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Dedicated to thatdrncat who came up with how Todd would make his toast.

How To Live like a Dead Poet:

Chapter 1: Toast

How to make your toast like,

Neil: Toast bread to any degree, put on whatever condements happen to be handy. Put slices together to form a toast sandwich. Eat while running off somewhere.

Charlie: Burn bread. Tear into small peices. Flick said pieces and Cameron.

Todd: Toast bread a light golden brown. Spread on strawberry jam. And only strawberry jam. Eat slowly.

Cameron: I'm sorry. This page appears to be ripped out.

Meeks: Bread must be toasted for exactly 1.2 minutes. Then buttered left to right, first with the peice that came out of the left side of the toaster and them the right. The peice that is more toasted is to be eaten first, from top to bottom.

Knox: Lightly crisp bread, cut off crusts and butter. Eat each peice in one go .

Pitts: Pitts doesn't eat toast! Don't you know this! Doesn't anyone pay attention to him!? Sigh

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