Written by: BeneathTheSurface

Summary: Sequel to E X T R A H E L P. Twenty nine year old Gabriella Montez and her girlfriend twenty two year old Sharpay Evans are making a new chapter in their lives. Gabpay; femslash; GabriellaxSharpay


They beat the odds…

Shows Gabriella teaching and Sharpay sitting in the class (fades)

Shows Sharpay and Gabriella making out (fades)

Shows Gabriella being arrested (fades)

Now they're ready…

Shows a door opening to an empty penthouse with Sharpay coving Gabriella's eyes; opens them.

Gabriella: You bought me an apartment?

Sharpay: No… (grabs a hold of her waist, pulling her closer) I bought us an apartment. (fades)

Shows Sharpay and Gabriella sitting on the couch together…

Gabriella: Hey do you think we're ready for that baby now?

Sharpay: Absolutely. (Pulls herself on top of her) Let's start making that baby.

Gabriella: You do know that, that is scientifically impossible right?

Sharpay: Yes, but no one said I couldn't pretend… (they kiss and fades out)

The world suddenly felt brighter…

Shows Sharpay in the studio, recording some tracks for her album (fades)

Shows Gabriella working at a desk (fades)

But when trouble strikes the couple…

Sharpay: Don't bring this on me, okay? Talk to me,

Gabriella: I don't know.

Sharpay: No, no not again. You are not gonna do that again. You promised you weren't going to shut me out again and if that's what you're gonna do, then let me know and I'm gone! (she sobs, walking into the room and slamming the door behind her; fades)

Will everything get better?

Doctor: Gabriella you are in fact pregnant…

And will they be able to become everything they hoped?

Sharpay: I leave for my tour in three weeks. Will you be okay when I'm gone?

Gabriella: (lies) Yeah, yeah I'll be fine.

Will old enemies return?

Troy: I told you I'd be back… (fades to black)

From the Writer that brought you E X T R A H E L P

Vanessa Hudgens…

Shows Gabriella smiling at a dinner…

Ashley Tisdale…

Shows Sharpay singing on stage…


Ambulance sirens are heard…



Coming Soon…

Since I got an excellent feedback so far about the sequel I decided to give you a little piece of it right now. Let me tell you, I'm on such a Gabpay high right now that this story isn't going to end up like the rest of my stories.

The difference from the last story is that:

I skipped a few years.

There is more adult situations that they're thrown into

And we can't forget MORE drama; do you expect anything less from me? No...and the occasional humor lines plus Gabpay sex and romance; again no surprise.

Until the sex actually happens this is on T, so expect the rating to change later on.

Quick disclaimer: I own the plot not the movie or characters, but how awesome would that be?

Anyway please review and tell me what you think...