while I'm at it?

Max: [evil grin] Yeah, how about Logan and I actually get to bang the gong
sometime in one of your fics?

Logan: [smile mirroring Max's] Actually I wanna know so I can make a formal

Drea: [blushing all sorts of red] You HAVE banged the gong before.

Logan: Where, when?

Drea: [defensive] Cabin by the Lake, the lakeside.

Max: Where else?

Drea: Umm...[thinks]

Logan: Come on

Max: Can't think of any can you?

Drea: Can too

Logan: Examples?

Drea: In both Games and Afterglow you two not only banged the gong, but you
totally rocked each other's worlds. Happy?

Max: Okay so technically it's been left to the reader to imagine the act itself.

Drea: Yeah, so?

Logan: So I want some real action this time.

Drea: [sarcastically] While I'm at it, how about I just cure your spinal damage
and maybe we can throw out the chair too.

Max: You can do that?

Drea: [thinking carefully] Well maybe if I get through my degree, someday
something'll be possible, BUT if you two keep distracting me and I flunk genetics
it'll never happen.

Logan: Good point. Max, how 'bout we leave her to it?

Max: Proposal for you.

Drea: Yeah?

Max: I write your genetics report and you write the fic. Deal?

Drea: Deal.

Logan: [smiling] And I'll cover the site update this week.

[After all the work is done, report's written and printed, the fic's done and the
site's updated, Drea closes down comp. Logan and Max prepare to leave]

Drea: Hey wait, you forgot this. [throws fic to Max] Enjoy.