SS0301: Welcome to my first Warriors fanfic!

FS: Not your first, actually. Just the first you wrote down.

SS0301: ... Uh huh. Notice the numbers at the end of my name? I'M NOT A CAT.And I brought you here to do the disclaimer.

GS: Can't I do a disclaimer?

SS0301: No! We've already been through this! You get to do it NEXT chapter! Do you understand the word next?

GS: But how come--

SS0301: If you don't stop complaining, it won't be until next LEAFBARE!

GS: Oh. I'll shut up now.

FS: Hey, it's not his fault he's impatient.

SS0301: Well he could try to be less so. But then, I'm sure it's not his fault he's so STUBBORN, either.

GS: What do you mean? I'm not stubborn!

FS: Yes you are. coughSilverstreamcough

SS0301: Agh! Firestar, just do the disclaimer!

FS: I'm the Clan leader here!

SS0301: And I'm the author!

FS: Fine. Sandstorm0301 doesn't own me or Graystripe or any of the other characters in this story. Except the ones she made up.


He was laying on something hard and flat. Where in the forest are there rocks like these? he wondered. It's as level as a Thunderpath. He was dimly alarmed, and sniffed the air. There was no stench like the Thunderpath, but the air reeked of Twolegs.

Something firm and bizarrely shaped pulled his mouth open. He struggled weakly, but pain coursed through his entire body, and he had no choice but to lay still as something cold and rounded was forced into his mouth. Some sort of liquid, about the consistency of mud and tasting like nothing he'd ever tasted before, poured onto his tongue. He swallowed weakly. He was in Twolegplace! But what had happened? How had he gotten here? A battle...had there been a battle? He thought there must have been. He had to get out of here, get back to ThunderClan! Bluestar--was she hurt?

No...not ThunderClan. He still had to escape Twolegplace, but he would not return to ThunderClan.

It all came back to him then, in a rush of memories. His eyes opened slightly, just enough that he saw a blinding sliver of light. He could hear the chatter of Twolegs above him.

He would get out. And then...

This would be paid for in blood.

SS0301: That was...short.

FS: Yes, it was. I think that must be the shortest chapter I've ever seen.

GS: I agree. That was pitiful.

SS: Oh, you two are just being picky. Your chapter was fine.

SS0301: Thanks. And it was only the prologue, so the others will be lots longer.

FS: I think we took more space arguing than for the story.

SS0301: Well, if we didn't keep arguing, that wouldn't be the case!