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The first time he met her, she forgot to introduce herself. They'd idly talked for hours, talking about anything and everything from puberty to He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. When they first started talking, he'd introduced himself like a good little boy, but she'd just grinned wickedly and said, "then go ahead and shave – I'll lend you a razor if you like," and she hadn't said anything other then, "alright, I really have got to meet my parents for dinner or mum'll kill me," when she left, leaving him feeling very silly and forcing him to ask around, because he needed to have a name to put to the beautiful face.

One time, she spent the night there with the lot of them, and he's never had so little sleep in his life. He lays awake, not even attempting to go to sleep, just listening to the quiet sounds of her breathing.

It doesn't surprise him in the least when she breaks out in a sudden burst of laughter, apparently in the throws of a dream, because if anyone were to do a thing like that, it would be her.

Time was valuable now, more valuable then ever before. But he couldn't help but waste this time, couldn't help but pause and consider. As his ex-girlfriend knelt over the crumpled body of one of his school mates, he considered revealing himself before he walked to his death. Considered explaining everything to her, telling her he was sorry and to tell everyone else that, too. And then – the though flickered so quickly across his mind that he barely realized that it was there. But it was. He considered telling her that it wasn't her anymore, that it had been someone else since before 5th Year and he was sorry about that, too, but he couldn't change it. You can change your mind, but not your heart, once it's made up.

But he walked on.

He was surprised, actually, that she, too, hadn't come when he'd turned the Resurrection Stone. She wouldn't have understood it and neither would Remus, Sirius, James or Lily, but she hadn't, apparently, felt the summons, and in what he was sure was his final moments, all he could think about was why.

As he marched towards his death, towards where he could see her again, but never be with her, he turned curiously, pretending it was an after-thought, to Remus.

"How's Tonks taking death?"