-Boy on Boy XXX smut

-Brief MOLESTATION, and brief description of Rape.

-It's as tasteful as I could make it in the story.


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Harry Potter and the One At Fault


The dark haired student made his way along the corridor quickly, as he knew classes would be ending soon, and come dinner, students would flood the halls. Weaving his way expertly along the unending passages. He turned the last corner abruptly and was almost startled when he found himself face to face with a particular griffin statue. He paused then muttered some of the previous passwords he'd heard of from students. When the statue didn't budge, he pulled out his wand. He recited the numerous spells in his repertoire, hoping to come across something that would budge the stone passageway.

Swearing at the motionless figure, he stepped back and scratched his head, his blunt nails momentarily relieving is frustration. Suddenly the stones rumbled and the statue made a grating noise as they began to turn. The boy quickly jumped back and rounded the corner, looking to see who exited. His eyes widened as he saw royal blue robes, and long white hair. Grinning at his luck, the teen quickly slipped behind the old man, and ran up the twisted steps that led to the headmaster's office.

Finding the Floo powder was no easy task but eventually it was procured from behind a brick on the fireplace with a tap of his wand. Tossing a handful onto the grate, the young man leaned his head into the green flames and snarled.

"Malfoy Manor."

He was greeted with the sight of a startled house elf, wearing a dishcloth around his mid section. The terrified creature looked at his looming head, and gave a short bow, his trembling hands nearly dropping the small broom and dustpan he held.

"Fetch your master," the boy growled, and the elf nodded then disappeared with a pop.

He waited a moment before hearing slow and steady footsteps accompanied by the echoing sounds of a malevolent cane. When the man appeared, he did not look pleased.

"I'm a very impatient man, Mr. Zabini, and I do not like to waste my time. So I ask, perhaps, not as delicately as I should, to what do I owe this pleasure?"

Blaise shuddered, as the man's voice slid over him like ice.

"Er, yes Sir, sorry Sir. It's your son Sir."

Lucius's eyes finally focused on his, "What about my son, boy?"

"He's er… Well, I know you planned on him marrying Pa- er, Ms. Parkinson, but, sir, he doesn't seem to be willing to do that Sir."

"I hardly see how this is a concern to anyone, Mr. Zabini, marriages are not hardly about will. Now, if that's all," the man turned and began to walk away.

Blaise felt his face harden, and he straightened his back to rise in the flames.

"What if I told you Sir, that your son is friends with Harry Potter?"

Lucius turned rapidly and moved to the fireplace quickly causing Blaise to lurch back in fright. The blond man grabbed him by his school robes, and pulled him forward onto the stone floor, so that his forearms dug into the hot ash of the real embers. When the man spoke again, his voice was like poison ripping into his tender eardrums. Cold and slow, the man let his words drip out of his mouth and into the air.

"What did you say?"

Harry walked along the stone corridor of the dungeons, his feet treading softly on the cold floor. He drew his outer cloak tighter around his body staving off the chill that was drafting in from Merlin knows where. When he rounded the corner he came to a rest, his eyes trained on the Slytherin common room entrance. Reaching up to his left lobe he delicately stroked the snake that hung in a curled loop.

Hermione had certainly not approved of his new daring look, but it had been well received from most and Ron likened it to Bill's dragon tooth earring and considered getting something pierced as well, until Hermione set that dream to flames with a particularly scathing look. He was rather put off since he'd been hoping he and Hermione could get couple's tattoos, since there'd been advertising for the exciting moving forms in Hogsmeade. Unfortunately the bushy haired girl made it clear that she wanted no body modifications beyond her ear piercings, which she concluded, were not for boys. But Harry rather liked his new addition to his appearance. The weight was oddly comforting, and he felt more connected to Draco than ever before.

Speaking of connected… He stroked the earring again and grinned. The blond should be coming any moment.

Draco gasped for breath and shot out of his sheets like a shot. Doubling over he put his hand to his back with a grimace. He never should have given Harry that damn earring, he'd become connected to it, and Harry had begun to use it to alert him of his presence. Every time the raven touched the blasted thing, Draco's back was immediately assaulted, the skin sensitized to the slightest touch. Now, it felt like Harry had run his fingers up his back along the spin, and Draco had to admit that he was entirely susceptible to the 'contact'.

The blond shivered, not from the cold, and stood to put on his slippers. He rounded his bed and grabbed a royal blue bathrobe from the post. Tightening his belt he rubbed the back of his fist along his spine one more time and left to get Harry.

The boy traipsed along the common room, glad that the other students were in bed. Despite Harry's invisibility cloak, the students might still question his opening and closing the entrance door. Draco pulled open the heavy door and stared out into the darkness.

He looked around and called softly, "Well, come on in."

Harry reached out and gently clasped his hand allowing Draco to pull him into the room. The blond led him up the now familiar steps to his private room. When they entered the room, Harry removed the cloak and folded over his armchair.

"What's wrong with the Room of Requirement," the blond asked. "I thought I was meeting you there in a half hour?"

"Your bed is big and comfortable, we don't need that place to conjure one. And besides, your windows will have us up by six, right? Plenty of time to go back and get ready. I always sleep too late there even when we set alarms, that place knows I want to sleep in so it just shuts everything down."

The blond shook his head and sighed. "You are impossible Mr. Potter. But I swear, if you pull that trick again, I'll be taking the earring back."

The raven grinned and wrapped his arms around the boy. He pulled the smaller frame against his own, and pushed the robe off of Draco's slender shoulders. When the thick material fell to the floor he took the opportunity to slide his hands up his boyfriend's back. Draco arched against him, curving against his touch, and let out a small gasp.

"Really Mr. Malfoy? Because I was under the impression that you liked it."

The blond moaned softly, and lowered his head. He pressed his forehead against his lover's bare chest and let out a small whimper. He hated how Harry reduced him to such a state but would not stop him for the world. Draco lifted his head and pressed his lips to boy's collarbone, inhaling the musky sent that was uniquely Harry's.

"Yeah?" Harry asked.

"Yeah," Draco whispered, tugging the boy to his bed.

Harry lifted the smaller male by the waist and set him down on the grand bed. Draco lay back on the mussed sheets, scooting towards the pillow with practiced motions. Harry climbed over his legs, crawling forward to surround him on all sides. The raven leaned down and captured his lips for what must have been the thousandth time. Draco mused on the fact that no matter how often they kissed, the butterflies never left, and the breath never came.

Harry was inspired tonight. He slowly divested his boyfriend of his sleepwear, and pleasured him. The blond was writhing on the sheets, not used to the slow, sensual pace of his lover, and he began to ache for more. He urged Harry frantically to continue, and his lover obliged with obvious delight. Their lovemaking was the slow and unhurried type, full of deep kisses and passionate promises of the night and of forever.

As Harry worked himself deep into Draco, he watched the blond's face. His chest tightened with a very newly named feeling and he smiled, seeing his boyfriend's pleasure build. When Draco was at his peak he pulled back to coax him on. With sudden inspiration the raven reached up and stroked his earring, his finger stroking along smooth metal from front to back. At that moment Draco's eyes shot open and he cried out, his back curving upward thrusting himself into Harry's waiting hand.

The blond came with an intensity that frightened him, and he trembled in the wake of his orgasm, riding the bliss for longer than ever before. Harry felt Draco tighten around him repeatedly, following his spasms. Groaning, he felt his own release approach, and he came, filling Draco entirely. When he'd finished, he pulled out tenderly, and twisted to curve against Draco's side, nestling into the sheets with his lover.

Draco's breath was coming in short waves. He put his arms around Harry, and smiled up at him as the taller boy wrapped him in a warm embrace and pulled him close. The raven reached around Draco's form to grab his wand from the night table. Waving it over them, he cleansed their bodies from their lovemaking then laid the wand back done. He lowered his head to administer a series of short, sweet kisses to his lover's face.

"I love you," he whispered.

He'd always thought that the words would become cheap if he used them too much, but every time he watched his lover he felt his chest swell with so much emotion, he'd only be relieved if he expressed it in words. Thankfully Draco seemed to feel the same way.

The blond lifted his hand to stroke his face, his thumb rubbing softly back and fourth along his cheek. Draco strained his neck upwards for a moment, and pressed his cool lips to Harry's scar. The raven breathed out a sigh and relished in the feeling of the soft lips against his heated skin. The blond looked at him adoringly and pulled in closer.

"I love you too."

Draco hummed to himself throughout Advanced Potions thoroughly annoying the Slytherins and Ravenclaws alike. Finally Snape gave in and told him to "shut his bloody trap" and deducted twenty points from their house. It was hard to stay quiet though- the blond felt as if his whole soul was humming. There was a thrum thrum feeling from within his chest- it tickled and was warm and delightful. Every time he put his hand to his heart, a wide smile stretched across his delicate face. Class went by in a haze and he felt himself daydreaming of Harry and his bright green eyes. Finally, a rap on his desk shook him from his reverie and he realized that the students had all gone.

Draco looked up at Snape in surprise. The tall man sneered and took a sip from a tall goblet the smelled strongly of fire whiskey.

"Class ended seven minutes ago, you now have three minutes to get to your next class. I do suggest you hurry."

Draco shot up from the desk and grabbed his bag, "You ass!"

"You were the one ignoring my lesson, prat."

Draco burst out of the classroom and into the dungeon corridors. Twisting around the great stone pillars he bowled head first into a tall figure.

"Sorry I-" he froze. He recognized the broach at his eyes. He trembled and began the dreadful glance upwards. A white collar, a pale throat and long blond hair.

"Come Draco- we're going home."

Harry twirled his fork around the pasta and glanced over at the Slytherin table. Draco wasn't there yet- but that wasn't unusual. The blond had taken to practicing his spells in the room of requirement, and often grabbed his meals in there as well. Dropping his fork he sighed and gathered his bag. It was no use picking at his food here while Hermione and Ron were lost in their own little world. He left the room and headed towards Draco's presumed location when a flurry of movement caught his eye. Blaise Zabini was scuttling down from Dumbledore's office, his eyes shifting wildly. The boy met his gaze and froze. Paling a bit, the Slytherin turned and ran in the direction of his common room.

Puzzling, Harry continued towards his destination. Upon reaching the entrance, no room appeared for him. Puzzled, he wondered where Draco had gone. He made his way to the Gryffindor common room and resolved to find him when he'd completed his homework.

Halfway through his history essay his ear became cold. So cold, he felt as if it had been burned by a hot coal. His hand flew up to the earring. The minute he touched it, the snake tightened in his ear. Draco was in danger.

He dropped his things and ran to the Slytherin common room.

When Draco woke up it was dark. Dark, and cold, and dank. He recognized the stone floors of the Malfoy Manor dungeon. He worked his jaw and cracked his neck before attempting to sit up. So far there didn't seem to be any damages. He glanced at the room from beyond his metal prison and saw nothing. The chair from before had been removed and the lights were dimmed. The slim boy wrapped his arms around himself and leaned against the stone wall trying to block out the memories. He knew it would be pointless to think of memories of his father, when the real thing would surely be appearing shortly.

Not fifteen minutes later he heard the tap tap tap of his father's cane against the stairs. His father stood before him, dressed in a regal green cloak, clasped at his throat with a serpent broach, and thrown over his left shoulder revealing a silk black shirt and dress pants.

"Do you know why you're here?"

Draco placed a hand over the mark on his wrist and looked at his father uncertainly. His father laughed, his cruel tones reverberating against the stones.

"Oh, you wish that was the reason. Tell me son, just when did you decide to get so close to Harry Potter."

Draco's eyes widened in fear, "H-How did you-"

"I was informed by Zabini. Now. I just want to know one thing. Did you fuck him?"

Draco quivered and bit his lip. He nodded.

"I thought as much. I guess there's no need to explain that you'll be punished. You won't be attending Hogwarts anymore. You'll be confined down here. And Potter, shall be killed."


"Yes. Now you can make this easier or harder for yourself. Are your going to take your clothes off or not?"

Harry pounded on the door of the Slytherin common room, but the entrance wouldn't budge. Finally the door swung open to reveal a second year Slytherin.

"Potter? What are you doing here?"

"Is Draco Malfoy in his room?" Harry asked, panicked.

"I don't see why that's any of your concern."

"Look- just tell me if he's there or not, or I swear to Merlin I'll hex you into next Thursday."

"Harry?" a voice called from the common room.

"Pansy? Oh, thank Merlin you're here."

Pansy grabbed the second year by his robes and yanked him back into the room.

"Get out of here you worm," she looked at the raven, confused. "Harry what's wrong? Come on in."

"Something's wrong with Draco- he's hurt, or in danger- have you seen him?"

Suddenly, a cough was heard from the couch. Blaise rose from his seat and sheepishly headed towards the boys dormitory. Pansy eyed him suspiciously and hissed.

"Stop right there. You know something, I can tell. Get over hear now, or your ass is toast."

Blaise shuffled towards the girl and kept his head low until he reached the girl.

"What haven't you told me Blaise? Spit it out."

"I, er, may have told Lucius…"

"TOLD HIM WHAT?!" Pansy shrieked.

"That he and Harry were friends," he whimpered.

"So help me Merlin, Blaise, if Draco is hurt I will murder you."

"B-But Pansy, you were going to marry him, I couldn't-"

"What, you couldn't let me be happy?! He's my best friend Blaise, and that's my choice to make."

"Actually," Harry muttered, "I wasn't happy about that either."

Pansy smirked, "Obviously, but now's not the time for that. She turned around and grabbed her school bag, digging inside it for a long moment. Finally she procured a brass compass. She muttered a spell, and whispered 'Malfoy Manor'. The compass glowed for a moment then dulled.

"I've programmed it to point towards the Manor, Draco should be there."

Harry nodded and grabbed the compass, pulling the chain around his neck so the thing hung delicately on his chest.

"Thank you. I'll go to him now," and with that, Harry turned towards Blaise, his fist raised. "I'm not waiting to see if Draco's hurt or not- you're already dead to me." And he hit Blaise square in the nose. The dark skinned boy clutched at his face and wailed as blood begun to drip from his nostrils.

"Don't even think you're getting away with one hit," Pansy snarled and grabbed him by the ear and dragging him away.

Harry turned and ran from the common room and towards the front doors. It had gotten dark, and there were no students left in the hall. He quickly summoned his invisibility cloak and his broom, swinging on to it as he left the castle. Once he was in the air, the compass lifted around his neck, and swung violently towards the right. The snake in his ear constricted, and so did his heart.

Harry made his way, following the compass over vast mountains and valleys. It grew colder and colder, until Harry was forced to use warming charms to un-thaw his hands. Finally he saw the upper towers of the mansion. He pulled down low and hovered near the entrance of the Manor. His toes skimming the dew grass, he rounded the large building until he came to the large and imposing walls of the back. He noted a small door, and wondered if he'd be able to enter.

Dismounting his broom, he shrunk the firebolt and tucked it into his pocket. He could feel magic in the air surrounding the mansion, and realized that if he got too close, he'd set off the family's wards. He scratched his head, thinking for another way in. He had an idea, but he had no idea if it would work.

"Dobby?" he whispered, "Dobby I need you!"

There was a sudden pop, and Harry felt his mouth stretch into a grin as the house elf appeared before him. He quickly pulled down his hood, revealing himself to the elf. The small creature looked at the manor, and at Harry his large eyes wide with concern.

"Mister Harry Potter sir, what are you doing here?!" Dobby asked.

"Draco's in danger. I think he might be in the dungeons. Can you take me in there?"

Dobby's eyes widened even further, and tugged at his pillowcase outfit.

"Dobby is no longer being a Malfoy house elf Sir, but Dobby can take Mister Harry Potter into the anteroom. It is being near the dungeon entrance Sir."

Harry considered this for a moment. Then nodded his head. Too often he barged in without considering the situation. This time, he'd find out what was going on first. Dobby reached for his hand, and Harry felt the house elf's magic reach out and touch his own. One moment they were on the grass, and with one blink, they had moved into the anteroom.

"Thank you Dobby. Now, where is the entrance?"

Dobby pointed to a large serpent statue at the end of the hall. "The password has always been Salazar. Mister Lucius is always being pretentious Harry Potter Sir," the elf grimaced after saying his words, and glanced around the manor as if expecting to be punished. Harry reached out and touched him before the elf began any self-harm. It would do him no good to stay where old memories haunted him.

"Dobby, go back to the castle and wake Professor Snape. Tell him to prepare space for us at the infirmary, okay?"

"Will Harry Potter sir be all right?" Dobby asked, lower lip trembling.

"Aren't I always?" he responded.

The elf nodded, and disappeared with a pop. Harry gathered his cloak around his body, ensuring his invisibility. He walked to the serpent and muttered 'Salazar', and he quickly silenced the statue as the stone moved away from the entrance. It revealed a long stone stairway leading into a candle lit room. He slowly made his way down the steps, trying to glimpse more of the room. As he entered the dungeons, he started to hear voices.

"…. Draco…. that's…. more…."

The raven shuddered when he recognized Lucius's voice. Horror dawned on him, and he realized that he was about to witness something horrible. Chances were high that Draco was being raped. Harry grit his teeth and hastened down the steps. More words met his ears.

"Good. Come on then, let's get that shirt off you."

"No- stop! Get off! Fuck- Ow! You bastard, Fuck you Fuck You FUCK YOU!"

Harry nearly tripped down the last stairs. Finally he could see. Draco was in the middle of the room, his hands chained together with some kind of manacles. He was lying on his stomach, wearing only a white shirt that was stained red from the numerous wounds hidden below. Only his chest, arms, and head touched the floor, as his lower half was pulled up against his father's nether regions. Lucius was kneeling between the boy's legs, one hand gripping the slender hips that were forced against his thighs, and one hand was holding his wand, while began pushing up the crimson splotched shirt, pulling it up the thin wounded back of his son as he thrust into the fragile body.

Harry ran towards Draco, scrambling to grab his wand out.

"Stupefy!" he shouted, pointing his wand at Lucius. As his spell hit the man, the snake released its terrible hold of his ear, and curled back to its regular position. The older man had been forced from Draco's body, causing the boy to cry out in pain, and was slammed into the metal bars of the prison cells behind him. Harry strode forward, and knelt by Draco. He gripped the boy's face and pulled him up onto his knees.

"H-Harry?" the boy whimpered.

"I'm here love, I'm here." Harry spun his cloak off his shoulders and around the half naked boy, trying not to see the blood trickling down Draco's legs. When the boy was safely hidden he spoke again.

"Come, if we go to the anteroom we can call Dobby, and he can take us to Hogwarts."

"How would he get us inside?" Draco asked from inside the cloak, his voice strained.

"Apparition wards don't affect house elves, come, let's get you out of he-"

A hand grabbed at Harry's collar and yanked him to the ground.

"Did you think it would be so easy!" Lucius growled, "I've been waiting for you! And you took quite long enough didn't you? I enjoyed Draco three times before you came here, isn't that right boy?" he snarled, his head whipping around the room.

"Where is he?!" he shouted, not seeing his son.

"Gone," Harry lied, "I sent him back to Hogwarts."

"You lie!" Lucius screamed, and struck him in the face.

Harry's body flew across the room, and his wand rolled away towards the staircase. The raven groaned, and he felt blood bubble at his split lip. It dripped down his body and onto his shirt as he coughed on the stone floor. He heard a soft thud, and realized with horror that Draco had fainted.

Lucius seemed not to notice though, and advanced on him slowly.

"What a prize you'll make, when I turn your dead body over to the Dark Lord. How pleased he shall be with me. Tell me Potter, was fucking my son worth dying?"

"I never fucked your son," Harry spat.

"Oh, that's not what he-"

"I made love to him- I love him!" he shouted, unashamed.

"How touchingly disgusting."

"You're far more disgusting! To lay your hands on your own son! And when he was no older than fourteen!" he screamed.

Lucius's form now loomed over him. He seemed surprised at Harry's knowledge, and his brows pulled together. He stopped, his legs on either side of Harry's feet.

"So he told you then. And you still came for him? How curious. Did he tell you how he moaned for me? How he came from his own father's touch?"

"He showed me!" Harry was worming backwards now, trying to find his wand.

"Even more curious. He was a mess afterwards wasn't he? It was delightful. I was actually surprised to see his state when I took him this time- so full of spirit. I suppose that was your doing. I wonder how you would take it Potter. I wonder how he would feel, if I did the same to you. Harry's eyes widened in fear, and he twisted over to run.

Lucius pointed his wand at his back and shouted a binding spell, and the raven couldn't avoid the chains that snaked their way from the cell and around his wrists. The cold metal bit into his flesh, quite literally, and he could feel his skin rip and tear around the bonds. He groaned as the chains retracted and pulled him into the cell. His eyes widened as he saw his destination.

"No! Please don't! Not in there, please!" Harry screamed, ashamed that he was already pleading.

Lucius just laughed, "What's this Potter, afraid of being locked up?"

As his body was dragged into confinement, he stiffened; his muscles tightening- and he lay still on the cold stones. And then Lucius was upon him, ripping off his shoes, and his pants, until he was left with one sock- while his t-shirt was pulled over his head, and trapped on his bound arms.

The sick man trailed a large hand over his chest, and Harry bit his lip, praying that Draco's wouldn't wake up. The hands wandered over his body, feeling and touching, making the raven's insides turn and shift, making him feel nauseous.

Finally, the long fingers slipped between his legs and touched his entrance. Harry grit his teeth and closed his eyes. He trembled as the fingers pushed inside, two at first, slowly probing deeper. Harry shuddered and hissed, trying to keep his voice down lest he wake Draco.

"Stop," he pleaded.


The man pressed deeper and moved his fingers around, searching. Finally, he crooked them back, and found the place that made Harry see stars. He cried out, his eyes widening. His green orbs met Lucius's stony blue gray ones, and locked still. The man was grinning cruelly, his frightening teeth taking up most of his face. Harry knew that he had lost. Suddenly, there was a movement from behind them, and Harry's eyes shifted beyond Lucius's face. Large silver gray skirts swept the floor as delicate, shaky fingertips picked up his wand. Lucius saw that his eyes were watching something, and he glanced over his shoulder to see the woman behind them.

"Narcissa?" he asked, clearly shocked.

"Avada Kadavra," she whispered, her quiet voice filled with hate.

Her husband's eyes widened as the green light hit him, and he crumpled atop Harry. Narcissa collapsed, and Harry's wand rolled away for a second time. Harry blinked for a moment, then growled. The dead man was heavy on top of his chest, restricting his breathing, his fingers still buried deep inside of him- it was disgusting. He lifted his leg to kick the man off when he saw Lucius's wand, still clutched in his other hand. The raven grimaced, and stretched his foot towards the man's sprawled arm, reached his toes out to the wand. His leg was too short, and he had to shift over to reach it. When he moved his body, he felt the man's fingers move inside him, and he let out a shout of disgust.

He bit his lip and furrowed his brows together and concentrated on getting the wand. Finally, it was between his toes, and he brought it to his chained hand. He quickly freed himself from his bonds. He yanked his bleeding hands from the restraints and shoved the dead man out and off of him. He wrapped his arms around himself, allowing for a moment of quiet, and he trembled on the cold stones. The he glanced around him and took in the situation. Narcissa was out cold near the stairs, and Draco was still under the invisibility cloak

Harry stood quickly and retrieved his clothes, yanking them on in a hurry. When he was dressed, he looked one last time at the dead man on the floor, and lifted his foot, before crushing it into his skull, a sickening crunch pervading the air. He ran to the slumped woman, and gently placed a hand at her throat feeling for a pulse and listening for breath. The woman's breathing was shallow, and her pulse was slow, so he gently laid her against the staircase.

He looked around again, looking for signs of Draco's body. If he had to, he'd do a sweep of the whole room. That's when he saw it. A small bloodstain was seeping out by the front stair. He quickly knelt down, and felt about for the body. He found it, and lifted the cloak from Draco's fallen form. Draco was limp, his shirt all but red now, his breaths coming in sharp pulls. Harry groaned and pulled the boy to his chest.

"Don't worry Draco- I've got you. I'm here."

He lifted the frail body and draped the cloak so it covered all but his head. He strained himself on and made his way up the steps out of the dungeon. When he reached the anteroom, he was surprised to see that Dobby was already there. He knelt down and lay Draco on the oriental rug.

"Harry Potter sir! Is you being all right Sir? Dobby did as you asked, and came back, but Dobby is not being able to get to you Sir!"

Harry nodded, "I'm alright Dobby, thank you, but Draco needs assistance. Take him back to the hospital wing immediately."

"What about you Harry Potter sir?"

"Come back for me Dobby- I have to get Narcissa, she's passed out."

Dobby nodded slowly. "Yes Sir," he replied as he wrapped his arms around Draco's body.

"And Dobby… Tell Professor Snape that Lucius is dead."

The house elf's eyes widened before he disappeared with a 'pop', taking his and Draco's body away from the manor. Harry made his way back down the stairs. When he reached the bottom he stood still, his breath quick, afraid that somehow, Lucius would be alive again- that he would capture him, cage him, touch him. He swallowed and completed his journey, letting out a sigh of relief when he saw the man's crumpled form.

He turned and found Narcissa still slumped against the stairs. He gently wrapped her hands around her thin waist, noticing the dark weary lines under her eyes. She was surprisingly light, but Harry had trouble finding a place for his hand beneath all her skirts. Finally he resolved to rip the outer layer off, leaving her in the simple gray ankle length cotton skirt. He lifted her in the same style as Draco and quickly left the dungeons.

When he reached Dobby, he shifted Narcissa over his shoulder, balancing her with one arm, and extended a free hand to the house elf. The small creature quickly grasped his hand and took him back to Hogwarts.

They were standing in the infirmary. Madam Pomfrey turned from what appeared to be Draco's bed and caught sight of Harry's bloody wrists that were wrapped around Narcissa's pale form.

"Oh dear," she muttered.

Professor Snape quickly made an entrance and walked towards Harry. As the man's form shadowed over him, Harry froze, and stared down at his shoes. His body was telling him that he was in danger. He stiffened further and his free hand formed a fist.

But Snape merely took Narcissa off his shoulder and carried him to the other end of the wing, where a curtained bed waited for her. Madam Pomfrey poured another potion down the blond boy's throat, and then rubbed her hand over his throat until he swallowed. She pulled the covers over his shoulders and turned to face Harry.

"Bloodied wrists again Mr. Potter?" she asked gently.

"This time, it's not my fault," he said, his voice quiet.

Then Snape returned, and Harry felt himself fill with fear again as the large man towered over him. He wanted to lash out, claw, hit- do anything to keep the man from pushing him down and-

Then he was being hugged. Snape had wrapped his arms around the teen, his cloak pulled over Harry's chilled form. One hand at his shoulders, and one at the back of his head, he felt him being held in a secure and warm embrace.

"Idiot boy," Snape muttered, "Why did you not get me?"

"I- I don't know. I didn't think- well, you know I never do."

"Thank you for saving my Godson. You were very brave."

Harry felt his eyes fill with tears, and was embarrassed to find that he was crying on his Potions professor.

"It was so horrible! I was scared, I thought… If Narcissa hadn't-"

Snape drew him in closer and shushed him. "It's alright now. You did well. You can sleep now," the older man waved his wand, and Draco's bed was enlarged. He drew Harry towards the bed and prompted him to lie down.

Madam Pomfrey huffed indignantly, "Now Severus is that really necessary?"

"Yes," he stated, then strode back towards Narcissa's bed.

Madam Pomfrey clucked her tongue, and then transfigured Harry's clothes into pajamas.

"Alright then, go straight to bed- and I want you to take the dreamless sleep potion, I don't care how you think it tastes."

"Yes Ma'm," he said and drank the foul tasting potion. He glanced at Draco's face, noting that his strained features had smoothed out into a peaceful face. He sighed and lay next to the boy, wrapping his hand around Draco's and falling asleep.

When Draco woke, it took him a while to regain his memories. He blinked a bit, and lay still as they flooded back. He frantically looked around the room for Harry- then realized the boy's hand was tightly gripping his own.

"Harry?" he murmured.

The other boy mumbled and turned before opening his deep green eyes.


"Oh, Harry, I'm so glad you're alright!" he wrapped his arms around the boy and pulled him close, "What happened?"

He felt Harry stiffen and looked at him with worried eyes.

"Well… What do you remember?' he asked.

"You put the cloak on me… but… then I got dizzy. I think I fainted."

"You did. Your father hit me, and I lost my wand. I told him I loved you." Harry's hands reached around him and hugged him deeper.

"Then… he locked me in the prison- in the cage. I was still- it was still so scary. And he-"

Draco covered his mouth in horror and stared at Harry. Slowly he dropped the hand and whispered, "Did he touch you?"

Harry nodded. "It… It was just fingers. But then- your mother came-"

"My mother?!" Draco exclaimed.

"Yes. Draco… She killed your father," Harry grabbed both of Draco's hands and waited for the news to sink in.

First the boy's eyes widened in horror, his mouth coming unhinged. But then his face hardened. His eyes closed, and his jaw clenched tight.

"Good…" he said, "Good."

"She passed out, and I used your father's wand to break free. I check on your mom, and found you. I brought you upstairs to Dobby, who took you here. Then I went back for your mother."

"Where is she now?" Draco asked, panicked.

"She was here until a few hours ago. I woke up when the MediWitches arrived. They've taken her to St. Mungos."

Draco stared at him, then nodded slowly, taking it in.

"Your dad's been controlling her for a long time. She's a little addled, but… they seem to think she'll make a full recovery."

"Okay," Draco whispered, leaning his head into Harry's chest.

They sat like that for a while, while the sun came up. Then, Harry grabbed the bedside curtain, and swung it around the bed. He grabbed Draco by the waist and pulled him into a kiss.

"I love you Draco Malfoy, and I would go to the ends of the Earth to save you."

"Silly boy. Haven't you learned, the Earth is round?"

Harry grinned, "Prat," and kissed him again.



"Live with me," Harry said.

Draco's eyes widened, and he was about to speak, but Harry continued.

"Not at the Dursley's. I'm not going back… We could… We could get a flat, in Hogsmeade, or anywhere, and we could live together, just us two, and-"

"I do," Draco whispered, and kissed him.

"Oh thank God," Harry whispered, his lips moving against Draco's.

"Merlin Harry, how did we wind up here?"

Harry pulled back, his eyes sparkling.

"I don't remember. But I know it was your fault."


Harry and Draco did move into a flat, in a town just outside of Hogsmeade. Dumbledore allowed Harry to leave the Dursley's care with the promise that they use the Fidelus Charm to hide themselves. Finding a secret keeper was easy, they chose Snape.

Severus had taken to keeping to Narcissa's bedside; caring for her as she recovered, only occasionally leave to check in on the boys. They passed their OWLs with flying colors, except in History of Magic, which Harry blundered something pretty fucking awful. They had each other, and all their love, and sex, and money (which, let's be real, is pretty awesome), and lived happily ever [after Voldemort's conquer like three years later involving ancient magic and a lot of help from Hermione, Ron, Pansy (who did end up marrying Blaise after reconstructing his face with her fist), and Neville Longbottom.

The End.