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Chapter 12: Ducky, Richie, and A Family Again

Caroline lay on the floor on her stomach nose to nose with her new golden retriever puppy. She'd come home earlier in the week and Caroline had been given the supreme power of naming her.

"What are you doing there Cara?" Scooter walked over. She looked over at him. "Playing with your puppy?"

"I'm trying to come up with her name," Caroline said and then stared at the puppy again. He laughed and kissed her. "What are you doing?"

"I am making breakfast for Mommy and the baby, do you want to help?" She nodded and stood up running over. He picked her up and they opened the fridge. "So, we need eggs, because the baby needs protein, and,"

"Daddy," Caroline looked at him, "When the baby gets here, what about me?" He looked at her.

"Sweetie, what do you mean?" He asked, "You'll be a big sister." She nodded.

"But you and Mommy," She said, "Will you still," He smiled.

"You are always going to be our angel," He kissed her. She nodded.

"Do you know if it's a boy or a girl?" She asked. He smiled, they did know that they were having a boy, but they didn't want to over excite her. "You know don't you Daddy? You always told me that it's wrong to keep secrets." He laughed.

"The baby is a boy," He said, she smiled. "A baby brother just like you wanted."

"Can I name him?" She bounced. He laughed awkwardly, Caroline had spent five days staring at that dog trying to come up with a name. He didn't want the baby to meet the same fate.

"No, honey," He shook his head, "Why don't you focus on the puppy and me and Mommy will handle the baby, OK?"

"OK," She said. He tended to forget that unlike his cousins and nieces, Caroline wasn't spoiled so saying no to her wouldn't cause a tantrum. She squirmed which meant, time to get down. He put her down and walked back over, "What about Flower?" She asked.

"For the puppy," He walked over and crouched down. "I don't know, she doesn't seem like a flower."

"Ducky!" She squealed. He looked at her, "After Mommy's old team."

"Mm," He nodded. "Or, Warrior hm? What about that? After me and Rick's old team."

"Warrior is a boy's name," She said smartly. He nodded.

"Right," He laughed, "Of course."

"Warrior is a boy's name," Julie laughed later that night. Scooter looked at her. "It's cute Scooter."

"Speaking of boy's names," He stroked her bump. She nodded. "We haven't talked about anything."

"Well Connie stole Jack," She mumbled. He laughed.

"Must we name him after a Kennedy?" He raised his eyebrow. She shrugged. "OK, so Bobby?"

"No," She shook her head, "Not Bobby, or Ted either. I think we have to drop the Kennedy thing."

"Oh thank God!" He said. She hit him. "I'm sorry, I mean, it was nice for Caroline but if we had to name all of our kids after Kennedys I was going to kill you."

"All of our?" She looked at him, "I got news for you buddy, this is all of our kids, one two, girl boy, end of story. Maybe if this one was a girl I'd try a third time for a boy, but no way am I doing this again." He kissed her. "She named the puppy Ducky." She smiled.

"Yes, you should be very proud," He rolled his eyes. "How are you feeling?"

"I feel fine," She looked at him, he nodded, "I need to ask you something, that I've been thinking about, but I'm afraid to ask."

"We don't do that anymore," He shook his head, "Remember?" She nodded.

"Are you staying because of the baby?" She asked. He kissed her.

"No," He shook his head, "I'm here because I'm happy. The baby is part of it, but you and Caroline, and everything."

"Can I come in?" A little voice echoed from the door.

"Of course angel," Julie smiled as Caroline walked in Ducky trailing at her heels.

"I wanted to say goodnight," She whispered. They nodded. "Night Daddy,"

"Good night sweetheart," He kissed her, "I love you."

"Good night Mommy," She kissed Julie. Julie smiled. "And good night, baby brother," She gently put her head on her mother's stomach and rubbed her hand in a circle as had become her way. "I can't wait to meet you." She ran out of the room and the puppy yipped at her, begging for a few more pets before the little pair got into bed.

"Mommy!" Caroline ran up to Julie the next day, "We had an accident."

"We?" Julie looked at her. "You or Ducky?"

"Ducky," Caroline said. Julie nodded and stood up. She looked at the puppy who was sitting with her head cocked to the side. Julie sighed. In her current hugely pregnant state she couldn't really bend down and clean up dog turds. She's tried to explain this to Scooter and Caroline but they were both so damn excited about that dog.

"Cara, sweetie," Julie looked at her, "I need you to help me OK."

"But it's smelly," Cara made a face. Julie looked at her. "Alright," Caroline said running into the kitchen with a paper towel and picking it up. "What do I do?"

"You take it and put it in the trash," Julie sighed. She was five days past her due date and exhausted. She felt fat and bloated and she just wanted to hold her son. Or kill him. She changed her mind on that depending on the minute.

"Julie, sweetie," Her mother walked into the room, "You should be lying down." Julie sighed. Her mother had come two weeks before and Julie was about ready to fall down. "Oh, the puppy."

"Yup," Julie said laying on the couch and putting her feet up.

"Nana," Caroline ran in excited, "Look what I taught Ducky," She turned to the dog, "Sit," She held out her finger and she did. Julie's mother laughed.

"That's very good," She nodded.

"Oh my God!" Julie shouted from the couch.

"Did the baby kick?" Caroline said excitedly. "Can I feel?"

"It wasn't a kick, sweetie," Julie said, "Mom, I think I had a contraction, can you call the doctor, and Scooter."

"What does that mean?" Caroline said confused.

"It means the baby's coming honey," Julie shouted as another one came. "Sweetie, we talked about this, what's your job for when the baby comes?"

"I get your bag," Caroline ran upstairs.

Four hours of exhausting labor later, Julie lay, sweaty and tired in the hospital bed. She'd already held the baby and they'd taken him to get cleaned up, Scooter was sitting next to her, gently stroking her face.

"We still need a name," He said, "Not to pressure you or anything." Julie smiled.

"He looks like you," She whispered. He smiled. "I'm glad he looks like you." He kissed her.

"You should sleep," He said.

"Mommy?" Caroline walked in, holding Rick's hand.

"Hey sweetie," Julie sat up and smiled.

"Did you have the baby?" She said excitedly climbing up onto the bed.

"Mm hm," Julie nodded and hugged her.

"Can I see him?" She asked.

"Soon," Julie nodded. "Hey Rick."

"Hey," He waved.

"Come on baby," Scooter picked her up, "Let's let Mommy sleep."

"But I want to see my brother," Caroline pouted.

"You'll see him," Scooter nodded.

"Let them stay," Julie smiled, "I thought of the name." Rick looked at her.

"Here he is," The nurse walked in and handed Julie the baby.

"He's so little," Caroline whispered.

"I'll keep this in family," Rick smiled, "Congratulations."

"So what's the name?" Scooter asked. Julie smiled.

"Richie," She said. He smiled and kissed her temple. "It's right don't you think?"

"Yeah," He nodded. "It is."

"Hi baby Richie," Caroline whispered. "I'm your big sister. We have the best family ever!" Julie smiled and kissed Scooter. "Why's he so little?"

"You were this little too," Julie said. Caroline looked at her. Scooter smiled. They were a family again.

The End

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